The XLRI Alumni Thread - XMEN 2(005) Released this is a small sized view the FULL size banner...or for fellow XLers to d/'s the link.. * friends, romans and my fell...
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hey XL junta....
here's a lil contribution from me side...
an XL banner in flash...

modelled on matrix...the reasoning being that...

"You must realize that there is no B-School"

ok, looks like me brains got fried after all d hard work put in creating da banner... :grin:

any comments? non-XL ppl can also post (xman graciously gives permission )

Hey Capri,

R the waiting lists out ? when will the lists be finalized ? Hope to see u @ XL

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Hey xman ,
Thanx for ur concern man. If u remember I was the one among others who asked you to check out ur result again on . Nice to see that u r still thinking abt it even after ur admission is confirmed .

Your head seems to be still over ur shoulders unlike those of a few other guys. (Come on guys getting admission in a good B-School is not everything we can ask for in life ... its just one of the good things that can happen/ has happened to us... So hold ur head tight!)

(Makes sense ? No? Leave it.)

Anyways ... I am among those waitlisted and hope to make it in the second list.

Hope to meet u in XL!

well dude -- if u hv already got admitted why check in again ? and the new results must be for the waitlisted guys - so none of the confirmed guys hv anything to worry abt -
till we get to hear from the waitlisted guys ......

hey w/listed ppl,
the site is acting very funny....

some w/listed guys from here and elsewhere(on the forums too) asked me to check my result on the site....
i was surprised coz it says i dint make it to the course(!)...
ofcourse, i called the admissions office @ jamshedpur....confirmed admission....

looks like the database is in some intermediate stage of updation....
but the w/listers are probably getting worked up..(some that i've spoken to at HYD here have given up hope and all that).....

so, this is just a ray of hope....i spose the database is getting worked on right now...and the actual results might be up by tomorrow or the day after....

all the best for you ppl....

BTW, are there any w/listers at this place..or am i talkin to thin air??? (been advised against dat by me shrink )

PS: if any w/lister has got a positive from the site, do post here....coz dat wud signify the proper state of the database...or so i am thinking :shock:

any1 out there?

As usual I forgot to set the permissions for this forum and thats why we can see the guest post above. Its been set now and only registered users can post in the forum.

Sorry for the goofup guys.

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Hi all XLers and wannabes,

chek this out ...


Though I wud hv preferred not to lean on name-tags - I guess the avatar is the best way out - till we get our institute email-ids

PS: the idea of this post was to see the changed look of my avatar --
this is a small sized view the FULL size banner...or for fellow XLers to d/'s the link..

friends, romans and my fellow Indian XLers....
post your raves, rants(hope there aren't too many of those ) and whatever else...

PS: Beat the rest of the alumni to starting a thread of their own B-Schools... :grin:

PPS: All d best for the WaitListers...hope u make it

EDIT: My go at an XL it?

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