XLRI GMP Prospective Students 2010

*XLRI**GMP BATCH 09-10** WELCOMES PROSPECTIVE STUDENTS* *XLRI* GMP Batch of 09-10 welcomes all the prospective MBA students in this forum. We truly understand that decision to quit your current job and become a student at this stage ...
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hi puys i am looking to apply to XL for nexy year,

plz tell me Where can i ge the profile of the students of present n past batches..?? and also interview experiences of the earlier batches ppl.

yes, the final list of the students are on acad, but one info to all of u...u can submit ur RL till a particular date (sep-oct) as placecomm activities start after 1st term atleast

Hi Vijay,
Thanks for your kind words. But last year total intake was left 97 only which was 23 short to 120. This year the intake has already been 120 and no drop outs now as far as Adcom confirmed. I am told to wait till 10th June then they will return DD. I dont understand in that case how i can come after giving 2 days notice to my employer and also RL is required otherwise you will not be entitled for placements. So in any case this can not be possible .....yah one thing if XL has a work around for this then probably we guys can think and that too depending upon call. Well I tried calling people in XL today but from Delhi the phone was not getting connected somehow. So not sure when they will display final list.

Congrats to every one who got admit to XLRI GMP....
I am looking for the next session and hence request to all admitted to look regularly into this thread so that aspirants of the next session can take help and guidance....


Higmat people have started arriving at XLRI, if u know someone or nebody who was at PG we can ask him to get the clear status of whts happening dere. Ravindra singh has reached XL. If anybody knows him, we can ask him for latest updates. By the way HG whts ur WL no. ?

Hi Vassilli what is your WL no? are you close to 47 and 48 ?. Also we can not get in touch with chairperson as when you talk to these posters they say that chairperson is out of country...... i dont think one can be out of country for 4 months when admissions are going on how funny they are. Anyways probably they might be learning people handling skills as part of their training program on job :)
so no luck to talk to chairperson yet can any one try also to talk to them plse.

hi all,

XLRI GMP classes are said to start by June 12 and yet the admissions are continueing ?:-( why did they keep all these matter so lagging? i am stll in the waiting list and have anybody heard about any movements after the waiting list 46?


Cant we talk directly to chairperson of Adcom....if u can arrange his no. I guess we can clarify things with him..

I am fully agreed with you RK28. As in Adcom should let us know what is the latest situation. But here one catch is - the people whom we call are not the auth. people who can update us on latest they are like posters of movies... and real movie is in the hands of adcom chairperson and other senior staff... therefore we are not updated.

Well i called up nad dat guy told me so, moreover there have been 2 guys who have withdrawn their admission offer and you can find their mails at the google admit group. I wonder how adcom guys are giving contradicting statements. Atleast we have every right to know whts happening ?

Hi RaMakant

I did not get any call yet. As posted previously as well, the lady told me last week that everyone till WL 46 has deposited the money.

Personally, I dont think at this stage, anybody would let go of 3.93 lacs AND a school with a reputation that XLRI enjoys.

Hi RK28 ... where did you get this information from dear? I called up the same PO lite guy and he said that there is no further movement of WL after 46 yet .............. and they will wait till 12 of JUNE now............how generous they are they will wait till some one does nt enter the classtroom and then they will return the DD. Also this guy said less are the chances that somebody will drop out now as all have paid a big chunk of the fees. I dont know who is saying what.
Buy i love to see WL movement further........ all the best to all of us dear.

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