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What PaGaLGuY.com means to you! Contest Over - The thread lives on...

Ok... we are 1,00,000 :: That calls for some celebration and lot of feedback and more crazier things. So this is how the contest goes, 1> You have to tell us, "*What PaGaLGuY.com means to you and how it has made a difference in your ...
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PagalGuy is a smoking joint which doesn't even gets me cancer, yet gives me a kick. Love this forum and whosoever was the brainchild behind it. Great job

SOIL India

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The MBA guy  

To start of with, Wanted to post here on some special occasion & here it is. :grin:

This May 2012 i completed 7 years in PG, Today i completed 2000 post in PG and this is my 2001 post

It all started with some discussion in some yahoo group and a BMS forum through which i got to know about Pagalguy.com. Initially coming to PG was just like coming to yet another online forum... however as time passed, I never knew when it got an integral part of my life.

Now PG means an another Room in my home... its like a look into PG makes a day complete.

Long live PG... long live insanity...

No. of countries in the world r more than d no. of yrs in life,so travel as many places as u can !!!
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As i almost complete 2.5 years of my life@Pagalguy , i thought of sharing a few things here .. For me pagalguy helps me do my part in helping the society at large .. It gives me the freedom to help others from my convenience , it makes me feel empowered when people PM me or ask for my opinion for the most important decisions of their lives .. It gives me immense satisfaction when people come back say that they are happy in their lives now and i feel proud that i contributed a little in making their lives better

For me it has been a place to learn and share what i know and not necessarily for just making friends.. .. I have interacted with a lot of talented , learned and experienced people which is like gold for me ..

I have been a complaining/suggesting user on this forum, i may be right or wrong .. But i come out with these things because i want this community to evolve , for this website to evolve ... As i want to see it doing a lot more in helping people than whats being done right now .. But frankly speaking PG has always shown that there is room for ideas be it from anyone ..

Thanks again for this opportunity ..

Co-Founder, CareerAnna.com 
puri.pallavi Says
PG is home.

Same As Above
Dream on. Dreams  do come true. :) 

Pagalguy.com was just another website that I used to browse on the father's computer in 2005. I opened silly threads that rmbt closed heartlessly.
I didnt not log in for sometime after my beloved thread on CAT score rants was abruptly closed :D
However I did get into IBS Hyderabad and started posting more often. The first friend I made here was Saurav Goyal then came Haresh then Rohit, Richa, Diablo, Gabru, Ankur, Varun, Allwin, Utsav, Sumit, Adi, Kalika, Ajay, Kinjal, Vyom, Shruti, Tarun etc etc etc... Sooo many people I interacted with, so many meets I went to, so many threads I closed and opened..

After the posts edited, deleted, confusions resolved/un resolved and posters banned, I made a place for myself here. Not only it was of importance but also it was closest to my heart.

The only break I took from PG was for my wedding :cheers:
Parthiv was amazed to know that I have not logged onto PG for almost 7-8 months now.
Sometimes the association with something/some people becomes so strong that you dont wish to let contacts fall apart.
PG has always been forgiving when it comes to users like me

PG is home.

My old signature does not fit here :(

post MBA i would like to run franchise of it catering to weaker section of society who are not financially strong!!!


my new abode:)

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When it comes to dreams, one may falter, but only way to fail is to abandon them

My Most part of the day is spent on PaGaLGuY!!

I would define PaGaLGuY as IIM (Infinite Information on Management)

SPJIMR PGDM Finance Class of 2014 | CAT'11 - 99.04%le | http://www.pagalguy.com/forums/life-at-b-schools/bschool-student-profiles-t-1090/p-15377/r-3591991

My better half these days!

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{We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act but a habit.}

well from other post grads point of view so much information is channeled in this site and this site makes mba so meaningful and to be honest so much counselling has been achieved through this site..


The tale goes 3 years back when a guy from some not much known engineering college aspired to be a part of one of India's best business schools. I remember starting my preparation with myriad questions related to strategy, curriculum, business schools and almost everything you can think of. One find day when i googled the words "CAT preparation strategy" out of the first few searches was the option saying Pagalguy.com which did sounded funny to me and invoked my interest to visit it at least for once. What I didn't know at that time was I was gonna open a treasure chest filled with infinite knowledge.

And it has been since then pagalguy has always paved a way for all the decisions I took about my career. Being it preparing for CAT to shifting and preparing for GMAT and even up to the extent of giving CFA.

PaGaLGuy and the moderators have played a crucial role shaping my individuality.


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Well it has been the major resource of usefulful information.

We get all sort of trash on MBA on the net,

Pagalguy is something core to the point.

Helped a lot and had I joined it earlier it would have improved a lot.

Still it helped me and I am thankful to it.

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I know it's been close to two years since this thread was last posted on , but I think this exemplifies what I feel about PG:


And it's a little less sentimental than some of the other posts here. Sorry for the shamless blog promotion, though!


dude,the text is not visible coz of the wooden textured background...just had to highlight the whole text to read it...nice one though :)...guess it is because of such emotions PG is what it is.
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Whenever i feel my thought process is really strong, and a touch quixotic I can pen down a few lines. These go to PG and every one of you.

The joy,the pride,the happiness the pain
It is all here,Pagalguy is the name.

From frustration,loneliness,darkness and dearth of all that's stimulating and pure,
Gyan was what I found here,with lots others,we shared the high,shared the cure.

When the mock scores said,Nay,cant be done,you are doomed,
Someone was here,just to push,say,no,you can't give up soon.

The nights and the days went,with lots of Shouts,Thanks and Groans,
What remained,was the spirit to help,as I realized I was not all alone.

A journey for "just information" protracted into a friendship unconditional,
Met quite a few,with brains and hearts equally insane,equally surreal.

Now its not just another forum,it is a way of life,my routine,
With virtual faces coming to life in the meets,yes We are a TEAM.

A few lines is all it takes,and I have said it all in Bold,
But then there is a lot,which is better,left unsaid,untold.


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