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This Thread is for the Lyrics of Any Songs, Poems, Romantic lines, ...... Sad, Inspirational, motivational lines........

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i know it's not a replacement but if SB junta want we can open a thread named Shoutbox in chit-chat section. i will m...

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@saurav5517 said:
Awesome lines scrabbler bro..

They're not mine, though I wish they were They're by Vikram Seth.
@saurav5517 said:
PS: bhai aapka real name kya hai?

scrabbler hi hai :innocent: (real name rather boring and unpronounceable)


  • Ab mujhe pata hai aapka real naam.. :devil: :stuck out t.... 48m.
http://crackthecat.wordpress.com/ Don't sir me please   
CAT fir se ? @sachinjha 1,034

Ab mujhe pata hai aapka real naam.. :devil:

But haan.. maine sachmuch aapka real name dhund nikaala..


An Anecdote From my Life

_*Editor's note:* This is the first among the winning entries from the Summer Internships Writing Contest. We receive...


Now Playing #music

often you are listening to some song and has this sudden urge to share it with others. post all such songs here. :grin:


All I Wanted to Speak About CAT

State insurance regulators say they have approved rates for 2014 that are at least 50 percent lower on average than t...

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Journey of My Failure and What I Learned From it

Have you ever felt completely frustrated and aggravated so you feel like just completely giving up and bailing out on the idea of being successful at what you do?

I sure did. Many times.

There were times where I would check my mock test results and be in tears saying to myself, “Why I am not getting success? What's wrong with me? How come my friends and everyone around me are making a killing in their mocks and why not me ? ”

My first few attempts at CAT were a complete disaster and utter failure.

Just thinking about it makes me feel sick to my stomach. Even as I write this, those feelings come back.

During the worst of my struggles, I kept thinking about my options.

1. I could go back and get admission into some decent MBA College and simply give up on the idea of cracking CAT and deal with the fact that I can't get calls from IIMs


2. I could hang in there, continue to work on my speed, knowledge & keep moving forward and continue to seek out answers.

I chose option 2 obviously. Otherwise, I would be sitting at a desk in some mediocre B-school staring out the window regretting the fact that I gave up on my dream.

During my journey of failure, I learnt a lot of valuable lessons.

Some of them I will remember lifelong. You will learn them as you go along with me.

So let's start by taking baby steps towards my CAT journey.

I gave CAT for three times and I don't hate to admit that.

My first two attempts at CAT were complete disaster.

When I gave CAT for the first time, it was back in my engineering days. I scored 91.14%ile, so I decided to quit my job to give CAT again and study wholeheartedly.

I studied the whole time but unfortunately I scored meager 83.xx in my second attempt. Even some of my junior friends scored much more than me.

At that point, I felt like a real loser , like in capital letter “L”

I remember, hearing suggestions from people who became overnight advocates on how to crack CAT, so I devised all kind of strategies to avoid that topic that most MBA aspirants would never think of , let alone try.

I labored under a burden of inner agony, maddening frustration and desperation. Sometimes, I wondered to myself how anybody could possibly explain or justify such a long, uninterrupted string of failure.

Despite this I decided to give CAT for the last time in 2011.

At then I was working on some different projects, I really didn't have time to study, I studied only for last 7 days.

I gave CAT with absolutely no expectations.

I didn't apply to any B-schools as I was not expecting any calls.

And something unusual happened. I can't share it just now.

I will talk about it in next instalment.

  • @niv4 ..read this.... 21h.
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Adolf Hitler's 'Mein Kampf' is the story of more than one struggle
Adolf Hitler's 'Mein Kampf' is the story of more than one struggle
Few visitors to the National Gallery's recent show of Viennese portraits from around 1900, "Facing the Modern", will have lingered long over an insipid family group by Alois Delug. The artist was, in every sense, an academic painter. He taught at the city's school of fine arts in the years before the First World War.


  • There are dozens of versions of this book available. Here.... 1d.
rohit kumar @Scorpio_19 29,542

There are dozens of versions of this book available. Here's the original illustrated 1939 edition reprint. I suggest you buy this one:



MBA in India

Day 0 kicked off with participants being taken for a day long ride for some shopping and sight-seeing in Ahmedabad. W...

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Guys Please share the good B-Schools names providing 1 Year of Executive MBA...and has decent placements..my profile is like this:

X- 81

XII -82

Btech -79

3 Years of Work Ex..in IT..

Pls help.. !!

  • Hello, You can apply for PGDM course in Sri Balaji Socie.... 1d.
Rise and Shine... 
Tarandeep Singh Marwah @Taran36 2


You can apply for PGDM course in Sri Balaji Society's - Balaji Institute of Modern Management (BIMM), Pune. 

For further queries please refer to the following link


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शायद कोई ख्वाहिश रोती रहती है ,

मेरे अंदर बारिश होती रहती है.


वो सामने थे मगर ये यकीं नहीं आता था ,

वो आप थे या मेरी ख्वाहिशों का साया था.

                                                          -मिर्ज़ा ग़ालिब



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Centered on the over-arching theme "Bharat ek Khoj", Horizons will focus on three sub-themes -Rediscovering Rural Ind...

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Why and how does SP Jain give interview calls before CAT?

image Mumbai's SP Jain Institute of Management and Research (SPJIMR) Joint Director Prof Sunil Rai answers this and more in a PaGaLGuY.com exclusive interview.

SP Jain is known to send GD-PI calls to candidates even before the CAT is held. Why and how is it done?

We do respect the CAT, which is an entry-level examination for the MBA education. However, how can you have the full idea about somebody's potential using a two hour test? So we have frameworks using which we can spend more time in evaluating a candidate. How we do it is we use various criteria like good continuous education, versatility and good value system, work experience and more. We look at the candidates' application forms and categorize them then on S, A, B and C grades. S is Super, A is Good, B is Satisfactory and so on.

So in the good continuous education criterion, all three of your class X, XII and graduation degree should have had good scores and from reputed institutions. If two school education boards and one university have seen you as a consistent performer, for instance if you have 90 in tenth and twelfth and a distinction in your college and that too from reputed schools and college, then we give you an S. Or if you have done well but not from a reputed college then we give you an A.

Second is what is called versatility and a good value system. If you have been put through some adversities in life, it makes you a better suited person. So a single parent child for example, who has seen a single mother or father struggle in life and has himself or herself struggled to complete education, has proved himself or herself in a challenging situation. Then there is the family background parameter where things like honesty are valued, for instance somebody's father is an academician or the mother is a government servant or the grandfather was a freedom fighter, then you know the person has definitely picked up a good value system. So again, we rate this criterion on S, A, B or C. Same for quality of work experience.

Now that we have so many criteria, we prioritize. To get an interview call you have to be an S at least in one criterion. So if you are a person who plays hockey for the Indian team or have an NCC certificate you have an S. So even you have an academic A, because of this S you will get an interview call. Or if you are an academic S but you are a B in the versatility criterion you'll get the call. But in any case, you should not be below B in anything and you should be an S in at least one thing. I think it is a very good set (of candidates) we get out of such combinations.

So once we have this shortlist, we interview them. After the CAT results are out, we use their CAT performance to sort this list. Now all the people who are eligible for SP Jain will be sorted in the descending order of their CAT performance. So the CAT is taken as a criterion but not as the primary criterion. You have proved yourself in academics, you have proved yourself in life, you are a good person and you also do well in a test. That is what we are looking at. I think it is the right way of looking at admissions. So you can be an ace in CAT but if you are not a good human being then we don't need you.

What are the criteria for the interview calls that you send after the CAT results are out?

CAT is also a criterion. If you are an S in CAT then you receive a call. However there is weightage given to the rest of the parameters too, so even if you are a CAT S but you are not at least an A in academics, you will not make it to SP Jain.

How much time do you spend on each candidate's CV before you take a call on whether he or she is an S or A or B in a parameter?

We have parameterized some things in the online application stage. We already have a list of reputed colleges on our server so when your percentage and college name is selected by you the computer program can pick it up and grade you accordingly.

So the computer already has a database of the good colleges?

Yes, which we keep on updating using the UGC list, the state department, student feedback and from our own experience. So for most of the parameters it is a computer-generated thing. But of course for the value system criterion, we have to manually search the forms.

How many people are roughly short listed for interview in the stage before CAT?

We receive about 15,000 applications each year. We generally shortlist about 60 pc of our total shortlist for the interview stage before the CAT takes place.

And how many of this 60 pc usually get a final call?

A proportionate number.

Can you tell us the dynamics of the two-stage group interview process that SP Jain follows?

There are two panels, which test you in a group interview. It's about how you perform in a team. If you combine me and him with her and if you are targeting a business and the three of us don't make a good team then the thing doesn't happen. Therefore you should know how to perform in a team. That's why we have a group interview concept.

There are two interview panels that see you. So out of panel A and panel B if both rate you as an S then you are through. But if Panel A says you are an S and Panel B says you are a C then there is a problem. The two panels then discuss about it and you are graded later. Sometimes there is a re-interview in which the same panels sit together or we offer it to a third panel because it is basically a judgmental decision.

Continued on next page...


How does SP Jain treat work experience before CAT?

We have four streams and of them for the marketing and finance there is no work experience criterion. Even with low work experience or no work experience, if you are excellent in studies and CAT you will still get a call for marketing and finance. Do well in the interview you will get final admission for marketing and finance. But for information management and operations experience is a must. We do not like to take anybody with less than one and a half or two years work experience. The students have to finalize their specialization at the time of applying. We believe that one needs to be focused about what he wants to do later.

How good is the judgment of students in selecting their specialization given that many of them have never worked fulltime before?

As far as marketing and finance is concerned I give it to them, their judgment is fairly good because the youth today is able to make out where they would fit in. Generally outgoing people with good communication skills, who like traveling and meeting people, are the ones who usually choose marketing. People with affinity to numbers take up finance. If people wish to change their specialization after a year they can definitely do that but they have to debate it out with us. The change should be a decision arrived out of logic and not out of frustration of not doing well. The decision should be informed and intelligently taken and not an impulsive decision. It shouldn't be that your pal is taking finance so you also plan to change your specialization to finance.

SP Jain also asks for SOPs...

This is to check the value system of the people as well as know certain individual traits. For example a person may perform better in teams, he maybe a team player. So I ask him to write three or four of his experiences. However smart the person maybe and whatever coaching classes he must have been through, we are capable to find out the truth and make out the differences.

The SP Jain website mentions about two one-year courses… one is the EMBA and the other is PGDM. How are the two different?

The EMBA or Executive MBA is actually a one and a half year course. The difference between the two courses is that the executive MBA is for working professionals who have not left their jobs. They only come to campus for nine days in three months. In those nine days you are totally with us but the rest of the three months you remain in touch with us online on a weekly and fortnightly basis. Submit your assignments checked by your mentor in your work place to the in-house guide. That way you remain in touch six times in one and a half years. The one year PGDM on the other hand is for working professionals with high experience who have left their jobs to pursue this course.

How does your PGDM compare to ISB's one year programme?

They are two different products. ISB's programme is a general MBA whereas ours is a focused MBA. We are firstly focusing on information management in the operational domain and secondly the student focuses on the role he would like to take up. We customize the training according to the role each student wants to do

You have an Entrepreneurship Cell in your campus. Can you tell us how it works?

Every manager has to perform three different functions: that of a leader, a manager and an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurship makes a manager risk-taking, innovative and experimental and that is what is required in fast pace business of today. No risk, no gains. Time will tell how many will actually become entrepreneurs. We just started with the Cell last year. We have also started a program and the first batch is on. Sixteen of them will become entrepreneurs already in some time. I am expecting more and more students to take it up because more ideas are coming up.

Does S P Jain help these students in getting funds for their entrepreneurial ventures?

We have faculty who have experience in the industry, who have worked in their field and now come to SP Jain. We follow the practioners method, like how a doctor is taught by another doctor. Have you seen a surgeon teaching another surgeon who has never performed a single operation? Same is the case here. How can a professor teach students marketing if he hasn't sold a single soap? Our entire marketing faculty has once been a part of industry for at least five to ten years. Therefore we have practioners on the faculty board including our own Dean. Therefore our students get excellent in-house consulting for auditing of ideas. Were making SP Jain a very good place for incubation of ideas.

Prof Sunil Rai has fifteen years of IT experience in corporate organizations, Infrastructure Management, Execution of Information Security and networking projects. He has twenty-two years of experience in managing Ships and technical establishments of Indian Navy in various capacities.

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  • Uff.. should have posted earlier... applied for Informati.... 1d.
  • Interesting. 1d.
Uttam Gulshan @uttamk.gulshan 26

Uff.. should have posted earlier... applied for Information management and that too with work ex... wasted my money.. should have told earlier... If I don't qualify this year.. I will not apply next year..  what a process... and they say they need managers...

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आज एक अरसा बीत गया, उन मीठी कड़वी यादों का

मेरे सच्चे जस्बादों का, तेरे नापाक इरादों का

आज एक अरसा बीत गया, उन अनसुनी फरियादों का

मेरी सच्ची उम्मीदों का, तेरे उन झूठे वादों का :)__vjay

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I write what I feel, I feel what I write...
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10 Things One Should Do To Get Into MICA

Established in 1991, MICA (formerly known as Mudra Institute of Communications, Ahmedabad) is India's premier management school for Strategic Marketing and Communication. It is the alma mater of professionals serving in leadership positions in some of the best known companies in India and the world, in marketing, brand management, research & analytics, advertising, media, digital and other related businesses.

MICA offers a wide-range of academic programmes, including three residential and four online programmes.

Here are ten things that you should know before applying for MICA:

1. Register for MICAT: MICA is a B-school with a difference and so it only makes perfect sense that our entrance exam would be different too. The MICAT will test both your right brain and left brain capabilities. Keep your pens at the ready and your creative juices flowing because you'll need time to cross your t's and dot your i's. Click here to find out more.

2. Know your Brands:

Heard of Muji?


What about Beiersdorf?

Or Peroni? It's time to keep an eye on the brands around you. From your stationery to your kitchen equipment, new brands can show up just anywhere. MICA is a place where the brands become your bread and butter. It is time already to learn to love them.

3. Brush up your Writing Skills: The MICAT will require you to show some creative writing skills but that's the least of the writing you'll do here at MICA. Get your verbs, adverbs and pronouns to stay in their right places and learn to spot an idiom or two.

4. No more Channel Surfing during Commercial Breaks: Start watching advertisements. No, really. Commercial breaks are when aspiring MICAns need to be most watchful. Campaigns are important. Whether it's "The Complete Man" or "Sense and Simplicity", if these words are nothing more than just phrases to you, you need to give up on surfing channels or getting food during breaks in your favourite programmes.

5. Numbers ARE important: It's just a myth that MICAns don't do numbers. Your MICAT will have some puzzlers, and you'll need to have the wits to solve them. Keep sharpening your quantitative abilities because even the most creative plans need numbers to back them.

6. Where you are from matters: MICA prides itself on its diversity and as a result you might see a lot of interview questions about the city and state you are from. Know your state politics, latest developments and the things that make it, and you, special. And it won't just be a checkbox to tick for MICA - you'll probably be pleasantly surprised to better discover your own roots.

7. Be sure of what's in it for you...: MICA offers five specializations in its flagship PGDM-C program. Be sure to know what they each entail and also what you might like to pick up as a specialization in the future. Read up on the different opportunities and avenues each of the five offers. You don't need to choose them right at the beginning but knowing where you might fit in will help with your admissions.

8. Digital is the new wave to surf: With the emergence of social media and digital marketing, it becomes important for MICA aspirants also to be savvy on these platforms. Next time you login, observe everything. Be it promotions, parody ads, interesting digital campaigns or another big billion day sale online it is important to know where the bandwagon is at.

9. Communication and Culture: If you become a MICAn, communication and culture will soon been the buzzwords for you. Your families, hobbies, backgrounds all makes up your culture. Communicate in meaningful ways through understanding others, appreciating differences and gathering new perspectives from those around the world.

10. Be  true to yourself: MICA values you for the differences that you bring, the ideas that you spin, and the new outlooks with which you can see the world to reshape it. Being yourself is the key to finally crack the entire MICA admissions process because in the end, it is your vision and your passion that will set you apart the most.

Read more about MICA now.

Note: This is a sponsored article and has NOT been written by the PaGaLGuY Editorial Team. It is intended from an informational perspective only and it is up to the readers to research and verify the claims and judgements in the article before reaching a conclusion

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Should one go for a top bschool compromising his favourite specialisation for tag or should one go for the spcialisation he likes even if he gets in a lower ranked bschool?

  • One should make sure he strikes the right balance between.... 27 Aug.
  • B School is more important than specialisation. But only .... 3d.
IMS Learning Resources Pvt Ltd @OfficialIMS 674

One should make sure he strikes the right balance between both and love what he's doing.

Sanoob Sidiq @sanoob 20

B School is more important than specialisation. But only do the work which you like 

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Still not sure about the kind of opportunities in construction and real estate sectors? Find out more here- http://bit.ly/RICS-SBE-Admissions

Still not sure about the kind of opportunities ...
Post your queries on School's site: www.ricssbe.org LIKE US ON FACEBOOK: facebook.com/ricssbe.org
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A SURPRISE ELEMENT in the Barcode 3.0:

The evening was full of exciting surprises. One that kept everyone in awe was the performance by Mr. Abhijeet Ghosal - A renowned Singer and founder of the band "Thathastu". He along with his band members performed on his latest compositions "Chai ki chuski", "IIT Bombay Anthem - dedicated to Aaj ki naari" and "The Dancing Ganesha composition".


Lastly to add spice to the event, it was ended by a "Fashion show" sponsored by Reliance Trends with the theme "Global fusion".

In total three team participated. A decagon from ITM HEALTH SCIENCES COLLEGE OF NURSING .

Two teams from ITM: One from RMM batch. The other from PGDM and IFM batch. The participants added glamour to the stage floor making the ambiance more enthralling.

A panel of esteemed judges including Ms. Amrit Sandhu (A Freelance model for Kings XII Punjab, Cadbury and Olay), Ms. Seep Taneja (Finalist Ms. Diva - Mumbai 2013) and Mr. Rohit Kuldeep Arora (Asst. Director, Once upon a time in Mumbai) announced the result.

RMM being the winners gripped the prize worth Rs 10,000/- along with free entry passes to "The Angrezi PUB" and the ITM team won as second runner up a prize money of Rs 5000/-.

The ITM Health Sciences College was also rewarded a special prize worth Rs 10,000/-

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Favorite PG Smiley :)

Hi folks, Its so much fun to use 'smiley' in our posts. So many are available in PG treasure. :: Please mention top 3...

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Why Hindu Law doesn't permit second marriage?

Answer:- Indian Constitution article 20(2) says: "No human can be punished twice for the same offence...

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Any one from SBI ?  .. please guide me about the confirmation exam for probationary officers... thanx in advance . 

  • you will appear for confirmation after 18 months of your .... 4d.
subhransu sarangi @subhmad 43

you will appear for confirmation after 18 months of your joining as PO,though it may vary across circles.upon securing more than 60%(previously it was 75%) in the confirmation exam,u will be directly promoted to scale 2 and confirmed as deputy manager subject to your satisfactory performance in gd and pi,which follows the written test of the confirmation exam.if your score in written is less than 60%,but above 40%,u will be confirmed as assistant manager in the scale of jmgs-1.however if u fail in the confirmation test,u will be given another chance exactly after 6 months,failing which,your services would be terminated.hope this helps,