[2010-2012] IMT Ghaziabad Final Results out CAT & Related BSchools

Finally The results are out!!!
Here's the link
Institute of Management Technology, Ghaziabad
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Is there anyone who wants a swap from Finance to IB. Pl PM me.

rahulspeedking Says
anyone who wants to move from finance to marketing just PM me.

Let's redirect these queries to the Life@IMT Ghz thread. This thread has run its course and can be closed.

Here's the link:

Studying at Asian College of Journalism, Chennai
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anyone who wants to move from finance to marketing just PM me.
Is there anyone who wants a swap from Finance to IB. Pl PM me.
For all puys who have joined IMT G, some interesting and important information awaits you. Check it out here:
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Hey Everyone...
Could all the people having problem with the Vodafone CUG numbers tell your details here?
I hope that SAC is successful in solving this problem ASAP!!
Name: Varun Nandode
Last 3 digts: 440
Problem: Sim Invalid
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i have cancelled my admission @ IMT after having spent 1 week there....got thru in MDI in thursday's counselling round
submitted a letter for cancelling my admission on 25th...don't know how much money i will get back...best of luck to every1@ IMT....and to the guy who gets admission in my pl...
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Hey Mac,
Even I am from the first round selection, then cancellation bandwagon.
I received the cheque on 12th June, and deposited it with SBI near my place, and it got cleared smoothly.
All the Best!
Thanks Ashish.
I dunno if you are from the first round people who cancelled their admission, because I am. The reason I am saying this is I checked with IMT and they are saying that they recently updated the signatures in their bank account and there should be no problem now.
Previously the...
Hello everyone,
I am the parent of one of the IMTian 2010 who accompanied the candidate on the registration day. I would like to share some of my views about the Campus and the registration process.
- The campus looked awesome and the facilities especially for sports activities are extra or...
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Hey Mac9015,
I deposited the cheque sent by IMT, and it got cleared without any hassles.
So, just check with IMT where the problem is.
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Hi Guys,
I am an MBA aspirant and had received admission to IMT-G PGDM (Finance) course this year. I had paid the first installment to confirm my admission. But due to all the mismanagement going on in the college I decided to cancel my admission and accordingly sent a letter to IMT-G.
I re...
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Hey Guys!
Do keep posting at Life@IMT thread.
Not a part of the IMT bandwagon, but would still love to read your experiences.
All the Best!
hi everyone
finally i'm at hostel of IMT
life is luking hard @IMT
5am to 12 midnight
long assgnm. to be submitted on 23rd........
Life@IMT wala thread is going on for some years now and we intend to continue on that thread only
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So...is there going to be a new thread for us-Life @ IMT? Or from now on,continue in that existing thread?
I hope lots of members will be updating all your experience at IMT...at least in the first few days...You...
Wish all Fellow Puys and IMTians a good luck for the journey beginning today....
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Printed, because the very first line of the Assignment PDF mentions this.
sum1 please reply...
1 mre ques...have u guys started with the assignment?does it need to be handwritten or printed?
Repeatin but ne idea if v cn submit th asignmnt in hand-writen form??
I do not think so. There was no such registration...
Here is the file regarding Assignment (if not uploaded earlier).
pdf file
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