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I am currently in third year pursuing BFM course. And I think it is high time that I should start planning about my higher studies. I was planning to do an MBA in Financial Management but what is the scope in this field?

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  • Hi Pritesh, Australian School of Business, UIBE Business.... 5d.
  • Thank you sir! I will have a look at them!. 5d.

Could you please suggest some colleges for an MBA in finance in Asia?


Hi Pritesh,

Australian School of Business, UIBE Business School in Beijing, S.P. Jain Global in Sydney, Dubai, Singapore then Institute of Finance and International Management, ISB are the one of well known colleges in Asia. You can research on these colleges and select the suitable one for you.

Rajiv Mestry

Education Consultant 


Thank you sir! I will have a look at them! 

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Maria Ramirez

Hey Puys I am an electrical engineer working in a steel plant for the past 1 year in maintenance department and have now got admission in TAPMI. I am interested in finance and want to take it up as my specialization in MBA. Please help me clear some of my doubts

1. I want an honest opinion on how is TAPMI for Finance and what are the roles offered in tier 2 B schools like TAPMI for finance Students.
2. Will doing CFA certification help during final placements ?? and is it possible to do CFA certification while doing MBA . I have heard the MBA rigor is too much so want a heads up on weather it is possible to do CFA while pursuing MBA
3. what are the other certifications which I can do to build my profile as I am from engineering Background
4. How difficult it is for Engineers to cope up with finance ??
5. During summer internship what are the roles offered ?? and is it possible for an engineer to do internship in a financial firm with just basic knowledge of finance gained during the first year of MBA

Puys please help me with this doubts and give me some advise about how to go about building my profile and successfully doing my MBA in finance.

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Small Puzzle ...

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Sophia Mehra
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Hi all,

Myself Sophia Mehra (CA, pursuing CPA)

Is anyone looking for some job opportunity in finance and accounts after MBA or CFA ..

if yes then my Fb page welcomes you in the world of new job openings ;

to join click the below link :

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  • what is the importance of CFA??? if i want to get into in.... 25 Jul.
Sophia Mehra
avishek desarkar @mbamadnessavi 6

what is the importance of CFA??? if i want to get into investment banking what profile is needed?? Currently i am doing MBA from Tapmi 1st year thank you

hello everyone please help me in this regard. I did engineering in 2013 , appeared CAT/XAT last year but did not do well so not have taken admission as I dream of getting into top 20s.. so I am basically joining job in the field of finance as my aim is to do mba in finance.. so here is a job offer I have got as a junior officer in operations role in ICICI bank. so the simple query is should I join it or should I join some coaching for cat 14... do this junior role job exp affect my chances to top mba colleges..(I am not talking about IIMs as my past acads are not super fine....was in the 70 houses till graduation)...please reply...please suggest.....and do you suggest me to do distance mba in this coming 3 years before doing my regular MBA to enhance my knowledge in the FINANCE field.....................please help....
  • thnx a lot for your suggestion... @vampgm. 08 Jun.
  • Go for the job and prepare for CAT. Workex will help you .... 16 May.

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Gautam Mahesh @vampgm 683
Go for the job and prepare for CAT. Workex will help you get shortlist in Service Ops and Banking shortlists in placements. AVOID distance MBA. Has no value as such. Also you can give CFA if you want to strengthen your chances for Fin roles..

Hi Puys,

I'm in a dilemma whether to choose between MBA in HR or Finance.

(I'm not considering the colleges that have taken me, for now, because I only want to know about the courses)

Back ground: Engineering + 1.5 years of experience in IT, Female, good in debate and similar extra curricular activities, good in numbers.. 10 th - 89, 12 th- 89, grad -79.. , enjoy being with people, slightly judgemental.. assertive and have the guts to take up issues head-on (as thats how i get noticed), yet reserved and definitely not the chatty/partying kind. No finance connection as of now, but determined, ofcos!

I want to know how the jobs are and what will be good for me. People with experience or knowledge please help me out...

1. Are HR consulting/recruitment jobs mean head-hunters?

2. Do Finance guys have to goo up the seniors for promotions? (gen opinion and zero skills at that)

3. How are promotions in the HR line?

4. Are the financial roles highly energy consuming that you don't have time fr other things in life?

5. What are job prospects abroad after doing MBA in HR in India.

  • Thanks @metallurgy .. :smiley:. 14 Apr.
  • Go for HR. There is severe talent crunch.. 14 Apr.

Hi, can some one please answer these few questions related to finance domain...

what's the difference between front-end, middle office and back-end roles?

How do they differ from one another? How will it impact at an individual level?

Are any special qualities/skills required for each (I reckon there will but if few points could be put?)

I'm interested in MBA finance. Lately I've been reading a lot on the same but I've not been able to get these quite clearly. As the placements also differ for each role kind, I was looking forward for insightful information....

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  • @plant.waters do IT guys have a chance to get into front .... 12 Apr.
  • I'm presuming you're talking about an I-Bank .Front end r.... 12 Apr.
It's Me versus Myself !!
Adolf Hitler @plant.waters 2.8 k
Talk to some seniors as well,front end roles with the kind of market we have now there are very few jobs and they are hotly contested. In Banks like Morgan Chase they take only IIT-IIM(A,B,C only) students barring may be a few exceptions here and there, let's hope the market improves in a few years time
Adolf Hitler @plant.waters 2.8 k
Hmm that depends entirely on you i guess. If you're interested in finance it's best to start learning about finance prior to entry , it's not mandatory but it would be easier for you i suppose. So, do IT people have a chance? most certainly they do. If you have an inclination towards finance no one's going to stop you.
Akshat Kedia @kedia501 71
@plant.waters do IT guys have a chance to get into front end roles or will they be pushed to back-end roles?
Adolf Hitler @plant.waters 2.8 k
I'm presuming you're talking about an I-Bank .Front end roles generally are M&A; roles or Trading roles or Sales roles or even helping Businesses raise capital.
Middle office roles are generally like internal control roles i.e capital structure of the firm,their strategy to generate profit etc.
Back end roles are generally tech roles or op roles for software support and op roles generally for checking trade data etc. (Ps- as told to me by my brother an options trader)
for more info refer to this

What is "Badia Finance"?

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  • nops :disappointed:. 01 Apr.
  • abhi tak jawaab nhi mila kya @shivam1298 ? . . . . .lolzz.... 29 Mar.
mil jae bas, chahe kuch hi mil jae :P
There is a common question in interviews: Why are you interested in the specialization of finance..?
How do we answer this question so that it demonstrates passion for finance and also be rational at the same time ? I am a 3rd year B.Com student who has cleared IPCC (CA intermediate)

why are all the finance related threads dead? has the world moved on to new threads? if yes, please post the link.

mil jae bas, chahe kuch hi mil jae :P

why are all the finance related threads dead? has the world moved on to new threads? if yes, please post the link.

mil jae bas, chahe kuch hi mil jae :P
NCFM? any good?

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  • @vampgm thanx for ur input. but how good are 1 NCFM and 1.... 08 Feb.
  • @shivam1298 recruiters at top colleges don't really value.... 08 Feb.
mil jae bas, chahe kuch hi mil jae :P
shivam agarawal @shivam1298 297
@vampgm @vishal.das i know it wont matter much during placements. m asking if it will help me getting into a B-school? would it help during PI?
Vishal R @vishal.das 11.3 k
@shivam1298 NCFM course are for your own devolpment/learning in finance area. dont just do NCFM for sake of placements..if you have NCFM it will be an added advantage..thats it
Gautam Mahesh @vampgm 683
@shivam1298 not very good enough..but it will depend on your college, peers and recruiting company.
shivam agarawal @shivam1298 297
@vampgm thanx for ur input. but how good are 1 NCFM and 1 NISM certificates to convince the interview panel in B-school admissions that i am serious for finance?
Gautam Mahesh @vampgm 683
@shivam1298 recruiters at top colleges don't really value NCFM much..unless you have multiple certifications from NCFM..
Even then, NCFM is largely overlooked..

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