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Never let somebody to steal your dreams................when people do something they want to tell you that you can also do it.....it's your dream....your responsibility........no one will see it for you unless you do....you want something..go get it. PERIOD. Good Morning   

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  • We want to know what individuals like to do. You can't ma.... 21m.
que sera sera.......whatever be..will be. 

We want to know what individuals like to do. You can't make presumptions. People shock you. And I think that now there's an probability to get individuals engaged formerly, and it's all a bit nerve-racking, but that's just the way the entire world is now. 



Now Playing #music

often you are listening to some song and has this sudden urge to share it with others. post all such songs here. :grin:



i know it's not a replacement but if SB junta want we can open a thread named Shoutbox in chit-chat section. i will m...

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B school South India | Management institutes in Hyderabad
B school South India | Management institutes in Hyderabad
SSIM Bschool South India, Top Management institute Hyderabad established in the year 1992 by a group of eminent educationists to impart quality education in the field of Management



Best one liners - Season 2

Puys, Continue posting "Best One Liners" on this thread :grin: The previous thread has got lots of great one liners a...

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"Future belongs to the nations with Grains not Guns"

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  • What About present then ... :stuck out tongue: :stuck o.... 7h.
That's My Name That's My Name 

That's My Name........

PRiYa... " """ @shanmugapriya_n 354

What About present then ... ... Tmrw there is no guarantee for it.. Be at the moment... 



For avid readers and books they are reading. An easy way to connect. An added incentive is the constructive hobby tha...

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Congratulations admin Saab for FMS! @aman_bedi :D 

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  • Great man, congrats!! :smiley:. 8h.
  • yaar ab se FMS joining tak books hi refer karunga :grin:. 7h.
Ideator 51 @scorpio07 116

Great man, congrats!!

Aman Bedi @aman_bedi 3,162

yaar ab se FMS joining tak books hi refer karunga

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Who do u think deserves the Manager of the Season award this season in EPL ?

Last 3 years 

2011-12 ==== Alan Pardew ==== Newcastle United                         2012-13 ==== Alex Ferguson ==== Manchester United                 2013-14 ====Tony Pulis  ==== Crystal Palace

I really hope Ronald Koeman gets it this time ! Baring the recent drop in points , the way the players played even in big matches were too good . I'm not sure if Jose Mourinho is going to get it though for his season long dominance :/ 

Recent performances of Tim Sherwood's Aston Villa(Won against his former team Spurs and now against Liverpool too in FA ! ) and Alan Pardew's Crystal Palace(A lot of surprises recently being defeating City) have been great as well,but not enough to win the award i guess. 

  • Yea . Also had it been a year ago,maybe he would've had a.... 8h.
  • boman irani - For past 25 years south hall south hall uni.... 8h.
IIM-B 2014-16 | Forum for Industrial Interaction Club 
Budokai 001 @Budokai001 1,515

Yea . Also had it been a year ago,maybe he would've had a good shot at Manchester United 

@Chodu-chakli 5

boman irani - For past 25 years south hall south hall united finished last in league 

It was boman irani who took this team to new heights. He literally created world class strikers out of john abraham and arshad warsi.

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guys m getting 180(in marketing) in my net xams and have cleared the sectional cut offs...do i have any chance of making it to the  gd/pi round of iocl?? and pls everyone post your n.e.t marks 

  • GD and GT are more or less same. 8h.
  • @rajsubha where is it mentioned the weightage breakup,In .... 8h.
Raj Subha @rajsubha 18

GD and GT are more or less same

Prof Neo @deeps.chau 87

@rajsubha where is it mentioned the weightage breakup,In the notification??


11th All India PaGaLGuY Meet (AIPGM 2014) Sponsored by MISB Bocconi

Hello Puys! *THE MOST AWAITED EVENT IS HERE!* [image] *CLICK HERE TO REGISTER FOR AIPGM 2014.* Here is a glimpse of t...

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Drum rolllssssssssssssss for AIPGM in 2015 !!!

@grondmaster , @pagalguy 

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  • Mafia Nights Again Yay Mumbai or pune please. 9h.
  • Mafia !! Have to play again :P. 9h.
Soumya Sarkar @phoenix2011 968

Mafia Nights Again Yay Mumbai or pune please

Kinjal Das @kinji.at.pg1 28,850

Mafia !! Have to play again :P 



only for kolkata sse guys.......................


[Official] LR-DI Thread for CAT 2015

Lets start the Preparation for CAT 2015.Please use this thread for all kind of Data Interpretation and Logical Reason...

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If a word "GROUP" is written as "GOMAN", another word "MOUSE" is written as "XPGTN", following the same pattern, how do we write "HOUR"?

  • Without the options, its difficult to answer. _gn_ . g an.... 10h.
@SheerForce 38

Without the options, its difficult to answer. _gn_ . g and n will come in the middle, I guess

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I am working in TCS for 5 years now. I am planning to go for MBA but regular MBA is not possible for me at this point. Hence was thinking for a correspondence. Please suggest whats the best correspondence/online 2 years MBA /PGDM program that can be opted for.

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Oriental Institute Of Management Director Talks About Initiatives Taken To Develop A Global Mindset


Q-1 What are the top challenges that you are currently working to solve for your institute this year?

A-1 The present world economics has thrown several challenges to business managers and leaders across the world, In order to overcome the forces of change, organizations are desperately looking for young & dynamic managers and leaders who have innovative approach and problem - solving skills and prominently, a global mindset. It is this challenge of developing a truly global mindset in our students that we are currently addressing and in this regard have introduced two key initiatives:

- Giving real life challenges and situation so that they develop their capability of overcoming the problem in real life also.

- Providing the option of various trainings that will leverage their competing capabilities in the market.

Q-2 What according to you have been your most significant progress your institute has made in the last one year?

A-2 MMS is a professional degree and it should train and groom the students to be true professionals to take on the challenges being faced in the business environment. With the profound efforts of our core planning team we have included number of training programmes as a part of Co-Curricular activity, an increased in extra and co curricular activities will surely play an important role in developing the quality of present and incoming students.

Q-3 What are the qualities you look for in an applicant when short listing for your final Selections?

A-3 The person must have the attitudes for management education along with the good spoken and written English Communication.

Q-4 What according to you is the one progressive change that you'd like to see in the management education scenario in the country today ?

A-4 To make management aspirants job ready and increase their Employability. This at Oriental Institute of Management we are doing by not only providing good academic with the latest and innovative methods for the overall development with the host of Co-Curricular & Extra Curricular activities to give them an edge to be better employable in the current competitive scenario.



All I Wanted to Speak About CAT

State insurance regulators say they have approved rates for 2014 that are at least 50 percent lower on average than t...

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Random thoughts..

'You are making the biggest mistake of your life. You are going to destroy your career'. These were the words my manager told me when I told him I want to quit my job and prepare for CAT. I hated my job and CAT seemed the only way out. Anyways I quit my job. I prepared for 6 months, got locked inside my room for hours. After endless mocks and study session came the day I was looking forward to.

I was greeted by a blank screen for an hour. Pictures flashed before me, how I quit my job, life if I fail to crack CAT, life if I make it to an IIM. I remember shivering as I pressed the button to start the screen. Looked at the screen for a minute or so.. yes it has begun , I told myself. I remember trying to stop myself from panicking.. trying to keep my sweaty hand dry.. I remember how scared I was after section 1 got over.. I have lost it , I thought, better skip the next part.. I took few deep breaths.. forced myself to go through the puzzle.

Next , I was able to solve all the puzzles in 15 mins.. wow ! I started enjoying CAT.. Finished it on a high note.. I have done better than all my mocks but will it be good enough? What followed were the most torturous 3 months of my life. I anxiety for results, the fear of failure, inability to focus on other exams..

Finally, it was 14th of Jan. I promised myself not to check my results unless I get a Call from an IIM, I cheated myself.. finally entered my details and looked at the results.. I can never explain what I felt when I saw the number of 9s in my percentile.. will it be any good ? Then followed interview calls from several IIMs.. Interviews were about to start in 4 weeks.. I went through anything and everything for interviews..

I enjoyed all the interviews but most memorable was interview of IIM A.. I kept pinching myself just to make sure that its happening.. My dream institute.. So near yet so far.. The interview and the conversation I had with profs will always be cherished ..

Then came April which began with disappointment, I was WL for IIM B.. while every other guy I knew who appeared for the interview got through.. After few more days came result of IIM A.. I jumped from my bed at 9am.. googled IIM A half asleep.. entered my details.. I couldn't believe what I saw.. I got through IIM A.. I had imagined this moment hundreds of times in past. But this moment wasn't like any of them.. I was blank.. I couldn't feel anything..

Took my days for the feeling to sink in. Yes I am a WIMWIan now.. but I am still emotionless about it.. A little scared to be honest.

But now I feel something whenever I think about my admit. Admiration for every aspirant who appears for CAT , for everyone who has a purpose in his life..

Now I realise, admit from IIM Ahmedabad has made me humble . The journey from a someone who quit his job to someone who is successful(thats what people call me) has made me realise that just getting an admit doesn't make me special, It's about how many lives I will change later on that will define me..

And miles to go before I sleep.. and miles to go before I sleep..

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  • Congratulations!!!. 05 Mar.
  • wao, congrats. 14h.
IIM A B C L .. going for IIM A



Please join who al are selected in indian bank throgh ibps 4

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Is there anybody got selected for indian bank from tamilnadu state?

  • when the previous batch will be called ???. 15h.
  • @rnhsekar Tell me you contact number. 14h.
@harishdlharish3 1

when the previous batch will be called ???

@harishdlharish3 1

@rnhsekar Tell me you contact number


IIBF-JAIIB & CAIIB Info for existing & future Bankers

This thread may be helpful for present,& future Bankers,,,Jaiib & Caiib Exams conducted by IIBF(indian institute of B...

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to get JAIIB material , msg me ur email ids .

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  • prabakaradi@gmail.com. 17h.
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Photos of Kalka-Shimla rail track on display in city
Photos of Kalka-Shimla rail track on display in city
Sanjay Kaushal and Shubh Mohan Singh have travelled the rail journey between Kalka and Shimla several times, and the result is From Earth to Sky, a photographic journey of the Kalka-Shimla railway track, which is being exhibited at the Punjab Kala Bhawan, Sector 16, Chandigarh till April 21.


  • http://www.amazon.in/Earth-Sky-Journey-Shimla-Railway/dp/.... 21h.
  • Only photographs, captions in the book middle. Exhibition.... 20h.
rohit kumar @Scorpio_19 29,607

Only photographs, captions in the book middle. Exhibition was held in the same name as title. Exhibitions don't earn money, books do. So this was a smart move, a worldwide trend catching up in India too. Book is certainly overpriced, given that no research was conducted on the history of this UNESCO line. You pay only for the photos, no text. 


IPL Fantasy League 2015

ON PUBLIC DEMAND! Manage your very own IPL team with fellow puys over the whole IPL season! Create your team and joi...

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I am not able to do the substitutions... any one facing same issue??? 

  • i didnt do any today :neutral_face: were you finally ab.... 1d.
  • ya after 4 days finally..... 20h.
Shashwat Gangwar @shashwatdgr8 2,273

i didnt do any today  were you finally able to do it?

Amey Joshi @AJ48 3

ya after 4 days finally....

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Hi. I am 41 MegaPixel (:P). Here is my description.

B Tech from NIT Nagpur, in Mechanical Engineering.

Working in an Oil Refining PSU in India.

I have experience in procurements also.

I am kind of a shy. Keen observer. Analyser. Thinker. I am also a photographer (I am on the creative photography side).

I want to shift my career into Marketing, digital marketing, Big data. Finally, I want to become a Marketing professor in a good US university, and pursue marketing research.

Should I give GMAT directly or should I do MBA through CAT and then apply for PhD? 

Need some guidance to pursue my goal as described above.

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MICA GE/PI Discussion Group 2015

All discussions regarding the Group Exercise/Personal Interview round for the MICA PGDM-C Admissions season 2015 ·

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What are the typical cat cut offs

  • stilll...the students studying im miva???how much they sc.... 1d.
  • just for info??. 1d.
Tani narang @tanvi.narang64 1

stilll...the students studying im miva???how much they score in cat??