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VJIM Admissions 2015-17

We are glad to announce another season of admissions at VJIM Hyderabad for the batch 2015-2017.This thread has been created with a purpose of sharing the admission news. We are here to address your queries and questions about admissions 2015-2017....

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Hi,I got offer letter from VJIM and I am willing to join.But I have an issue here and that is, I already have the latest configuration laptop and i am not at all interested in maintaining one more, so will i get a concession instead of the laptop that you are providing.

  • Raghu Congrats for getting the offer. The laptop is provi.... 15 Mar '14.
Vignana Jyothi Institute of Management @vjimhyd 358

Raghu Congrats for getting the offer. The laptop is provided complimentary hence there is no fee deduction for the same.

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