[11 Jan 2012] CAT 2011 Results : Analysis , Discussions and What Next ! CAT & Related BSchools

Hi all,
CAT 2011 Results, the most awaited ones of the results have been declared.
Please use this thread for all the discussions on results, analysis and the way ahead from here!
Wish you all good luck and hope you all convert the GDPI calls and make it big!
Results available her...
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I think we can't see CAT of now and CAT of 2005 in the same lines. With the kind of easy papers we are getting in online cat, much weightage cannot be given towards it. Though it cant be so absurd as that of IIMK.
The easiness in the entrance tests doesn't give a proper idea of how committed ...
ur example of the 65% guy is well taken, but my friend does he form the majority or the minority?
Yes, if u r talking of normalisation across boards, I am in complete support.
U urself contradict the third point bro. I never said that a guy who scores well in 10th and 12th will be good in N...
sorry...repeated post..
sorry repeated post.
sorry repeated post
I like your argument , it is well presented , getting high percentile in CAT is not a fluke. More weightage must be given to CAT percentile , because no one can change their past academics, they should be given a chance to redeem their academic pit falls.until now CAT is being considered as one o...
One more week has passed without FMS shortlist. What is stopping them ...Unimaginable!!!
Apply to Welingkar-Mumbai (CAT), BIMM-Pune (CAT/MAT), XIME-Bangalore (CAT) and Christ-Bangalore (MAT).....Best options for you are KJ Somaiya, Nirma and Welingkar...All d best
I m sorry...forgot to mention it...CAT 80.29%,MAT-93%...
What is your percentile??????
XIIth-86.8% (Commerce c.b.s.e)
Grad-Maths Honrs,D.U-59.18%
NO Work ex
Which others colleges should i apply at My percentile...Where i will be getting a call....??
Admission needed this year....
FMS won the race by being the laziest 1....
nd maybe they are waiting for sm special date.....
may hav called a pandit to declare a "SHUBH MUHURAT"
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What do u mean by it? Are the results declared by FMS??? I don't see it.
So the race won by FMS... Insanity prevails..
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NITIE Shortlist out
A aspirant has posted some information about FMS shortlisting and why it is being late on 'Shortlisting criteria 2011' thread...they will come out with the list tomorrow or day after for sure any time..This is what madam from fms said to me on phone.
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placements, profiles offered
got only 2 decent calls at OA 81
NPTI (expecting)
IITD out....where is nitie and fms
Something tells me that FMS is going for mostly profile based calls otherwise they would have came up with shortlist weeks ago. shortlisting candidates on the basis of cat score is no brainer and a trivial task.they are taking so much time means they are up to something evil
which good b school dates are still remaining
mine cat percentile is 88.26
no work ex