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What's the reason behind that odd username???

for timepass....there are lots of usernames on PG which are really weird(like t2s or trep or names like sambar and all :: ) i guess there'll be some pretty interesting reasons behind them :: so what are they???and what is the significance...
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i think my case is the only one where the name is there to match the avatar.i was actually searching for a picture of monkey for my orkut profile the same day i heard of pg and registered.since it wouldnt allow me to use my own name.... i just thot wat the heck and used this pic, the only one saved on my desktop at that moment, and a matching username. my idea was i could change my username as frequently as orkut....but later i realised i cudn't. so the name stuck, and i can't change my avatar too:huh:


A close friend of mine uses this id on yahoo chat.:D The day I entered PG, I was chatting with him. I was not getting name, as my name is so common, that PG didn't allowed me. So, I kept this name...

Check my avtar.. 8 parallel strips of blue lines.. and the particular characteristic being followed in thickness of each of the strips.. any guesses.. ??

Yes you are right.. I code for Samuel J. Palmisano! The day i entered PG, i was working on a PC labeled IBM, which inspired me to think of something in blue..!


Well I guess the name says it all : In the name of the greatest ever !!!


my email id has got term toxic.i remember how i put toxic on my email id,one morning i saw the britany's toxic song nd in evening when i was trying to find a suitable id; idea of using toxic came in my mind nd i just used it.so when i was registering on PG i thought of using it again.one more reason was also there ;i hate when it appears that this username is not availiable.

At the time of registration into PG, i tried with 'buccaneer' (a pirate ) - one of my great friends gave it to me when we were playing 'describe me in 1 word' thing, but this was already 'occupied' on pg :-o.
So just looked at a few synonyms for it and struck with picaroon (sounds somewhat like the pokemon pikachu fan, well my younger brother is ;)).

picaroon - pirate who conquers the cat

BTW: the un-digitized name is 'Naval Gupta'

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my counter strike screen name in my b.tech days was 'misnomer'.
kind of mystic, u know. my name is a 'misnomer'!!


nice thread buddies...
just came across it today itself...
might be my user name is the most thakela one on this thread...

raghav is the name and 507 is the roll number i used to be enrolled under during my B Tech days...hence the name...:)

ppl many time ask me about the resemblance of the 507 to the famous 007 (Bond)...
but i m a lesser mortal yaar...


well i was in a hurry to shoot a few of my MBA entrance related queries...so just used my name as ma user id..later thought of changing it and going for something dramatic but never really managed to....


Hey !!
My name is Ankita. The reason why i chose on_a_mission as my PG username are:

1. As most of us here, I am on a mission to get into a reputed B school.;)
2. Apart from that, I am on a mission to interact and share gyaan with all the wonderful and amazingly amazing ppl here on PG which will definately make me a better person (there is always so much to learn so this is a lifelong one)

PG surely rocks !!


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