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Survival Tips for B-School GD-PI Processes

Group Discussion has evolved across these years and has become a very complex but Dissected methodology. It is a process wherein people who have been trained can become really stereotypical in terms of performances. This ensures that it becomes ea...
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Please guide me how should i prepare for Gd/Pi process for B-schools?

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During interview at any top b-school, incl IIMs, mentioning which one from the following will be more helpful and look impressive? Please suggest.

1) I have work expr of 1 and half year frm sme IT company.

2) We have FInance and textiles trading family business. I would want to tell them that i dont have any work expr, but i was involved in our family business and learned many things.

So, mentioning which one will look more impressive? And can I tell them that i was working at sme IT company and at the same time, looked after my family business? Please reply. Im confused.

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Casting a sarcastic smile at anyone during GD can speak negative about you.

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Its great to begin a GD with real life experience or small story, they are powerful tools to convey complex concepts in simple language.

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  • Did met anounce first waiting list cause 2 nd waiting lis.... 19 Jun '13.
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Did met anounce first waiting list cause 2 nd waiting list is on 22nd
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Its impressive to be the first to talk in GD. But make sure that you have done the groundwork and have a solid plan to create the Skeleton / Framework in which possibly the discussion will go.

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GD-PI Tips:

When a candidate speaks to his/her point in a group discussion, the moderator will judge him/her on three main parameters.

They are;

1. Content

2. Verbal Communication

3. Non Verbal Communication


The point that you are about to make must -

• Express richness (diversity/innovative) of your thoughts.

• Be structured

• Express your knowledge (facts/quote) on the topic.

• Be relevant to the topic and the point that the group might be discussing at that moment.


The way you put your content/point forward is also very important. It must -

• Be simple and devoid of any jargons.

• Be precise and short.

• Not be extreme in thoughts.

• Be practical rather than ideal.

• Express modulation in your voice.


While you are making your point your body language speaks simultaneously. It tells a lot about you. While speaking you must -

• Maintain eye contact with all the members.

• Body should be relaxed and calm.

• Hand movements should be controlled.

Of course there are many points to take note off, but the above points are the must.

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Hello Everyone!! Sharing with you guys some GD-PI tips. Hope that you find it useful.

There are many aspects (apparent or subtle) of your overall personality that are tested in GD-PI. The secrets to crack GD-PI are

1. Knowing what are those aspects of your personality that are tested, and

2. Honing those aspects.

What are the aspects of the your personality that are tested? Not many people know an clear answer to this question and hence lose their direction to any kind of practice they do. Following is the list of essential points on which every candidate is tested during GD-PI rounds.

Evaluation Sheet- Parameters on which you are evaluated in your GD-PI

a. Personal Introduction

b. Verbal Communication

c. Body Language

d. Eye Contact- while listening, while speaking

e. Interruptions

f. Opening Statement

g. Content

h. Summary

This is the kind of evaluation sheet an interviewer holds in his/her hand when they are judging you neither amongst a group of people or solo. This is of course not to say that your history as a student doesn't matter. But when you are in a GD-PI round in a top B-School, you are competing with equals. Every one will have grades to show-off and certificates in extra curricular would be dime a dozen. It will eventually come down to these above mentioned aspects in you that will separate you from others. How do you get better at these aspects? There are no shortcuts. Only through relentless practice can one get better at all these aspects. The good news is that no one is born with all these aspects. Everyone has to acquire these traits. Now, the only difference is some will take it seriously and some not. Few take is seriously and those few are ultimately selected.

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hello everybody. i'm varatharaj doing pre final year in mechanical engineering in coimbatore(tamilnadu).Right from the day i know about cat i started dreaming being an IIM er! MBA is my passion. im preparing for CAT 2013. As i was from a lower middle class background i cant afford to pay the coaching class fee. now iam preparing for CAT using the books from my college library.
but those books are really confusing and deviated from the actual CAT questions.i dont have a pc too. so i cant refer any online materials. i spend 4 hours daily for preparing CAT. my friend advised me that 4 hours of such preparations=1 hour of preparation by using standard materials like TIME,IMS. i went to TIME and ask them whether i can get the materials alone for a cheaper price. they said they will provide material only along with a course. and that course costs 20000! i was heart broken! i desperately need some standard books. i would be greatly thankful if someone is will to donate extra materials or old materials! PG is my only hope. so please help me! thank you all
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@soumik.ganguly sir, hw can relate my interests in CSR activites with WHY HR..?
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