The Art of writing SOP

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Hello Junta... :smiley: Hope u all had a great festival & now, its time to get back to those books!!! I have been getting a few anxious mails regarding Statement of Purpose - the hows/ the whats... Ya... have been kinda helping some ppl...... Read More »

Hello Everyone, 

Below is the SOP i have written for FMS. Request you all to please review it and provide your valuable feedback.

Thanks in advance for the same.!!

Words : 144/150


It was during my engineering days that my interest in management was conceived where I managed extra-curricular with the academics. During this course, I held many positions of responsibilities while organizing technical and cultural fests. This really helped me to showcase my leadership, communication and managerial skills and further instilled the spirit of taking up the managerial job as my career objective.  After graduation, I joined Cognizant Technology solutions.  At CTS, while working at different roles and responsibilities I learnt how managerial skills aid the technology and can create wonders.  

Now I want to dig deeper and want to acquire the business knowledge in greater depth. I am looking forward to move up in the ladder which requires good management skills along with better understanding of business. FMS is one of the most prestigious colleges of India which can help me achieve my goals.

  • @ravihanda @laj \- Would really appreciate.... 1d.
Its very simple..Play Hard or GO Home.
Mavericks @iMavericks 472

@ravihanda @laj  - Would really appreciate if you can assist me with this and provide your valuable feedback. 

Thanks a lot in advance.

Hi Guys,

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  • I can give you Rs.50 for your entire listing above. I pla.... 3d.
rohit kumar @Scorpio_19 29.5 k

I can give you Rs.50 for your entire listing above. I plan to donate this stuff to a needy PG. You can PM me your acceptance.

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  SOP guidance provided by bschool alumni. PM me for deails

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how should i prepare for my campus?

please reply

  • Based on company u need to prepare the exam..basically co.... 04 Aug.
venumighty laddu @laddu147

Based on company u need to prepare the exam..basically companies are like software and Technical based jobs. For software companies would basically test on basic verbal and quant...Solve any campus based document..Look into

In want of a resume,(even a standard format will do), preferably of someone with 1-3 years of work-ex. Please email it at 


To unpathed waters, undreamed shores.

Guys anyone knows a GMAT consultant in Mumbai who can help me with IIMB admission process i.e SOP, recommendation letters etc..need it urgently

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Hello everyone,...
How to write like perfectly using proper words , short statements .?? Please Help...
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  • Lot of grammar checker are available, online, they even s.... 08 Aug.
  • @peterparker123 : any suggestions/recommendations for a p.... 09 Aug.
Atishay Saraf @atshy21saraf 1.7 k

You are right.. But i always have this doubt about how to and what to write..@huhuhu

Radhakrishna Lambu @peterparker123 55

Lot of grammar checker are available, online, they even suggest alternative sentences.

K Garg @KGarg123 435

@peterparker123 : any suggestions/recommendations for a particular website

Who can I collaborate with? I write SOPs and Resumes for students applying to schools, especially abroad.
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  • Hi ! Even i was looking for help regarding my SOPs and Es.... 17 Jul.
  • Me too in need of such a help.... 17 Jul.
Mohamed Faras @mohamedfaras 1

Hi Malavika, I was looking for help to write my essays and Resume! Please do let me know how  could we coordinate. My id would be 


Hi ! Even i was looking for help regarding my SOPs and Essays.It would be great if i get some insight and suggestions. Do revert back Thanks

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  • @alyusa this happens to be a SOP - Statement of "Purpose".... 29 Apr.

Please review my sOP - Urgent.
Words : No limit but brief essay preferred.

A Diploma followed by Engineering gave me an inquisitive attitude towards life. Multiple projects throughout my academics instilled a sense of innovation & teamwork in me. My 34 month stint at Accenture opened doors to critical domain knowledge & opportunities to interact with global clients, which enhanced my analytical & interpersonal skills. Strict delivery schedules developed in me a habit of prioritisng tasks & managing time. Add to it my experience as the President of ISTE-SC & participation in cultural activities like extempore , debates & sports has only made me more resolute and diligent.

"Don't set compensation as a goal. Find work you like, and the compensation will follow." - Harding Lawrence

I took a sabbatical of 1 year from my successful career in IT to address grave personal concerns , contemplate heavily on my interests & finalize my life ambition. After exploring all my interests,I found my life ambition in my old passion for Capital Markets. I am looking forward to work my path towards Portfolio Management & Equity Research areas. With studies for NCMP & CFA level 1 already begun by me, An MBA at this stage would hone my skills , instill in me a new sense of wisdom & help me foray into the massive world of finance equipped with essential skillsets. A well known institute like Welingkar with the presence of reputed faculties, rich alumni base , heavy industrial exposure and a chance to study with the best peer groups makes it an ideal launchpad for my aspirations. Through all these factors I will be able to channelize my abilities for achieving my long term life goals successfully.

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  • Otherwise, nice attempt. 22 Apr.
  • The quote does not contribute to the overall flow of the .... 22 Apr.
R Puy @Rambo1001 196
Thanks ! saw your comment late.. submitted it as it was... will need to handle it in the PI .. !!!
Mohit Jain @mohit721jain 5
The quote does not contribute to the overall flow of the article.
what is better for an engineer production management or marketing management?

  • Depends on your background actually. If you are mechanica.... 08 Aug.
Radhakrishna Lambu @peterparker123 55

Depends on your background actually. If you are mechanical/industrial engineer, then engineer production management will suit your profile. If you have been dealing with sales, advertising etc, then marketing management

Being an R&D; guy from the field of electronics, in what ways can a weekend MBA could help me in my career, say if I were to choose to pick Marketing as a major and not Operations ??

  • its meant for working professionals, a two year PGDM, whe.... 13 Apr.
  • weekend MBA !? hearing for the first time . can you tell .... 11 Apr.
Shwetank Lal @RedTank
its meant for working professionals, a two year PGDM, where classes are held on weekends.. there are some colg offering, like IP university in delhi and IMT Gazhiabad Distance learning courses
prem @prem3865 45
weekend MBA !? hearing for the first time . can you tell me which college is offering it ? does it have some significance or some importance or a substantial weightage in ones resume ?
Guys can anyone share a sample SOP for applying for MBA...its urgent..thanks in advance...

Institute : MICA
1st Post
Word Limit : 110
Total Words written in: 107

"Don't set compensation as a goal. Find work you like, and the compensation will follow. " - Harding Lawrence

During my graduation, I realized that I wanted to work in a field which makes me happy. Communications is an industry which allows me to do something challenging, dynamic and innovative and channelize my creative abilities. Also, a field which allows me to learn and grow as I go along. However, in order to do the same, I need industry and subject knowledge, resources and guidance for growing and learning at the same time. MICA, with its updated curriculum, innovative teaching techniques and practical learning-oriented courses provides me with all that is needed by me to build a solid platform to grow on. ‚Ź €š

Do give me blunt and quick feedback. Thank you
  • hey achyut its bharat, its great. 29 Mar.

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