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Rise To Smile...... -:)

This Thread is for the Lyrics of Any Songs, Poems, Romantic lines, ...... Sad, Inspirational, motivational lines........

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नींद आए ना आए, चिराग बुझा दिया कर.... युँ रात भर किसी का जलना हमसे देखा नहीं जाता.....!!!

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  • @shashwatmoksh Bravo! sahi plan hai... ;). 46s.
  • @Esotericequation :blush:. 1s.
In order to Succeed, we must believe that 'WE CAN' 


LIC AAO 2016

Thread for Assistant Administrative Officer in LIC for 29th Batch 2016-2017

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How to prepare insurance g.k?

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  • @abhinavrocker thank u sir. 50s.
Luck favors the prepared Mind! 


Best one liners - Season 2

Puys, Continue posting "Best One Liners" on this thread :grin: The previous thread has got lots of great one liners a...

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Alcohol is a perfect solvent: It dissolves marriages, families and careers...

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Discovering myself 


ISRO Engineers/SC exam 2015

Hello guys! ISRO is a Golden opurtunity all the graduates. Here we are discussing about all the topics regarding to ...

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Please tell me if anyone has got the sc interview call letter

  • Today only I got the interview letter.. 1h.


Now Playing #music

often you are listening to some song and has this sudden urge to share it with others. post all such songs here. :grin:

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Aaayi main to aayi nazaaro k anjaane ikk jahan se..

Pari hu main.. :D 

khud ko hi dedicate kr ri hu main ye song..


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  • @kudi.simple89 ye song to mje dedicate hua tha kuch din p.... 2h.
Kudi Punjabi...Torr Nawabi.. 
Impulsive... @falguninri 12,684

@kudi.simple89 ye song to mje dedicate hua tha kuch din pehle


Introduce yourself - II

Hello people, This is the part II of the introduce yourself thread. Please take the time to introduce yourself to the...

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Hello All, This is Akshaya working in an IT firm with an overall exp of around 3.5 years. I have scored 80 percentile in XAT (MBC QUOTA).

Do I have a chance of getting into a good business school with this score ?? 

  • Thanks guys!!. 1h.
@sreepulari 6



Life at XIMR

Well as for now have seen threads of almost all the b-school discussion going on here so thought of opening one for X...

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my cmat score is 165 and percentile 90.44.Is there any chance of getting a call from XIMR .And what is the average and highest package last year in finance?


Just Kidding Comedies

Feel free to share Humor, Comedies etc Videos/Posts .


General awareness for LIC AAO 2016

Be informed that I will be posting general awareness questions from month of December to month of march for upcoming...

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Which among the Indian states has the highest per capita income?

12 people answered this question.
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Repost: Friends I have some notes for JAIIB and CAIIB Examination. Some are prepared by me and some I have gathered from various sources. Comment or Message ur email id. I'll send it for free...


CONCOR-MT(C&0) 2015: GD/PI Discussion

This discussion page has been started to provide for a platform for discussing GD related queries and possible topics...

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i think the folks are done with the Feb 6th interviews? anymore ? so how did it go ? What did they say about the results date ..

  • How is the interview for you sowmya...i did my interview .... 1d.
  • i had it before, i was checking with all for the tentativ.... 12h.

How is the interview for you sowmya...i did my interview on 2nd November 

@soumya.sasi99 1

i had it before, i was checking with all for the tentative result date



i know it's not a replacement but if SB junta want we can open a thread named Shoutbox in chit-chat section. i will m...

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The goods and services tax popularly known as the GST is proposed as the 122nd amendment  to the constitution of India. It will be a national level value added tax  which will eliminate all other indirect taxes such as excise duty , service tax etc. Gst will be collected at each level from production or manufacturing till the product is sold. This  comprehensive indirect taxing  tries to make our country's tax structure congenial for investment and industrial growth.

'MAKE IN INDIA' which is the brain child of our honorable prime minister MR NARENDRA MODI will hugely get benefited by GST. The concept of MAKE IN INDIA needs a lot foreign direct investment. Gst will encourage foreign companies  to invest by providing a crystal clear taxation system. Gst tax modelling makes it a destination based tax

which is much easier to comprehend  than a source based tax which .Surveys done so far have shown that if proper implementation of Gst takes place then our country's economic growth can jump from 0.9% to 1.7% which is perfectly desirable. As the cascading of taxes reduce , the price of raw materials and manufacturing goods  will decrease, prompting the manufacturers to produce more . Effectively this enhances the competitive nature of the market , proliferating the GDP of the nation and in turn decreasing inflation.Moreover as their will be a single taxing body it removes the concept of middlemen , hence decreasing corruption . In all possibilities Gst is a welcome change but as we know every coin has two sides , similarly Gst also brings in few cons with its pros.

With the application of Gst the 1.5 cr exception limit  on revenues will be removed. This will adversely affect the small scale enterprises. The small scale enterprises will loose their security as the 1.5 cr exception directed that any produce which generates revenue less than 1.5 cr is non taxable, but now every bit of their income falls under the purview of gst. Adding to the above points  gst has to be paid just after you have received your invoice without any guarantee of payment, which is another black dot in the white cloth. Corruption less country is an utopia , hence lack of proper implementation might in turn increase the prices of goods which will reverse all its good effects. 

 Our country is going towards the industrial age . Concepts like MAKE IN INDIA , DIGITAL INDIA  need a good economic framework for proper execution. Certainly GST is the way to go!

cat 2015 99.06 CALLS:IIM A,B,L,I,K,S 
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nhb cutoff 

gen 153

obc 146

my score 148 with only 9 in comp.

source rti reply

  • No file rti with dofs. they will transfer ur rti to nhb. .... 1d.
  • ok.. thanks buddy...:). 1d.
mohan singh @raichu 63

No file rti with dofs. they will transfer ur rti to nhb. it would take more time to receive reply.

Omkar S @omkar.sherlock 27

ok.. thanks buddy...:)


Football Club -- Part Deux

Friends, Romans, countrymen :: .. As we all know that legendary Football Club thread is closed because it had more th...