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Why HR?

Faced with a choice between an MBA in HR and a general MBA, I had to ask myself a lot of questions. In addition, peers who were in similar situations helped me by discussing their queries, and helping me answer mine. I am trying to reproduce my an...
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Hi there!Can anybody shed some light on what strategic HRM is all about?

The only thing that can beat raw talent is pure hardwork 

Hi folks/seniors,

I am planning to join for MBA this year and was searching for the various specialisations i can take and make a mind about it .i had some specific queries

1) The most general answer one gets when asked shall I join hr or finance or operations, is that you should join which interests you :). As an IT guy working in the industry for almost 2 years I have very little idea what each domain offers.My only knowledge of hr is that they recruit people, they approve the appraisals etc. Can someone provide some insights into what an hr does in a corporate ??

Does it vary as the company , if yes then what is the difference between their roles.

Which are the job prospects in the short term and long term??

The main point in putting up this question is to get to know about the domain (as a person with zero knowledge, in layman terms ) and then decide if  this is what I want to do .

Please direct me to questions if this has already been answered.

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Cat 2013 89. 73 ,iift gone 35.01_ xat  and tiss remaining 
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Hi guys. I have 2+ years of work experience as a software developer and then 2 years gap in career due to personal reason. Now I have again started working as a software developer. I wish to pursue XLRI HRM program. Does XLRI accept experienced people from different background other than HR.? In interview, do they ask why you want to make a shift to HR after having 3+ years of work exp in IT industry. Will gap in my career matter in selection process for HRM in XLRI? What kind of job/role does a person with software experience and XLRI HRM land up in.?

  • You need to be first very clear about why you want to pur.... 17 Sep '14.
  • Thanks. Helpful.. 17 Sep '14.
iAthena.com @iathena 1

You need to be first very clear about why you want to pursue career in HR. You will be lucky, if you are not asked that question in interviews you shall face, not only at the interview to get into institution such as HR, but thereafter even during your job interviews. Interviewer would ask you this just to understand the clarity in your thoughts as well as your conviction to pursue your goals. You can get 2 kinds of job opportunities post your MBA. 1. As domain consultant in delivering IT solutions to HR, and 2. Core HR across industries, but most likely in IT and ITES. 

@amanklohia 1

Thanks. Helpful.

guys i am general engineer male fresher..

  • Go for MDI :thumbsup:. 05 Jun '14.
  • i would suggest MDI, a more established one among the three. 05 Jun '14.
Raghav @raghavsimply 5,531
Go for MDI :thumbsup:
Chris Burnett @burnett 4,242
i would suggest MDI, a more established one among the three

Seniors here, do any of you have e-books of Dave Ulrich's major works in HRM? I could only get drafts, abridged versions, or ppts. And are there other indian authors writing exhaustively on HR&IR;, specifically in India, apart from K. Aswathappa? His book seems slightly dated.

  • Buying Dave Ulrich's book is an investment, and will cont.... 22 May '14.
Calls- IIFT,SPjain,MDI, XLRI(Hr), XIMB(both HR and BM), NMIMS,New IIMs, IMT-G, SIBM-P and SCMHRD, TISS, IIM Ranchi-PGPHRM. Had to skip a few. Converts- SIBM,Pune, XIMB-BM and HR, SCMHRD, IIFT-K,Waitlisted and hoping for MDI and a TISS convert. ;)
Mahim Mongia @garfieldthecat 1,809
Buying Dave Ulrich's book is an investment, and will continue to help you throughout your HR career- its better to buy a hard copy

Indian authors- well T.V. Rao, Udai Pareek have done pioneering work in Indian HR context

Guys how is Great Lakes, Chennai for pursuing HR? Please reply

  • Though comparison is not allowed, and a GLIM alumni would.... 22 May '14.
Mahim Mongia @garfieldthecat 1,809

Though comparison is not allowed, and a GLIM alumni would be able to answer this better, some thoughts.....

Very few people would usually take HR as a specialization in institutions where HR is not a core-focussed separate program

A lot of learning in MBA and in HR would depend on peer experiences as well so inspite of everything else being great having no or a small group of like minded, interested in HR professionals might be of concern

Just as an example, in 2010 when I had gone for a HR competition in Great Lakes, people specializing in HR were few (around 2-3 if I remember correctly)

Guys what is the difference between MBA in HR and MHRM in terms of career growth??

  • :smiley: ..the same difference as MBA and PGDM . Go by t.... 02 May '14.
  • @Anchun sir throw some light on this. 01 May '14.
Anvesh Chunduri @Anchun 4,378
..the same difference as MBA and PGDM . Go by the college especially when it comes to HR
Ankur Khare @ak291992 6
@Anchun sir throw some light on this

Hi Seniors, I need advice on the HR perspectives w.r.t engineering background and having 42 months workex in IT. I have been selected into TISS (HRM-LR) course for 2014-2016 and have also converted NITIE and WL for SPJIMR (Information Mgmt) and IIFT D (hoping a convert on both once IIM K and IIM I results get declared). I am aware of the huge reputation of TISS in HRM, but when I discuss with my frnds in other b schools or who have passed out, they all opine that though HRM from TISS is great, its a different ball game for engineers having considerable work ex to study HR (for them , HR is pretty boring, no innovations, no tight schedules, rush etc etc). From the point of RoI, TISS is awesome w.r.t all my options. I am also in love with the TISS campus when I went there for my interview. Can anybody from the engineering background share his or her experience of life in HRM (not the prospects of HRM manager cause that had been dealt by Sumit who started this thread.) @Anchun

  • @Anchun Thanks for your reply, yes it is true I have aske.... 01 May '14.
  • One thing I can see is that u must have spoken to ur frie.... 01 May '14.
Amartya Banerjee @aytrama 103
@Anchun Thanks for your reply, yes it is true I have asked opinions from many people and have received varied answers about the best of HRM to worst. As you have correctly said, almost all of my friends who are in bschools or have passed bschools (all of them were having some experience in IT ranging from 12 months to 32 months) have a mild negative to negative attitude about HR, I can understand that they are prejudiced and biased about studying in marketing, ops and finance which according to them are treated with much respect in any company. HRM course as per their limited chances to study them (two subjects in 1st year) is pretty boring, they say how on earth an engg study HR. I understand that this is not entirely true, one must not come into conclusions so early.Since you are also an TISS alum, you will know about true prospects of HR more than most of my friends from whom I ask for bschool experience. I know that I have to make my own decision but would want to have experience from a senior alum like you. If you can share details and your experience about HRM in TISS, growth perspective in HR post TISS (I have interacted with the line HR of my IT company and I dont want to end up like them). How HR people are valued in a reputed organization, whether it is truly all about marketing, ops, finance in big fmcgs or bfsi or does the HR function gets their due in decision making (I find from tiss placement report that most students intern in fmcgs, manufacturing, IT and BFSI and finally get placed in one of them.)
Anvesh Chunduri @Anchun 4,378
One thing I can see is that u must have spoken to ur friends in other institutes who would have taken 1 or 2 HR subjects as optionals as they are not that taxing and which is true for them...But when u decide to specialize in HR itself , life wont be that easy

any how let me know what exactly u want to know, and I would try to answer if I can....

Hi i need some advice. I have 52 months of IT experience. I have converted XIMB HR, got rejected at TISS. I am looking at a cost of 15 lakhs i am unable to gauge whether or not it is a good investment. XIMB has suddenly raised its fees considerably and hence i am in a soup. What kind of opportunities should i be looking for with the kind of experience i have or is it a good idea to give it a miss

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  • @Shishank hi, i have heard the growth in hr industry is n.... 02 Jun '14.
  • @ena It depends on how you see it basically. Placements t.... 19 Jul '14.
Ena @Ena1 3
@Shishank hi, i have heard the growth in hr industry is not so good.. is that so? actually i am also planning to pursue mba in hr from imi.. is it a good college for hr?
Shishank Dahiya @Shishank 422

@ena It depends on how you see it basically. Placements these days are tough in whatever field you choose. Expectations are high but the going is tough. Whatever you do, do it with full honesty you will sail through. HR from IMI is a good option.

Hello Everyone ,

I have 42 months of experience in IT sector(Infosys). My experience has been primarily in functional and technical testing for Siebel CRM(Retail Sector Clients). Also, small exposures to development in Siebel.

I have converted PGDM marketing at IMT Ghaziabad and I have a waitlist in MDI, which as per trend seems, I will be getting MDI PGP-HRM.

After looking at the average package and placement scenarios at both the institutes, I would like to get some inputs on:

1. Which one should I go for ?

2. Profiles post MBA in HR from MDI at this experience.

3. Will my experience be a deterrent or an advantage ?

4. How are the growth prospects in HR.

5. Any suggestions.

Many Thanks

  • (1) PG is not a place for institute comparison. so will r.... 30 Apr '14.
  • @Anchun Your take on this please. Or if you can tag some .... 30 Apr '14.
Anvesh Chunduri @Anchun 4,378
(1) PG is not a place for institute comparison. so will refrain from commenting on this.Will send u a PM though
(2) 42 Months is not too much of an experience. You would be eligible for most laterals which works in ur favour
(3)It works either ways. Some companies specifically prefer freshers and others work ex companies. Look at the strength and profiles of lateral companies in the college u choose. Problem with work ex is generally faced during summers and not much in finals
(4) Check LinkedIn profiles of HR alumni from various colleges
(5) It depends on ur apetite. Giving one more attempt which gives u 50+ months exp puts u in risky proportion during placements for a 2 year MBA
its upto u at the end of the day...all the best
Mayank Agarwal @mayankag 33
@Anchun Your take on this please. Or if you can tag some person from MDI HR, if he can help.

Dilemma between operations and HR I have a work experience of 1.5 years at a tyre manufacturing company as an electrical engineer in maintenance department. My role - shift incharge - responsible for all shift breakdowns safety and other plant operations. almost 10 electricians report to me every shift. Does my profile suit HR or only operations? I am interested in HR @SCMHRD pune please give suggestions

  • What are the prospects of an IR manager in terms of posit.... 13 Apr '14.
  • @cvsueee If at all Plant-HR would suit you. Since you hav.... 13 Apr '14.
@cvsueee 9
What are the prospects of an IR manager in terms of position and renumeration? Do I have a similar chance to build a career leading to a HR- global head or country head as does a corporate-HR?
Shishank Dahiya @Shishank 422
@cvsueee If at all Plant-HR would suit you. Since you have plant exposure a role in IR(Industrial Relations) would suit you if you are studying HR in SCMHRD. During the course you will be taught Labor Laws and all that would prepare you for a role in Industry as an IR Manager.

Hi Puys,

I'm in a dilemma whether to choose between MBA in HR or Finance. (I'm not considering the colleges that have taken me, for now, because I only want to know about the courses)

Back ground: Engineering + 1.5 years of experience in IT, Female, good in debate and similar extra curricular activities, good in numbers.. 10 th - 89, 12 th- 89, grad -79.. , enjoy being with people, slightly judgemental.. assertive and have the guts to take up issues head-on (as thats how i get noticed), yet reserved and definitely not the chatty/partying kind. No finance connection as of now, but determined, ofcos!

I want to know how the jobs are and what will be good for me. People with experience or knowledge please help me out...

1. Are HR consulting/recruitment jobs mean head-hunters?

2. Do Finance guys have to goo up the seniors for promotions? (gen opinion and zero skills at that)

3. How are promotions in the HR line?

4. Are the financial roles highly energy consuming that you don't have time fr other things in life?

5. What are job prospects abroad after doing MBA in HR in India.

  • Thanks @Anchun .. problem is that I have to make the deci.... 13 Apr '14.
  • Will try to answer some of the questions. Any how, u need.... 13 Apr '14.
Sheena Hermit @Sheetal1990 2
Thanks @Anchun .. problem is that I have to make the decision now as my options are like that... I'm more inclined towards HR but apprehensive about opportunities and whether i am a right fit... Thanks a lot.
Anvesh Chunduri @Anchun 4,378
Will try to answer some of the questions. Any how, u need not choose courses before joining the college, most colleges have gen mgt degrees and its upto u to take up the courses which interest you ( ofcourse.for colleges like XL (PMIR), TISS, SPJain (Finance) u need to make decisions upfront)
(1) Nope .....unless u go for recruitment consultant...and most of fresh HR passouts never go this line...

(2) No idea... U would learn about "Power & Politics" at work place in case if are u joining HR course....any how , office politics are common place which ever stream u choose
(3) in 15-16 years , you can expect to be leading the HR function at global level . It might take more or less depending on ur capabilities
(4) No idea..
(5) You can move to HR roles of Indian companies with operations abroad or shift completely. Check out for profiles on LinkedIn and job opportunities on IImjobs.com for better understanding

How good are the packages offered to freshers in HR specialization at SCMHRD??? what are the scopes of placements in HR?? please explain.... @Dubsjain @uddalak @Anchun

  • I feel that off late the discussions on this thread are v.... 12 Apr '14.
Anvesh Chunduri @Anchun 4,378
I feel that off late the discussions on this thread are very much revolving around college comparisons and placement details. No doubt they are very imp for making the decision, but this thread is not the right platform. Seniors from SCMHRD will be in a better position to answer ur question.....all the best

Guyz can anybody throw some light on career prospects after an MHRM course??

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