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The PG Guide to English - All kind of questions on VA

Hey folks. 3 weeks to CAT.. VA/RC your bugbear? Ask any VA related query here... I will do my *best* to answer them I am jobless as it is :) Shrutz _Edit 1:_ No questions like what is the superlative adjunct to the simple future th...
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The Police __ (is/are) Questioning the Criminals.

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Hi guyz..i am just starting my prep for CAT..please guide me how to go forward with the prep for English Section...???My initial level could be considered as average..

  • hi to suggest you with a good strategy, start reading new.... 13 Feb '14.
Mohammed Asif M @anishomasif 3
hi to suggest you with a good strategy, start reading newspapers everyday and increase your reading skills as much as possible, reading skills includes how fast you read and how well you analyse the same..
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Hi Puys,

I took CAT 2013 and scored 75perc. I am targeting CAT2014. I always thought that my english is fairly good but somehow I see that its not converting into good scores. I got close to 80 percentile in VA this year. Any suggestions on improving VA scores.
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  • @swetank Apart from editorial can you please share some o.... 06 Jul '14.
  • @Yatin68 www.aldaily.com. 08 Jul '14.
Yatin 68 @Yatin68 2

@swetank Apart from editorial can you please share some online links to read good quality articles

@Ammz If you are just starting out, I recommend Word Power Made Easy. If you don't need that and you feel you need an intensive course book, I recommend All About Words. All the best.
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m fairly good in EU
nd my vocab is avg.
Whch buks shud i follow fr va??
M hvng CL material bt i dint find d vocab buk to b vry gud...
Confounded yet determined!!!!

@pushkar12 : Read stuff online. Try guardian, nyt, washington post, la times etc...

@Kumarshishir3 : I suggest against Time English Material. Try IMS instead. CL for some vocab stuff may be.

@Infocurean : Qualified Support.
Clear answer.
@sumitv : ABDC would be the logically correct answer if this question had come from a source which was cerebral enough.

But unfortunately this come from this source

A source which shall never be used for a CAT/XAT/GMAT question.

Here is my guess: Its a question by some tutorial test series? Best guess is TIME?
Get back to me on this. because this shall teach a lot of you a lesson or two on quality question picking.

Here is my suggestion: No Indian book is good for VA/RC/SC development. Read books for GMAT/LSAT/GRE or OLD CAT/XAT papers for quality English questions. I have always said and I shall say confidently again, Doing bad VA questions is worse than doing no VA questions. This is exactly why VA is way more difficult thatn math because math you can probably master in 100 days with good enough IQ, VA needs reading/listening habit for a long long time.
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@ao4mba this is exactly why english is also gk It means its a perceptive problem whose diagnosis depends on how people want to look at it.
@dna_lost : The best way to prepare for english in terms of questions is past cat/xat papers.
@Revenous : Basics. Visibly Basics.

Plz senior help me in Sentence correction and rc bcoz i am still making mistake and getting low marks ........specially in SC......can i get all marks in sc if yes then plz help me.

thanx in advance
reply soon bhai log

puys why so much less activity in dis section!! more posts please!

Life is always a game. play it or else suffer!!

@[600855:dna_lost] : go for the one by sujit kumar. good explanations coupled with an array of questions of different flavor and difficulty levels..

Planning to buy a book for VA.
Please suggest which one's better?

VA for CAT by sujit kumar
How to prepare for VA and RC by arun sharma

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