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Why HR?

Faced with a choice between an MBA in HR and a general MBA, I had to ask myself a lot of questions. In addition, peers who were in similar situations helped me by discussing their queries, and helping me answer mine. I am trying to reproduce my an...
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is doing MBA in HR from SIBM Pune or SCMHRD worth after 3 years experience??  

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@Anchun Hi Sir, I have just started my MBA in HR from MDI..Can u please suggest things I should be doing in order to land a good summer as well as final placement in terms of:

a. Studies/subjects etc

b. certifications

c. online courses

d. daily readings/ general reading material etc.


  • No comments ......college and ur batch will teach u every.... 08 Aug '15.
fingers crossed 
Anvesh Chunduri @Anchun 4,386

No comments ......college and ur batch will teach u every thing u need to know.....be prepared to fight out the GDs with ur close friends

hi.. Could any one help how is mba in HR from delhi school of economics? Is it having a good reputation in industry?

hi,am a Senior Executive HR in a manufacturing company having 1 years of work experience.Salary is a bit on the lower side as per my expectation.What shall I do so as to get a good hike or probably a good switch given my goals.

@Anchun Hi Anwesh... could u please throw some light on whether HR professionals get executive scholarships from their department in case they wish to specialize further... like other specializations get that... 

  • @Anchun okay... no issues... but once i am done with my s.... 21 May '15.
  • @SAKSHI25 ...done :smiley:. 22 May '15.
@sakhshi25 8

@Anchun okay... no issues... but once i am done with my summers will get back to u... pls guide me at that time for sure..

what foreign language one should learn...to have an edge in hr field ?

  • Hmm....its always good to learn new language. There are c.... 25 Apr '15.
  • thnk u sir :smiley:. 25 Apr '15.
Anvesh Chunduri @Anchun 4,386

Hmm....its always good to learn new language. There are couple of globally recognized certifications ( world at work, CIPD etc) which will help you stand out if you would like to settle down internally. As per language, dont know how much of an advantage but you can look at spanish or German which are widely spoken languages besides english in europe

ShivanGi Gupta @shona07 10

thnk u sir

Hello everyone,

I have converted XLRI - HR and am waitlisted in their BM course at number 16. There's a good chance that the waitlist would clear. I have a work experience of 28 months with TCS. 

I am not clear which one should I pick. I have talked to a couple of seniors, friends etc. but the confusion still persists. To start with, it's because of no specific interest for me. I like analytics, and my role in tcs was in that domain. So, if I had to point to one domain I can see myself working in post mba, it would have to be this. 

People have been saying I would struggle with BM if I don't have a specific interest in my head and I should pick HR because of this. Also because BM job profiles are way more demanding than HR. But I have doubts regarding the growth and work of HR. If anyone could help me out a bit, I'd be very thankful.


  • @Budokai001 ..thats the case with most IIMs where you don.... 20 Apr '15.
  • Sigh, 7 years (this thread started on 29th Apr'08) and we.... 17 May '15.
Converts '14: XLRI (BM/HR), MDI (PGDM), SJMSOM-IITB, DMS-IITD, NMIMS (PGDM), New IIMs - Udaipur, Rohtak, Raipur, Trichy. 
Anvesh Chunduri @Anchun 4,386

@Budokai001 ..thats the case with most IIMs where you dont see many people taking HR as specialization and the subjects you would probably be taking are limited ( ex: Organizational Behaviour). But situation is not so simple when one takes HR as specialization ( can vouch for that )

Mahim Mongia @garfieldthecat 1,814

Sigh, 7 years (this thread started on 29th Apr'08) and we still hear statements like "Also because BM job profiles are way more demanding than HR"....well, partly because HR still struggles to prove its value and change its perception!

Nonetheless, as somebody mentioned above very aptly, "Around 70-80% people don't know what they are interested in when joining a B-School"....and I would add- not even after doing it....or for that matter years later when they have mid-life career crisis because they don't love what they do!

@ankurchachra  - I would seriously recommend you to take a step back and think about why you want to do an MBA, which specialization you want to take, how does your personality type matches with the career choices you are going to make now (industry, role, sector, specialization yada yada)....

Don't just jump into it because you got selected in a good B-School and it doesn't hurt shining on your CV....its high time you "choose" than "be chosen"

I know this "gyan" seems more appropriate for "Why MBA" thread than "Why HR" but its high time our habit of looking outward (read: job prospects) than looking inward (read: interests) for career should get balanced

As far as HR roles and career is concerned, in case you really choose it, it is a fulfilling, interesting career with multiple options and plenty of growth (read: money as well)- so don't worry about it!

what role does a HR play in training and development. EG : if i become an HR and want to work in this field then what skills will i develop in a period of lets say 7-8 years?

  • P.S : I have got a call from TISS.. and in reality i want.... 24 Feb '15.
@sakhshi25 8

P.S : I have got a call from TISS.. and in reality i want to do MBA Fin... the colleges I have applied for (finance) ,have their results pending... so i want to keep TISS as a bkp... but in TISS form they have asked me to fill in the reason for which I want to do HR... i donot have a solid reason.. plus all that i have done remotely related to this field is training colleagues at my workplace... can anyone pls suggest me how should i write a plausible answer to this qstn.. pls

Hi there!Can anybody shed some light on what strategic HRM is all about?

The only thing that can beat raw talent is pure hardwork 

Hi folks/seniors,

I am planning to join for MBA this year and was searching for the various specialisations i can take and make a mind about it .i had some specific queries

1) The most general answer one gets when asked shall I join hr or finance or operations, is that you should join which interests you :). As an IT guy working in the industry for almost 2 years I have very little idea what each domain offers.My only knowledge of hr is that they recruit people, they approve the appraisals etc. Can someone provide some insights into what an hr does in a corporate ??

Does it vary as the company , if yes then what is the difference between their roles.

Which are the job prospects in the short term and long term??

The main point in putting up this question is to get to know about the domain (as a person with zero knowledge, in layman terms ) and then decide if  this is what I want to do .

Please direct me to questions if this has already been answered.

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