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What's the reason behind that odd username???

for timepass....there are lots of usernames on PG which are really weird(like t2s or trep or names like sambar and all :: ) i guess there'll be some pretty interesting reasons behind them :: so what are they???and what is the significance...
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ya true IT really sucks

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Very complicated funda, but I thought a lot about choosing this id - This was my 3rd or 4th id at pagalguy - Those days, we were allowed to change our ids in exchange for points. And I used to be totally jobless after a disastrous end to my IIM plans in 2004.

Hmm to tab se chali aa rahi hai ye bimaari.................and I thought its only now that Cloning at PG has become such a nuisance:neutral:
Guess Mahip has to dig pretty DEEP ROOTS


P.S. BTW my username...............hmmmmm:satisfie: .........coz I like IT:)
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Its not odd i guess.. but still purely because its my mail ID... nothing too fancy for me..

86 since i was dropped from the heavens in that year...
keep it short simple and seemingly stupid...

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There's more to life than jobs & colleges.. keep smiling :)

Eccentric---coz i have 6 pack abs!!!

001---I really dont know

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My username contains my name and my bday date.

well its to assure most of junta wish me on my bday :

I am using same user name for mails and messengers...it really works man

ppl do tend to wish u even if ur not much in contact

It makes ur bday much bigger and memorable :grab:

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kinda the same flow for me, as it was nikhil.

i created my yahoo ID in 97-98, and needless to say bharathraj or any simple combination of that was taken. the restless guy that i am, i just entered bharathraj1 and it accepted. even though i didnt like it, i was not prepared to try again.

and then came cat2004. i wanted to see some result thread in PG and they said to post u have to be member. i had seen somany forums before and in most of the cases the interest dies down within a couple of months, even weeks. i though PG wld be the same and hence opted for my yahoo id.

little did i know, i wld be here for over 2 years.
the thing i hate the most is when ppl address me as bharathraj1 :P
thats why offlate i have started writing my name at the end of every post


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Big fan of Ferrari and especially their logo the 'PRANCING HORSE'. Love the free spirited, aggressive image of a tiger running in the wild jungle.Both Ferrari's engine and the tiger signify something similar: loads of energy, power and speed.

I made up the combination of a nimble-footed tiger on a roll, on the run. So that's the reason PRANCING TIGER. It signifies the way I think...uninhibited.

In fact it's my nick on several other sites that I'm registered.

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i like jetli...and chinese kungfoo..nd jackie chan also

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My username is not *odd* but anyway I will explain the story behind it

My first acquaintance with internet as such was in early 1999 after I passed out of school, thanks to some adventurous friends who knew a lot After that once I accompanied my sister to a cybercafe once as she had to check some mails. I was bewildered and asked *Have you created your email account in this computer?* ??: She replied in negative. I asked then how can you check your mails on this computer :wow: She explained a bit to me, and I was fascinated. After that I became a interenet addict of sort and then followed the regular stuff - creating mail ids, ASL type chatting etc Then I started registering in some contest sites, game sites which promised loads of freebies. The first such site I registered was *hungama(dot)com* I tried loads of cool combinations with my names, but all seemed to be already taken. Frustrated I decided to just type in my entire name. I did that and pressed enter. Lo I was registered! But that site had a restriction of maximum 10 characters So*nikhilkulkarni* became *nikhilkulk* I sort of liked that id and decided to use it in all the *fun* sites

I visited PG in July 2005. PG was the first forum I had ever visited in my life. I had no clue how forums work. Everything was new to me. I was bewildered. I stumbled upon http://www.pagalguy.com/discussions/cat-2005-pune-25006591
accidently. I said hey this looks cool for my CAT preps. So decided to register and used the same id. Never in my wildest dreams I had thought that I would be associated with this place for so long. So treated it as a *fun* site and hence used the *nikhilkulk* id. As naive as I was check out my first post:

After that didn't check the site for 3-4 months. Visited it just before CAT 2005. Saw a few interesting threads and since then not a single day must have passed when I have not logged into PG except a few vacations

If I had known that PG would be a part of my daily life and I would be a moderator of this place back then I definitely would have chosen a more cool id :p

Edit: Not sure it was the first post but definitely among the first 2 or 3


Hmm....Here goes...

Seizonsha is japanese for "Survivor". The legend is that Seizonsha is the sole survivor of his clan and protects his ancestors against enemies. Later, when all have been killed, he protects himself...blah blah...
Basically, I fell in love with this legend when I was in middle school...thats when I had read about this..
Somehow, back then I associated myself with this legend and drew similarities with my own ancestors

Not just that..It sounds cool right?
And...my favourite song is "The Eye of the Tiger"...composed by the band called "the survivors", this was part of the Rocky series of movies...:)
I love this "underdog" becomes informidable and infallible idea

Excited about most banks including but not limited to riverbanks.

Well, the story starts from the day when I was in my X standard

It was the day when my english teacher was checking my paper. There was a question to write an application to the editor of the local newspaper highlighting the problems faced by residents due to an open gutter

Can't remember what I wrote exactly, but could remember very well that once Nishu ma'am (that's my teacher) went through it, she was all burning with rage and anger. Promptly she replied:


And today is the day, when my job profile includes content editing and proofreading to check, if there are any ambiguities/grammatical/spelling mistakes in the books and papers.

Nishu mam, if you are reading this post, I wanna thank you for all those kicks. Perhaps, that was the source of motivation that I am here, and was able to sail through horrible english of CAT-2006:wow: Soon I would walk down the corridors of IIM-Lucknow, thinking about you and your aforementioned words, which would remain into my mind foreva...


hey all.....

well...my username seems to be strangest.....or at least one of the strangest....

many ppl might think it sounds more like a password rather than username....

but i chose this without giving much thought....

k is starting letter of my name....zx is 'justlikethat' ....z & x are adjacent on keyboard...its as simple & weird as that.:satisfie: ....8 is my fave no & A stands for iimA....though its a terrible misfit.... :neutral:

PS:: i wanna change my username....to smthng more comprehensible....??:
i dont think we can change our usernames....can we??

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my username isnt odd;)....
basically everywhere my username is my name, never my e mail id...
but on pg it was already occupied...
so somehow just an extension of my name and lil of myself is my username here....;)
may be i could have got a better name but once u get a name u cant change..!:)

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mah id cums frm mah name.... neetu sidana.... so i cut short mi srnm and made it neetusid....
to clear loads of confusions....... its NOT neetu's id........... :D

although that sounds pretty kewl too!


oye balle balle. .

thread is sticky now! thanks

actually i should've posted here on the first day of my reg.
(or have i already done it? dont remember ... )

disagree with profootball, i 've different usernames on different sites e.g. in some guitar related forum my name is feeswasted
coz i joined guitar classes three times and wasted the fees

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