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this is the group for candidates, qualified for AAI jr executive(ATC and ELECTRONICS)..

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Best one liners - Season 2

Puys, Continue posting "Best One Liners" on this thread :grin: The previous thread has got lots of great one liners a...

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Rise To Smile...... -:)

This Thread is for the Lyrics of Any Songs, Poems, Romantic lines, ...... Sad, Inspirational, motivational lines........

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Laut aaya hu teri mehfil mai dobara ...andaaz wahi hai alfaaz naye laya hu !

#Ganja Pio Mast Jio

#Jai Bholenath

Kuch कश aur laga le ae Zindagi teri bhi keh ke loonga! 


ISRO Engineers/SC exam 2015

Hello guys! ISRO is a Golden opurtunity all the graduates. Here we are discussing about all the topics regarding to ...


Now Playing #music

often you are listening to some song and has this sudden urge to share it with others. post all such songs here. :grin:


CONCOR-MT(C&0) 2015: GD/PI Discussion

This discussion page has been started to provide for a platform for discussing GD related queries and possible topics...

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this coming sep concor mt completes 90 days, they have no interest whatsoever when called.. vsp 74 days

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  • Exactly what is happening ... no1 is responding on e mail.... 5h.
Juhi Singh @juhi.singh 1

Exactly what is happening ... no1 is responding on e mails and calls!!


[Official] LR-DI Thread for CAT 2015

Lets start the Preparation for CAT 2015.Please use this thread for all kind of Data Interpretation and Logical Reason...

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I was solving some question, where I had to simplify and solve 2 linear equations to find the values of variables , x and y. 

However after simplifying both the equations, both the equations turn out to be same (x + y =16). 

What option should I tick ? 

(Pls explain the difference between the two.)

9 people answered this question.
People don't buy what you do; they buy why you do it. 
You can view the comments after answering or skipping this question.
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puys, anyone a fan of mr. robot here?

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  • I'd recommend it watching further bro; it has much more t.... 7h.
Deepak Verma @SiberianKhatru 84

I'd recommend it watching further bro; it has much more to offer than just hacking. 

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Google's digitization of books - is it ethical?

The world's dominant search engine, Google , brings expertise in search technology and mass digitization.

"Google Book Search program" is designed to digitize printed book content so that it may be searched and retrieved via Google's search engine.

It will begin to sell online access to somewhere between 5million and above books, which it has taken off library shelves, of secondhand bookshops, borrowed from university deposits and digitized .It  will become the world's largest library and  the world's biggest bookseller.

The program has two main features-

1. Involvement of Publishers:

In the publisher's program, they can either provide a hard copy of a book that Google scans at no charge, or they can supply books in a digital format. Authors can also supply books, as long as they are the copyright holders. Google then indexes the content and allows the full text to be searched online. Google advertises this program as "a free worldwide sales and marketing system." Authors will use the Book Search to generate new ideas, and track reader trends, as they currently do on Amazon.

2. Involvement of Libraries:

The University of Michigan has committed to allowing Google to scan its entire print and journal collection. In exchange, Michigan will receive image and OCR files. Of the five libraries in the project, Michigan is the only one to publicly disclose, under Michigan's Freedom of Information Act, its contractual agreement with Google. Stanford University and Harvard University are participants as well, though neither library has committed to scanning its entire collection.

The pilot projects at these universities included some in-copyright works, and the larger projects are initially focusing primarily on public domain materials. Both Oxford University and the New York Public Library have committed to only a subset of books, all in the public domain. In Oxford's case, because of the United Kingdom's copyright laws, these books are all published before 1885. Stanford, Harvard, and the University of Michigan have explicitly announced their intention to abide by copyright law.

It is estimated that Google is spending 200 million dollars on the library program. Sidney Verba , director of the University Library , confessed, "I didn't think it could be done by anyone, including Google."


Many of the objections to the library project focus on the idea that Google will make money from others' work.

Libraries do not need permission to create a card catalog, "neither should Google or other search engines be required to when they create an improved digital equivalent."

Google has been specific that at no time will a user be able to view more than 20 percent

of a book provided through the publisher program, as specified in their contractual arrangement.


Google earns 99% of its considerable revenue from the sale of advertising on its search engine.

The University of Michigan believes Google's use is critically transformative in the modern era.

OCLC(Open World Cat program) reports that 83 percent of users who arrive at a "find in a library" link in a search engine end up in a library's online catalog.

The lawsuit filed by McGraw-Hill et al. claims that "Google's continuing and future infringements are likely to usurp Publishers' present and future business relationships and opportunities for the digital copying, archiving, search and public display of their works."

Barbara Quint states, "Experts estimate that 80 percent of books in copyright fall into the 'orphan' category."


Google has indicated that ads will not appear alongside books scanned from libraries and that they will share the revenue from ads that appear alongside books from the publisher program.

The most notable and significant problem is that numerous non-copyrighted books are restricted. For example, the WIPO Copyright Treaties Implementation Act by the House Committee on the Judiciary, Subcommittee on Courts and Intellectual Property is displayed in snippet form.

Brewster Kahle ,has argued that copyright in its current form is unconstitutional, but so far these arguments have not succeeded in court.

Michael Gorman, president of the American Library Association, has been one of the few critics from the library community. He fears that the project will only increase the number of undergraduates who think all their research can be done in Google.

If Google continues to digitize library holdings and enhances Google Scholar, then it may be that undergraduates can do all their research in Google, at least as a means of discovery.

 A generation of students who have the ability to perform full-text searching of centuries of material from around the world will have the potential to discover information that earlier generations never knew existed.


· Google, "Help," Google Book Search beta,

html (accessed July 1, 2006).

· Peter Givler to A. Macgillivray, senior intellectual property and product counsel, Google,

Inc., 20 May 2005, (accessed July 1,


· University of Michigan Library, "Cooperative Agreement,"

mdp/um-google-cooperative-agreement.pdf (accessed July 1, 2006).

· Stanford University Libraries and Academic Information Resources, "Stanford University

and Google Mass Digitization Project: FAQ,"

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where will be a specialist  officer normally be posted ????????? 

  • macrosate branches mostly for credit officers. mostly in .... 9h.
Spartan Utd @akky.schumacher

macrosate branches mostly for credit officers. mostly in urban centres

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Hi Guys... Anybody is still working somewhere? Because I do....

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  • you r great mr.Dhamodharan!!. I left my job in march and .... 13h.
Vignesh Vicky @vigneshcute28 3

you r great mr.Dhamodharan!!. I left my job in march and simply sitting for past 5 months !!!



i know it's not a replacement but if SB junta want we can open a thread named Shoutbox in chit-chat section. i will m...

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Hello everyone,

My profile :

X: 93%

XII : 84%

Btech: NIT Rourkela


CAT 14: 95.44

Converts: SPJAIN Marketing (WL), IIM Sambalpur, XIMB (BM)

Starting my journey again, would like to connect with like ones!

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  • thanks. 1d.
  • Reasoning ?? can u pls solve 357: 92549 : : 468: ? 122.... 16h.
CAT 14: 95.44 ; Calls : SpJain wl (marketing), XIMB BM converted, IIM Sambalpur converted.  
Sourish Endow @chunky.kaif

Reasoning ??

can u pls solve

357: 92549 : : 468: ?

1225:1190: :1089 :?

1600: 1560: : 225 :?

10:990: : 3 :?

5:30 :: 9 :?



For avid readers and books they are reading. An easy way to connect. An added incentive is the constructive hobby tha...

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People who want to be added and haven't been included in the Drive yet, please drop in a comment here. I don't have access to a laptop but maybe @Paras.D or @bs729 can add you.

  • @Paras.D @bs729 @aman_bedi please add me. 23 Aug.
  • please send google drive link again mohitsrivastava93@gm.... 16h.
CAT 14 - 99.68 | Converts - C(WL-4 ),FMS,MDI,S,Rohtak,Kashipur | AIWTSAC -
vijay Karan @vijaykaran 43

@Paras.D @bs729  @aman_bedi please add me 

Mohit Srivastava @Mohit... 96

please send google drive link  again  @Paras.D 

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Hi Puys!

Hope u r also struggling to wait for further communication from IOCL for recruitment of Marketing and HR professionals

In this regard I have some thoughts:

I think IOCL may not be in a position to take up the process further as "grievance" against the declared result of NET Dec 2014 is still in process. CBSE had given a deadline of one month from the declaration of result of NET Dec 2014 i.e. 15 June 2015, for filing of grievances. That means the process of filing of grievances has ended on 15 July 2015. But UGC NET has had a track record of stretching the process of accommodating the grievances by upto 6 months from the date of declaration of initial result of NET. That means we cannot expect the final result of NET before Dec 2015 may be   This process  does not affect the result of the candidates who have already cleared the NET exam but it definitely causes an inordinate delay in ascertaining the total number of candidates who have cleared the NET exam  And IOCL cannot take up the recruitment process further unless it knows the exact no. of candidates who have qualified for NET.

Above are solely my thoughts and I have not been able to connect to anyone either in CBSE or IOCL.

In the meantime, we can pester the following person at IOCL. He has not picked my single call even though the phone rings for full that means the phone is never engaged. I have called him over 200 times.....

Name: Gautham Dutta

Phone no.: 011-26260133

This person, if he picks up the phone on a blue moon day, can tell us the most authentic information about the recruitment process at IOCL.

Also, bombard IOCL with emails at the following email id:

In addition to this try contacting the following nos. at CBSE although they also never pick up the phone. If they pick up the phone they can tell us when will the final result of NET Dec 2014 will be declared (after accommodating the  grievances). I got these numbers from

The numbers are:

7042399520, 7042399521, 7042399524, 7042399526, 7042399527, 7042399528, 7042399529

FELLOW PUYS, DO PESTER THESE PEOPLE. Thats all we can do....

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  • The email was wrongly quoted. I regret the mistake and st.... 1d.
  • Apart from sending the email it is also very very importa.... 1d.
@fakekingfine 2

The email was wrongly quoted. I regret the mistake and stand rectified. Please start sending the email on the corrected email id....

@fakekingfine 2

Apart from sending the email it is also very very important to call them over telephone especially Gautam Dutta......


BARC OCES/DGFS - 2015 - ELECTRONICS (ECE) written test + Interview discussion

This group is exclusively for discussion of BARC OCES/DGFS - 2015 - ELECTRONICS (ECE) written test + Interview

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how to know marks of the interview(electronics)....they have not written it in the candidate login??

  • I have filed a RTI to know my interview marks. 1d.


RRB 2015 JE/SSE CEN 01/2015

u can post questions & ans.. which r related to RRB only.

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Recently contacted with rrb chd officials to know about of those named mrs.manju bala said "we have no clue or idea but as of info whatever we have there is no result manipulation this time taking 18 sets of exams into account.hope u get it thnks for calling"

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  • is this she is suggesting about some kind of cheating or .... 1d.
  • Even i dnt knw. 1d.
Ram Dwivedi @ramdwivedi1986 38

is this she is suggesting about some kind of cheating or what


Oriental Insurance Assistants Grade III recruitment 2015-2016

Guys lets discuss all queries pertaing to OICL Assistants Grade III here

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Hi guys please comment your attempts for OICL asst

  • 167 from rajasthan. 5d.
  • 171 rajasthan. 2d.


Thread to request Moderators for some task

This thread is to request moderators for some activity or action: Create a poll on a thread, Make some thread sticky,...

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how to delete CONVERSATIONS or Massages? pls help

  • You have already tagged them. Be patient, please. I'm sur.... 2d.
कर्मणयेवाधिकारस्ते मा फलेषु कदाचन।  मा कर्मफलहेतुर्भूर्मा ते सङ्गोऽस्त्वकर्मणि। 
Scarlett O'Hara @brixcel 33,050

You have already tagged them. Be patient, please. I'm sure they'll reply.

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Hello Puys and Pals,

Here are the events for Analytics and Finance:


PRASTUTI-Your Case...Your Solution

Important Dates:




Registration link and Guidelines:

 ACCS (Analytics Case Study Competition and Symposium)

Important Dates:


Registration link and Guidelines:



Important Dates:


Registration link and Guidelines:

Be in touch, for any queries:

Mail to :

Call us:

Contact Number: 0512 259 7376

Cell Number: +91-9953210473, +91-9716267647, +91-9453835510

Finatics | Quizzes | Finance
Finatics | Quizzes | Finance
Competition listing from Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur | Finance | Prabandhan15


Lead Coordinator, PR MBA Team