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Rise To Smile ..... -:)

This Thread is for the Lyrics of Any Songs, Poems, Romantic lines, ...... Sad, Inspirational, motivational lines........

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One more lessons in human nature learnt - tum kisi cheej ko chaho aur wo na mile to bura lagta hai, lekin jab wahi cheej tumhara best friend chahe aur usse mil jaye to aur bhi bura lagta hai. Haha

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  • @rishi.2k14 uttarakhand se hun hum....kauno taap secret n.... 15m.
  • @UTTAM_NARAYAN aar ka...chupane wala baat b nahi h ho. :.... 14m.
Dhinchaak Chomu @expellliarmus 1,146

@rishi.2k14 uttarakhand se hun hum....kauno taap secret nahi h

Dhinchaak Chomu @expellliarmus 1,146

@UTTAM_NARAYAN aar ka...chupane wala baat b nahi h ho.

60 BIMM Pune

BIMM Admissions 2015-17

Admissions have started for Balaji Institute of Modern Management, Pune. Eligibility Criteria Candidates shoul...

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What type of essays are asked and from where shall I prepare ?

  • are u shortlisted. 1h.
Sabke din aate h, Mera to ZAMAANA aayega !! 
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Is there somebody from TFI here..anybody who has been associated with TFI for sometime now..I would like to get in touch with her/him for some information..please let me know as it is quite urgent for me..thanks..

  • Hey Nabhonil, I am a 2012 fellow and current staff at TFI.... 15h.
  • Arnab, I didn't see that you have already extended your s.... 2h.
Deepak Joshi @deepak.joshi

Hey Nabhonil, I am a 2012 fellow and current staff at TFI. I will be more than happy to address any query that you might have. 

Deepak Joshi @deepak.joshi

Arnab, I didn't see that you have already extended your support. Thanks! @Nabhonil, @LeoN88  is a fellow at TFI and he will be able to address all your queries.


Crazy गणित

Heyo People! This thread is all about Maths. You can learn, you can teach, you can thrown in your queries, but Please...

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Viru and Guru purchased one camera each at the same prices. later on Amar purchased both cameras at equal prices from Viru and Guru. But the profit percentage of Viru was P while the same of Guru was Q since Guru calculated his profit on the selling price. Thus Q= 125/3 % of P. If Amar sells one of the camera to Ram at P5 profit then what is the cost price for Ram, while Amar purchased each of the camera at 240 Rupees?

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If at first you don't succeed, call it version 1.0 
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Best one liners - Season 2

Puys, Continue posting "Best One Liners" on this thread :grin: The previous thread has got lots of great one liners a...

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Why MBA?

To start with, I love writing but have never written an open-ended note. It has always been a one-on-one. To start wi...


Cricket World Cup 2015 Discussion, Fantasy, Banter and much more :)

This is the thread to discuss anything and everything about this upcoming World Cup Cricket ! Like all the other big ...

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English Vinglish

Puys & pirls, Plz post and discuss about English only

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Match the following:

1. Gum specialist              A. Exodontist

2. Tooth Extraction Expert    B. Endodontist

3. verse in pulp & root canal therapy  C. Orthodontist

4. Who verse in straightening of tooth  D. periodontist

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  • @gagan7 ???. 14h.
  • @crazy-vish kuchh nhi aise hi phun kar rhe the :stuck ou.... 14h.
If at first you don't succeed, call it version 1.0 
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i also observed very few turned up for the test. so may be cutoff goes on slightly lower side.

  • i meant gujrat bhai :stuck out tongue:. 14h.
Dream BIG to achieve BIGGER.. 


IBPS PO/MT 2014-15 TamilNadu Interview Prep-Discussions

Hi....Those who got selected from Tamilnadu...Join here for interview related discussion....

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Anyone here has interview at Coimbatore??

  • Morning batch. How was your interview?. 20h.
  • Thanks a lot for sharing!. 20h.
@vaishali.2790 6

Morning batch. How was your interview?

@vaishali.2790 6

Thanks a lot for sharing!

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hI friends I wat to join in pgdm finance. hw the placement opportunities this year. Nd Wts ur experience please tell me by joining this institute is good 

  • Finance placements have been good so far. Various MNC's c.... 23h.
  • Thnxxxx,,,, bro cn u give ur no so I cn contact u. 21h.
Uday Rana @udaygr_07

Finance placements have been good so far. Various MNC's came to college for the recruitment this year. the experience has been great.  the schedule is bit tight but all the extra co-curricular activities, event etc. lets us relive our college days.

Banu Chandhar @banuchandhar

Thnxxxx,,,, bro cn u give ur no so I cn contact u 

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i am working as a manager in union bank of india,this is my 6th year in bank,i want to do  full time mba in any of a good school,but education background is very poor....advice me ....

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With just 1 day to go Meraki - A unique B Plan Competition organized by Fortune Institute of International Business...watch out for Meraki 2015 updates... Being the volunteer for this mega event, I personally learned many things which will certainly help in my professional growth. Join us for Meraki 2015 powered by Zee Business on 30th and 31st Jan'15


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hi..had a conversation with people and got to know that jaiib and then caiib are for bankers to climb the ladder..but what is it with the diploma courses ..and when can one apply for it and benefits??

  • LLimit in which I hv 2 apply..or I can do it ny tym? ?. 1d.
  • Most diploma/certificate programs offered by IIBF are twi.... 1d.
priya @priyanka-1 82

LLimit in which I hv 2 apply..or I can do it ny tym? ?

Vineeth Chelekat @vinuchel 83

Most diploma/certificate programs offered by IIBF are twice an year mostly simultaneous with JAIIB exams.. Keep visiting the site for the same.. There are also forex and treasury programs offered by online learning websites like Edukart but don't know about the effectiveness of these programs




hello pguys,this forum is created for those cat aspirants who worked really hard for cat but either didn't score well...

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So bad to see Athletico lose after such a spirited first half ! Hats off to the players and coach :) 

Great match for the neutral nevertheless \m/ ..IMO the 2 best teams in Spain at the moment,and maybe the world too ...