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UBC, Sauder MBA Fall 2012 Applicants and Admits

Hi All, Initiating this thread for all those applying/admitted to the Sauder School of Business, UBC for the Fall 2012 FT MBA program. I have an admit from UBC Fall 2012 . Please come and join the discussion.
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Hi All ,
I got admit to the FT program on 18th june. Now iam rushing to collect all the documents for Visa .Anyone from Mumbai who is also in same position .and one main question is IELTS absolutely important for candian Visa ? as it has been reported in checklist as "Strongly Recommended " . Also is anyone of you apllying for Visa thru VFS Global Sevices ?

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Hi guys,

I got admit to Sauder MBA program. I was on wait list and got offer on yesterday only. I have already accepted an offer from university of Missouri and got my US visa stamped. Now I am in great confusion and could not decide for which school I should go.
Guys please help me with your expert advice..!!!

I am interested in a career in consulting. No Scholarship from any of school..

AngelusXIF Says
Just got off the wait list and offered admission for aug 2012! Anyone going admitted from bangalore?

Hi AngelusXIF, I too got admit to MBA Fall 2012 yesterday. Are you planning to join the program?

Moonbutt, I tried PG-mailing you but somehow PG-mailing does not seem to work for me, so I'll ask my questions right here (others too, please feel free to chip in) -

I have some doubts regarding applying for the visa -

As students, we just need to apply for the study permit (University) correct?

We don't really need to do anything extra or produce any other document other than in the university checklist, correct?

The temporary resident visa gets added to the passport when we send our stuff in for the study permit, right? Do we need to add anything extra (certificate/doc etc) to our package to get the temporary resident visa?

Did you apply at Chandigarh or Delhi? Which one's faster?


Adding more to it, for those who have yet to apply for VISA.

As in the University VISA checklist , they asked to attach IELTS score and it is marked highly recommended.
I share with you how I handled this without IELTS.

1. Ask for a letter from Sauder Adcomm team by dropping a mail to . Dont just wait for reply , call them in morning 10-11 PST and ask them to send required letter. Believe me , you will get pdf attached in next hour.

2. Dont forget to attach your GMAT score.

3. Third attach a page of explanation about your IELTS waiver. Tell them as "Applicant has strong hold on English language which can be concluded from following points" Tell them your GMAT verbal and AWA score. Tell them about your interview. Also tell them that you are working in a company where business language is English and you deal with foreign clients daily.

In my case just be on safer side , I booked my IELTS exam also, but I applied without IELTS. So got my VISA 1 week ago. Today Got my IELTS score = 8 :)
Which is not needed now , anyway.

Good luck , see you all in Vancouver.

@Gaurav and the rest of the people applying for VISAS. Just wanted to give you guys a heads up regarding the IELTS requirement. Over the weekend, Two people reported on the facebook forum that their VISA applications were rejected by the Consulate even with the letter from the college stating the IELTS Waiver. However still others reported that the letter was sufficient for them. So the consensus is that it appears to depends on the VISA officer who is handling your case.
One person who's application was denied stated that he wrote a letter to the Consulate indicating that he had Taken the GMAT exam, and that seemed to work for him,
My suggestion at this point since your on a time crunch, would be to book your date for the TOFEL or IELTS (remember that these are very simple exams, and if you scored fair on the GMAT then this should be a breeze for you),
Go ahead and apply for the VISA with the IELTS waiver letter, and if they insist for the IELTS scores, then you will be ready to take the test,
Just my thoughts.


Just got off the wait list and offered admission for aug 2012! Anyone going admitted from bangalore?

And just one copy of your official transcripts to be sent.

skinnybob Says
Just an FYI, if you need it Sauder is on PST -Pacific standard time

Just an FYI, if you need it Sauder is on PST -Pacific standard time

@gaurav: your interview will be Canadian time. Check any site on the net for the time difference.

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Hey anyone on the wait list who has heard back from the college?

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