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hi all... coming back to pagalguy after a long time.. i have a small interest in improving my vocab always...and keep searching the net for stuff that can be useful and innovative.. have tried locating the perfect thread which highligh...
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I found one interesting free and stable android app to learn and improve english vocab.


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  • mel*lif*lu*ous adjective 1.sweetly or smoothly flowing;.... 06 Sep '13.
  • how the word Mellifluous is related to the image ?? Very .... 06 Sep '13.
Anshul Garg @Ansh_Ansh 123



1.sweetly or smoothly flowing; sweet-sounding: a mellifluous voice; mellifluous tones.

2.flowing with honey; sweetened with or as if with honey.

Vineet Tirpude @vineetthejoker 1
how the word Mellifluous is related to the image ?? Very absurd
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try this awesome source...


Word root: misien

Effectively, 'misien/miso' is the root for hatred and words based on this root in some way or the other signify this sentiment. Let's have a look at a few of these words:

1. Misogyny: Hatred of women (Gyny stands for women, remember what a gynaecologist does).2. Misandry: A hatred of a man or of men in general; especially by women (can you figure out what andry would stand for).3. Misanthrope: Someone who has a hatred or distrust of all people (mankind).

source: wordpandit /word power made easy

Using roots to learn words:


Word Origin:The word dolorous comes from the Latin root 'doloro-, dolor-, dolori- , dol- +', meaning 'to feel pain, to grieve; sorrow, grief, mourning'.

There are a number of other interesting words that are derived from this source. One of those is the Latin phrase'Via Dolorosa'. This phrase means 'the road of sadness' and has Biblical origins. The road referred to here is the one followed by Jesus on the way to His crucifixion.

Another interesting word that comes from the same root is 'indolence'. This implies a dislike for work and physical action. An indolent person is basically a lazy one. The question is how is indolent related to dolorous? Indolent comes from the Latin indolentia which means “freedom from pain”. This is a further combination of two Latin roots: in, (meaning “not”) + dolere, (meaning “to suffer pain”). Hence, indolence is basically not suffering from any pain, and how do you do so: by not working, the perfect solution in a way. No work, no pain for the body to go through.

source: wordpandit

how many of you use word roots for learning words? i just love this method

  • one can't remember words without going to the heart of ma.... 15 Aug '13.
Krishan Swami @krishans 228
one can't remember words without going to the heart of matter or thru some silly bt effective mnemonics unless his native lang is english.. powerful m3d of learning..

Alcove : a small recess opening off a larger room, bay

Mnemonics :: alcove ~ a cave; reminds us of a cave which has a small opening.

Agape : Wide open, in a state of wonder and amazement

Mnemonics :: Agape ~ a + gap; an opened mouth has gap between lips and hence agape
.: Pain is Temporary, Pride is Forever  :.

Animadversion : (a critical remark or a criticism) ::

Honey! - mad – version.. sounds like a wife commenting about a version of something her husband had made.

Apropos : (With regarding to, regarding) ::

Apropos sounds like "Propose"

When is the right time to propose to a Girl/Boy you love? Hence apropos is an opportune moment or right moment/time...
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.: Pain is Temporary, Pride is Forever  :.


Its the most innovative way of learning words online

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  • its great......words get engraved in our mind forever.... 17 Aug '13.
  • nice attempt. 07 Aug '13.
raashi hasteer @rash08 17
its great......words get engraved in our mind forever...
Prashant @smartppc 392
nice attempt

Hi guys

I am searching for an online tool that can help me improve my vocab. Something like, I can read a novel online and I get to see the meanings of difficult words on the same page. The reason that I badly need this tool is, when I try to read a novel, article and I am faced with words which I dont understand I am required to go to google and search them. Many times I get drifted to facebook, twitter etc. This affects my preparation very badly. I know Its my bad that I get drifted but still If there is some site which provides this feature, it would be worth looking for.



  • made easy n1. 10 Aug '13.
  • Word power made easy by norman lewis. 10 Aug '13.
.: Pain is Temporary, Pride is Forever  :.

i came across a blog called comic vocabulary something....google it....it has a lot of mnemonics..i found it useful....v can take words frm there...some mnemonics are pretty funny.....


no enthusiasm for vocabulary..

let us try to make this space active and vibrant..

5 mnemonics for today:
prudent: prudent president

(Sensible and careful when you make judgments and decisions.)

laconic: lack a tonic in speech

(Using or marked by the use of few words; terse or concise.)

venerable: honorable

(Commanding respect because of great age or impressive dignity)

wistful: wishful
(full of wishful thinking)

termagant: malignant aunt
(a violent, turbulent, or brawling woman.)

mnemonics picked from wordpandit. com and mnemonic dictionary

hi puys..

any new vocab resources to share here?
and any new vocab books that are avl. in the market and can be used?
two books that i have used and gained from:
1. word power made easy (obvious one)
2. six weeks to words of power by wilfred funk (this one is nice and compact, around 500 words)

two website that i use:
1. Wordpandit (www.wordpandit.com)
2. Mnemonic Dictionary

Have not used any apps, have you used any apps? anyone with any awesome app recommendations??
  • all abt words. 20 Jul '13.

New words of the day

SCOTCH- mujhe scotch peene se mat scotch kar!
#to stop some event or spoil it.
SALACIOUS- my saala is watching salacious movies
#related to sex
LICENTIOUS-tumhe to license mil gaya hai licentious hone ka !
#unrestrained in terms of sex.( basically it is similar to salacious)

Will be back with new words tomorrow. In this way we can learn atleast 500-600 words till CAT.

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  • Exactly bro! If u guys want I can post more words everyda.... 23 May '13.
  • good work tushar..lets keep this going and post as many m.... 23 May '13.
I am getting what i want. 
tushar saluja @tusharsaluja 36
Exactly bro! If u guys want I can post more words everyday. Just tell me the number. And thank you
Prashant @smartppc 392
good work tushar..lets keep this going and post as many mnemonics as we can..:) and others should join in as well

some new mnemonics:

termagant: malignant aunt

a violent, turbulent, or brawling woman.

tenable: Ten-Able , ten people able to understand something so it has to be logical and is capable of being maintained in argument;

underwrite: write under the contract, sign the contract

to show agreement with or to support by or as if by signingone's name to, as a statement or decision.

source: wordpandit.com

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