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Survival Tips for B-School GD-PI Processes

Group Discussion has evolved across these years and has become a very complex but Dissected methodology. It is a process wherein people who have been trained can become really stereotypical in terms of performances. This ensures that it becomes ea...
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@alok7007 Hi Alok, some simple strategies you can use are:
1) Wait for the high decibel level to calm down. It happens every time. The peaks will inevitably change to troughs, although for a second or two. MAKE AN ENTRY RIGHT THERE AND THEN.
2) Have very very solid content related points. Nothing beats strong content. Content is King.
3) Say something dramatic - it helps.
4) The best of all -- START the discussion. It is easiest to start (as compared to chipping in later).
5) Be ready to speak (do not say no) if the examiner suddenly give you an opportunity during the GD, or at the end (to summarise or to conclude).

All the best!

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@alok7007 You don't have to shout at the top to get noticed during the GD atleast not in the case of VGSoM, IIT Kharagpur and I'm sure it would be the same case everywhere else. What you need to do is smartly chip in between the GD , tell your points very calmly and then watch other speaks. GD is not all about speaking but also about active listening to what others are saying. So, 3-4 valid points would see you through the GD. In VGSoM's case, the GD would be case based and the Moderators( the professors) would make sure that you say our points. You would also be required to summarize the Gd and for that writing the valid points what others say would help you summarize. Hope this helps.
If there's still any doubt, revert here.
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Sir, i have calls from IIT-Kgp,TAPMI, expecting calls from IIT-Roorkee
The problem I am having is that my voice is very low & during GD session.. it is completely drowned in front of people having loud voice.
This issue has also has been brought to my notice by the moderator also.

is there any way to overcome this situation & that too quickly
I have recieved calls form New iims
I have done BSc in Biotechnology after that joined public sector bank (Allahabad Bank as PO) which has no relation with the graduation subject.
Acutal Reason was doing further studies in biotech it require more 10 years to do research and all. As i am eldest in family, bounded to take job.

My question is How to answer the question 1)"Why MBA".
2) why you shifted From Biotechnology to Banking ?
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@soumik.ganguly Sir, how to go about this one-

Mr. X started a company to manufacture pump set and after few years he also opened its subsidiary for smooth operations. He also appointed a factory manager to look after the same company. Later on he converted the subsidiary into a manufacturing unit. After some time, when he investigated the various operations and accounts, he was shocked as he found some manipulation. Actually the Factory manager sold out entire scrap and distributed the fund raised among the workers. Consequently, he sacked the factory manager and appointed a new one. Because of this of this action workers stopped working and on strike. What will you do if you were in place of Mr. X?

my take>

Outlining the problem
Firstly, we shall define the immediate problem, and later on- the underlying root causes.
Here, the issue is manipulation in operations.
The manipulation- selling out the scrap and distributing the fund, underpins the lack of loyalty.

Problem Analysis
For a perpetrator, the manager is a direct guess ; logically, it appears infeasible that the manager will harness the funds, just to be sacked - as the manager shall be considered responsible for whatever faults that appear. However, the possibility cannot be ignored.
Although, culprit might be another member of operations-team, committing such an act in order to get the manager sacked, or he might be in for the money only.



1.We have to have a holistic approach to leave no room for doubt.
Mr.X shall have a talk with the manager, and query him regarding the incident.
2. Mr.X must call for a meeting with the members of the operations team regarding the incident.
3. workers should be taken in confidence, and Mr. X should try to talk 'em out and get the truth by announcing some incentive.


Deceitfulness of employees can really hurt an organization, the perpetrator must be shown the way out, as such incidents can cause serious damage later on.
In order to maintain a culture of unity and commitment , Mr.X shall try to unite the workers with the company by kicking off new initiatives , i.e providing 'em incentives in the form of small shares of partnerships into the organization, so that they associate with it and work for its growth ; organizing weekend parties where workers and employers associate with each other, identify the bond of unity and develop a productive and positive attitude towards the company.

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I wish to have no qualms or regrets- just hope to be the person I always wanted to be.
Calls from IIM L, K AND ALL 6 new IIMs, MFC, MBE, GIM... Converts: IIM Rohtak, Raipur, Kashipur, Udaipur, Ranchi, MBE, GIM.... Joining IIM Rohtak/Ranchi if IIM K doesn't get convert

"Why MBA?" is a personal question for anyone, and reasoning is based on how you relate MBA into your life's bigger plans. The well established facts like - networking advantages, alumnus, backing of a brand, etc are what an MBA provides you with, but how these make sense for your life's goals and plans is something that you would have to answer yourself.

A good approach would be to start with things that you would want to accomplish in short term as well as long term in your life, and how MBA learning will feature in each of these plans. So if (for example) there is business acumen that you want to gain from your MBA curriculum for some great dental solution in future, then probably taking up an MBA program makes sense (along with the other advantages).

Once you have figured out your life's small terms and long term goals, understand what all you can learn from the MBA program's schedule, grind, classmates, culture, internships, faculty research, and exposure to management concepts & logic.

Lastly, link these learning capabilities to the goals and you will have your answer to your "Why MBA?". Read it out to a few people and fine tune it properly.

Once you have sorted the reason to get your MBA, there are next level of things like - why this institute, how would you add value, how would the institute add value, etc.

Be clear about the kind of teaching methods used, the names of some profs and how they teach, some internships done by some students, student clubs, etc for each of the campuses. You will get these data points from people in Pagalguy forums itself. Knowing these woiuld allow them to understand that you have really worked hard at getting the fitment.

Read up on your dental background a bit and provide some inputs on trends and overall industry, and some larger problems in the dental business. Recent work done in the same domain and your knowledge of the same will be appreciated.

I hope I have been able to answer your query. ATB.

Soumik Ganguly is a published author in Higher Education and Online Marketing 
@soumik.ganguly i am a dentist (fresher). i have got calls from IIM L, A(abm), and 4 new iims. can you please guide me on "why MBA?" I am interested in Health financing. can you plz suggest me how can i be grilled on that and what aspects should i cover?
Calls from IIM L, K AND ALL 6 new IIMs, MFC, MBE, GIM... Converts: IIM Rohtak, Raipur, Kashipur, Udaipur, Ranchi, MBE, GIM.... Joining IIM Rohtak/Ranchi if IIM K doesn't get convert
@abhimukh19 thnk u so much..... this is exactly wht i was lookin for..

I have done B.Tech(I.T), passed out in 2012. I want to do MBA in marketing so that I can become Product Manager in an I.T company. Is it a short-term goal or not?and how marketing will help in achieving it? please reply urgent

This is the best thread I've ever come across , truly philanthropic I'd say..
great work soumik da!

I wish to have no qualms or regrets- just hope to be the person I always wanted to be.
Hi can anyone give me information on how to contact or enroll in Mr. Malay's GDPI prep classes? It would be a great help.Thanks
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Can someone provide me feedback on the answer that I've prepared for Why MBA question.

Here goes the answer.

My college and professional experiences have been crucial in shaping up my career goals. During graduation, I actively participated in event management activities. I used to be in the organizing committee of the technical/cultural fests of my college. These experiences gave me an opportunity to demonstrate leadership and managerial abilities. I learned to work in a team and developed good people skills. While working full time with TCS, in addition to my technical role, I got a chance to work with my HR and look after the on-boarding process of employees in the project, which involved planning the orientation, Training and development sessions, Performance evaluation, Allocation of departments and modules. This kind of a work drew my interest in HR management and I aspire to become a good HR manager in future. I perceive MBA as a necessary catalyst which can help me switch my career from a Software Engineer to a HR manager. An MBA can equip me with skills and provide opportunities to succeed in HRM.
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@varma99 said:
hi @soumik.ganguly .. thanks for the informative post..i have appeared for gds for colleges in 88-93%ile range in the past.. expecting the call from some of them this year... How important is group dynamics ?? can i just get my 4 or 5 points across the group in say 4 or 5 chances.... will it suffice for clearing GD in colleges of this %ile range ???
You may be looking at the problem differently then what it really is. The idea is not to sit there and get across 4-5 points (even though relevant) without really being a part of the "group". You will get about 1-2 minutes to talk (in totality), and what you do in this time is whats important.

Group Dynamics is something that will be under scanner at all times. So your participation in the discussion should actually lead to something - better discussion, some deadlock being sorted, a definition made or corrected, new angles that weren't considered, etc.

You will not have time to push people into discussions and I wont even suggest you do that. Those poor souls will either be rejected or asked to say something at the end by the jury. So you follow the oft trodden path of participating with proper inputs, and ensuring that your contributions lead onto something better. If they are logical and are open ended, then I am sure you would be heard and accepted into the PI round (or get a good score in the GD round)
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Soumik Ganguly is a published author in Higher Education and Online Marketing 
@carrotilla Please share if you find some material around MBA in operations, even I need to study it thoroughly before appearing for any interview, it would be really helpful, thanks..
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