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Hey Aspirants,
Heres the official thread on BIMTECH.......
First an apology, Sorry for the delay, by us seniors for getting back on PG....But now that we are here, we'll do our best for helping you out
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hi all..
would d seniors suggest BIMTECH for me? am gettin 93.66%ile in cat.. is it worth with this score?
plz reply soon.. nd wats d avrage %ile of the current batch in BIMTECH?
Hi every1...i hv a CAT score of 82.87%ile...2.5 years work ex...decent acads...wht r my chances of BIMTECH? Will it b worth if i get thru??
u can also send it via speed post or courier
of course buddy:new_scatter::new_scatter: u can send it thru courier or speed post, even i sent it thru speed post. it's totally upto u how u want 2 send it?
the institute is only interested in our application form, not in the medium of sending it?:angel::angel::angel:
hey cn we send d completed application form by courier or speed post..bcoz in d envelope there's a space given for postage stamp so does dat imply dat v gotta send it by normal post..i know its a silly ques but still as only a week left 2 submission, i ws wondering if i cn send by courier or spee...
summer placements r gud in the college, but they hav also taken a hit due to the crisis situation.......this yr very few companies r offering much by way of stipends........but there r allowances, esp in the marketing specialization.......as of now a few notable companies hav to come to the campu...
100 % implies, all those who r admitted to the college, apaart frm the industry sponsored candidates....as they r not eligible for placement assistance.....now the markin is relative, so it'd be very very tough to get a back......i'll hav 2 enquire if ppl with backs r barred frm the plcmnt proces...
go to the following link:
What does 100% placement in BIMTECH imply? All the students who are admitted into the college or only all the students who are eligible for placements? Can you sit for companies with live backlogs if you get any?
Moreover, usually out of say 100 students, how many would actually be eligible fo...
thanx sir:angel:
sir in gd/pi wat all kind of topics will be covered.
can u suggest some stratergies how to crack the gd/pi
dude u should try the madatory disclosure TAB given at the end of the BIM site
u will get a psf file wiht details
they have also given the some CAT cutt off's also in the end of the file
hope that helps
How are the summer placements taking place in BIMTECH??...
In Terms of Avg Package & cos coming on campus for the students...
well 1st of all.......these companies r yet to visit bimtech......n merill is not likely to ever.....cos its been acquired by the bank of america....due to the current state of the market......as far as coming to bimtech is concerned.....i think it wud be better for u if u tried an executive prog...
u have to fill the form with ball point pen
hey do v hv 2 fill d form wid dot pen , anything specific? bcoz nothing is mentioned in d form
Hi Seniors,
with such a vast recession, slump in placement is bound to hapen. Even the best amongst the bests are facing d same.
Anways , will it worth going to BIMTECH after 3.5 years of experience in a leading IT firm... Also , does companies like Irevna, crisil,e value serve, JPMC,Me...
u still have a great chance because bimtech does not look for sectional percentile:new_scatter:
hi Govinda..hd sm queries, m applying for Retail as interested in it, gt 81 percentile in CAT, class X- 77%, class XII- 62%, Graduation- 70%
jst wanted to know wat is d average CAT percentile in ur batch, besides is GD/PI separate for Retail admissions or common, n wat do the panel look for in...
SIR I scored 27 percentile in verbal. still my chance is there for selection. i scored 71.56 per overall.
well.....because of the recession, there has been a slight drop in the placement scene for our seniors.....the companies hav been coming, but they r recuiting lesser number of ppl....and at lesser pay packages.....so a slight fall in the average package is expected....while the highest package re...