University of Maryland- Robert H smith School of Business fall 2012 applicants

Hi, I could not locate any threads for the fall 2012 UMD applicants. If there is one can anyone pls send me the link. Any applicants who have applied in round one? :banghead:
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Hello everyone... I am Anand G Nair..I have an admit at Smiths for the Fall 2013 Program.

I would like to meet up all u guys who plan to join Smith's for the Fall Program.

My Mob is 08050286245.

Email: anandgnair85@gmailer


Lets get to know each other before we set sail..:-)

Am at Bangalore..So guys around here..pls ping in..we shall meet up.

  • 10th --> 85.69% was 1st in school with technical subjects.. 23 May '13.
  • Hello Anand..I am Dushyant from Vadodara Gujarat. My acad.... 23 May '13.
dushyant vazarkar @dushyantv 6
10th --> 85.69% was 1st in school with technical subjects.
dushyant vazarkar @dushyantv 6
Hello Anand..I am Dushyant from Vadodara Gujarat. My academics are :-

Hi Guys,
Good to see so many people active on Smiths thread!!!

I am Punit, and I have got admit to Smit Full time MBA...
690 Gmat, 2.5 yrs Experience in TCS (Male Engineer IT!!, exactly the type unwanted in INDIA!!!!:biggrin::biggrin:)

Anyways, so guys how may of you are thinking of joining... i read few negative reviews especially by umdmba... common his username is umdmba!!!
seems his purpose on PG is just to swear UMD!!! (just guessing...)

Finally, one thing that bothers me really is.... huge international student presence.. and its location in federal capital..
If any of you have any perspective about this... it would be helpful!!!!!!

Hi All,

I got an admit with scholarship+GA.

Kindly update the following excel sheet for Fall 2012 applicants to keep things in perspective.;=0Aq2s_dwUcinldEFBYnpWUlg0d2EzSW9CQ205RjlHdVE#gid=0


think this "umdmba" guy is just making noise for the sake of it ... we all will have only one MBA degree, and only once chance at life as well , there is no room for regrets .... we have to make our decisions with the information at hand and then work hard to make it work.
Just getting an MBA wont be the end of life or hard work for us. we have to keep working hard to prove that we made the right decision.

Another thing, specially goes out to "umdmba" .... dude , mba is not about sitting back and waiting to be served , be proactive , and that said , try positive for once, i have had the chance to talk to many Indian students till now and most of them have a high opinion of smith.

Another thing I would like to bring to everyone's attention is that by spreading negative rumors about a good school , maybe this guy just wants to discourage others from accepting the admission and secure a seat himself.

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Everyone, firstly umdmba is not a UMD Student. He is just a prospective student who visited the school. Just putting it out there so that you know how much weight to put on his opinion.

a. Do you even know what you're saying, you're accusing the school of systematic racism based on a few hours you spent at the school. And it's just ridiculous that you 'saw' preferential treatment meted out to 'Caucasian' students in a matter of a few hours!? Again, do you even know what you're saying.

b. Please do not feel sorry for the 'current students'. A majority of us already have jobs 2 months before we graduate with average salaries upwards of $100,000. And I am talking about the very same Indian students who you think are being racially discriminated against, and for who you felt sorry for. And trust me, the $100k number is a conservative estimate, it is probably higher but I just don't want to over estimate so playing it safe.

2012 FT MBA International Students have full-time offers from: Deloitte, Constellation Energy, Microsoft, Advisory Board Company, Discover Financial Services, Cummins,, Cognizant, Liquidity Services and others. And a good number of these have come from on-campus placement.

c. In one of your previous posts you mentioned that the Smith MBA faculty is average. That is close to the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. This is my first (and only) MBA so I obviously cannot compare the faculty at Smith with that at other schools, but the amount of knowledge that the faculty at Smith brings to the class at Smith is just mind boggling. I know this because I have been studying here for the past year and half. The lectures are super engaging and the faculty is always (ALWAYS!) ready to help you out. Of course, each individual has their favorite instructors and obviously some who they like less but, I haven't seen one smith student complain about the faculty in general, ever.

d. I am not sure if you're referring to my previous post (you probably are!), but I never asked you for an apology. I just asked you to support your claims by data and evidence and not just state your opinion. Was that asking for too much? And last, but not the least, I don't it is worthy of my time to respond to your 'educative' remarks if you cannot make well reasoned arguments.

Thanks, but no thanks!

PS for everyone else: If you have any questions, I have another second year - Shashank, who is willing to help. Please IM me and we can set up a time and maybe have a skype conference. We may not be able to get back to you immediately but will try to be prompt. And in your message, please include your email address.

If you want to (and you should) speak with other students at the school, here's a list of people who'd be willing to answer your questions:
The Smith MBA - Ambassadors

Just trying to make people aware of the situation there.
When I visited the campus I saw the preferential treatment meted out to Caucasian students. The career services consists of Caucasians who dislike Indian students as per my interactions. Also one of the current Caucasian 'scholarship/fellowship' recipient has made derogatory comments about Indian students in public. I felt sorry for the current students at the school. Very talented but unfortunately ended up at the wrong school. Also the school doesnt seem to care about international students. They just admit them so that the US citizen student's MBA experience is enriched. They admit international students so as to get a better MBA ranking based on the international component of students. I wanted to educate prospective students about the issues the school has as I am a proud Indian and believe in the 21st century we should not face discrimination! I do not want to apologize to anyone on the forum for being a proud Indian and trying to educate prospective students about what they are getting into.

signing out soon

Hey Guys ,

I know i am late in joining the thread. Hi to everyone as some of us are gonna be future class mates.
I also got an Admit from R.H.Smith and a G.A. + tuition remission + Schol .
The G.A. is for first year but is most likely to be repeated for the second year. all those who have got G.A. can assume that 80% of their living expenses will be covered by the G.A.
Smith is a very good business school and is highly respected in the U.S. There are always some pros and cons with every school. Through my interactions with the Adcom and current students i have found that it is one of the most welcoming schools for the international students, but the international students doesnt mean only INDIANS! lol .... they have students from almost 15 countries.... think about that.

My profile is
GMAT 730
work Ex TOTAL 3 years ( 2 years with MNC IT consulting company , rest with MNC business analytics and Intellectual property research.)

I have also got an Admit from Rotman, but no scholarship and it seems , even though they are offering to get me full tuition loan, it will be a lot of pressure for me to bear a debt of approx 50 Lacks at least, right out of MBA. So for now my choice is Smith.

best Regards and goodluck everyone !

Have not applied to Smith and most probably joining another program, but Just out of curiosity, is the total scholarship amounts to full tuition waiver + living stipend? wont you need to shell out anything at all? TIA and ATB

Buddy, would you care to elaborate why and how accepting Smith has been a decision that you have come to 'rue'. If you are unwilling to identify yourself on a public forum by creating an anonymous account, at least post some data to support your claim. And please also help me and everyone else understand how this is 'common sense' because most people at Smith do not share the same opinion.

I am sure (from my ID) you know who I am. There's only one Karan in the Smith MBA class at the moment. So, if you'd like to talk offline - hit me up!

I think if you choose Smith for your MBA you may end up ruing the choice for the rest of your life. You guys still have time to back out.
Hope common sense prevails!
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amuupg Says
Hey buddy ...why are you spreading negative sentiments about UMd Smith MBA, every one has their own perceptions ....

Hi there. This isn't a UMD Smith fanboi club right? I feel everyone is entitled to his/her opinions and experiences.
Every school has its fair share of disappointed students because they didn't get what they expected. I think it's very important to listen to their experiences and see if these same factors and triggers affect us as well. That said, no school can cater to / agree with everybody's appetite, so we should take informed decisions.

Only prob is that since PG is an anonymous forum, we can't know whether UMD MBA is genuine or simply trolling...:(

FT MBA (2013-14), Melbourne Business School

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