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hi all... coming back to pagalguy after a long time.. i have a small interest in improving my vocab always...and keep searching the net for stuff that can be useful and innovative.. have tried locating the perfect thread which highligh...
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i came across a blog called comic vocabulary something....google it....it has a lot of mnemonics..i found it useful....v can take words frm there...some mnemonics are pretty funny.....


no enthusiasm for vocabulary..

let us try to make this space active and vibrant..

5 mnemonics for today:
prudent: prudent president

(Sensible and careful when you make judgments and decisions.)

laconic: lack a tonic in speech

(Using or marked by the use of few words; terse or concise.)

venerable: honorable

(Commanding respect because of great age or impressive dignity)

wistful: wishful
(full of wishful thinking)

termagant: malignant aunt
(a violent, turbulent, or brawling woman.)

mnemonics picked from wordpandit. com and mnemonic dictionary

hi puys..

any new vocab resources to share here?
and any new vocab books that are avl. in the market and can be used?
two books that i have used and gained from:
1. word power made easy (obvious one)
2. six weeks to words of power by wilfred funk (this one is nice and compact, around 500 words)

two website that i use:
1. Wordpandit (www.wordpandit.com)
2. Mnemonic Dictionary

Have not used any apps, have you used any apps? anyone with any awesome app recommendations??
  • all abt words. 20 Jul '13.

New words of the day

SCOTCH- mujhe scotch peene se mat scotch kar!
#to stop some event or spoil it.
SALACIOUS- my saala is watching salacious movies
#related to sex
LICENTIOUS-tumhe to license mil gaya hai licentious hone ka !
#unrestrained in terms of sex.( basically it is similar to salacious)

Will be back with new words tomorrow. In this way we can learn atleast 500-600 words till CAT.

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  • Exactly bro! If u guys want I can post more words everyda.... 23 May '13.
  • good work tushar..lets keep this going and post as many m.... 23 May '13.
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Tushar Saluja @tusharsaluja 45
Exactly bro! If u guys want I can post more words everyday. Just tell me the number. And thank you
Prashant Chadha @smartppc 394
good work tushar..lets keep this going and post as many mnemonics as we can..:) and others should join in as well

some new mnemonics:

termagant: malignant aunt

a violent, turbulent, or brawling woman.

tenable: Ten-Able , ten people able to understand something so it has to be logical and is capable of being maintained in argument;

underwrite: write under the contract, sign the contract

to show agreement with or to support by or as if by signingone's name to, as a statement or decision.

source: wordpandit.com

Some words from my side:

SABBATICAL: sab-baate-kal, i have to complete my work today.
#going on a voluntary holiday
SAGACIOUS: saag khaane vale !
#wise and canny person
THWART: is art exhibition ko mat roko!
#to put a halt to something.

  • nice word tushar. 23 May '13.
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Some mnemonics from my side :

Verbiage : (verb ka garbage) : Profusion of words usually of little or obscure content.

Futile : (Phat gayi MISSILE, sab ho gaya WASTE sab ho gaya FUTILE) : Completely useless

Perpetuate : (DURACELL - lasts long really long) : Prolong the existence of something

Frugal : (FREE vich no gallan) : Economical in expenditure

  • @raghavsimply thanks bro !!!. 19 May '13.
  • Nice initiative :cheers:. 17 May '13.
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Awesome news Puys !! Now you can upload your own vocab meme on website.

Daily Vocabulary for CAT, GRE, SAT Word List | Where meme teach Word Power

If you think you are creative, then go forward and upload your own Vocab Meme.

One it get approved by Admin, it will be posted on dailyvocab.com featuring your name.

Just another fun way to remember words.. your ultimate vocab source dailyvocab.com

login on to dailyvocab.com

I will be posting vocab meme on daily basis...

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