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_Hello Everybody,_ _My name is Vasanth Srinivasa; I am a student of the Post Graduate Diploma in Management course (2005-07 batch) at the Institute for Financial Management and Research, Chennai._ _I am starting this thread to primarily ...
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IFMR In association with IMRB and JWT presents National Level Marketing Summit: MarkZ.

INSIGHT the marketing club of IFMR is proud to organize a one day national level Other partners include NDTV Hindu, The economic Times, Dare 2 compete etc. Some of the highly esteemed speakers/guests who have confirmed their presence for the event are :
Mr. Himanshu Chakrawarti COO (Landmark)
Mr.Samardeep Subandh - General Manager (South) - Hindustan Unilever Limited
Mr. Manish Tandon President, Citymax Hospitality India
Mr.Shashikanth Jayaraman - Zonal HR Manager - South India at Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance Company
Mr.Panneerselvam Madanagopal - GBD (South)- CSMM, IMRB
Mr. B. Prabhakaran- Brand Manager, Vision Express India
Mr.Kiruba Shankar CEO - Business Blogging Pvt.Ltd.
Mr. Sathyanarayanan R. Deputy Director Hindustan University
Mr.Krishnakumar Raman GM (Sales and Marketing) - UCAL Fuels System Limited
Mr. Prakash Dharamrajan- Ex President, Ogilvy & Mather.

Be there to discuss key and pressing issues faced by marketeers and marketing dept.throughout and how they align their marketing strategies during changing and challenging times..Please make it a grand success by your esteemed presence.
For further info please visit MarkZ: A national level marketing summit.

In the midst of all the MARK Z buzz we celebrated Vishnu's birthday last usual at the spot just outside the hostel entrance . We all played badminton till 5 in the morning that day coz we all gifted him a new racket that day was great then , but terrible to wake up at 9 in the morning :banghead::banghead: :banghead:to attend the class at 9:30 ....

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IFMR presents - National Level Marketing Summit....MARK Z'10

Be There!!!
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Its been a while since we updated you on life @ IFMR , this weekend was awesome to say the least , it has been raining cats and dogs here . So the result...... all of us had to sleep very long.... . Some missed breakfast ...and some even missed their lunch....Its stopped raining but the hibernation continues till MONDAY morning...

Edge - The IT Club of IFMR sucessfully conducted "Regional Convention on Free Software"

Following were the speakers:

1)K S Rajan, IIIT Hyderabad (Associate Professor - PhD, University of Tokyo)

2. Tools and Models used in academics and reasearch (Dr. L. Pratap Reddy Director, Board of studies, JNTU)

3. Verilog and GTK Wave :Prof. Shankar Balachandran IIT, Madras

4. Free software tools in Engineering education:Prof. M.A. Kumaran, HOD, Jaya College of engineering

5. Technical sessions on Latex/IDE

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Back after holla nnjoyment of 10 days of Diwali holidays at home,life is back to gain the pace at IFMR.The 2011 batch is busy wid its placements.
So here are the current updates of a very important issue Placements.
Till now following companies have visited campus.
ICICI Bank-26 offers at 6.54 lpa
Bank of America- 1 offer at 9 lpa
SBI Life Insurance- 1 offer at 5.6 lpa
Cape Gemini- 2 offers wid 7.5 lpa
Irevna- 7 offers at 6 take home(in hand) plus 90k bonus after a year.

Also in the upcoming week Infosys, CTS, UBS , 3I Infotech, First Global and many others are coming for recruitment.Further info will be updated to you in next week.
Any queries and suggestions are welcomed.

PS: This is true picture with no adulteration.


Haha...its all over ..ya the 10 days of real fun all of us had are over ...its the same old feeling that we had in school.. The college has begun. But the better part is we have lot more exciting people here than at school or may be we are old enough to realise that now..

This trimestor would be a really testing with 8 subjects to take care of...looking forward to meet the challenge head on....

Hi puys this just checkout our promo video of IFMR fest , ABHYUDAYA-2011 , the theme is " MAHABHARATH" ...which is the most potent management bible , hence the theme..the would be lots of great events including some spicy stuff like blind dates....

Most of the events have been decided and some deliberations are going regarding others...the event is to be held in FEB next year...Here is the link , hope you enjoy the video as well as the music.

YouTube - Abhyudaya -IFMR.

Ya Dheeru bro,we are also missing badminton court nd those lil pranks we use to have and GCC nights.Well anyways we all will be back by 10 and then again gearup.

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Hi puys... Just a funny incident ,in fact it was scary too. A couple of my friends and I have stayed back in the hostel to pursue a project in the diwali vacation . Yesterday night I was alone in GCC , no its not the Gulf cooperation council I am talking about its our favourite Ganapathi Computer centre , where every activity right from brainstorming with friends for doing group asignments to watching movies in the cozy environment which is more like a medium sized hall with the right furniture in place and some a/c s obviously...

The power suddenly went off and I was alone at around 3:00 in the midnight I guess and suddenly heard the main door making creeky noises ...I can only hear that and nothing else...My god I once thought all the horror movies would be played all at once, then the door slowly opens to make my plight even more worse....oops Aditya then sneeks in and laughs like hell...I guess he can scare away even the real devils if there were any .. ..Then I hear a sound grrrrrrrrr......the generator switches on....Oh man the security wala should have done it a bit earlier:drinking::drinking:


Today its BBJ!!! Yeah its bread butter jam today for breakfast along with omelette and corn flakes, my favourite breakfast here and lots of milk!!!

Today we had a HR summit- MANIFEST at hotel Radisson GRT in Chennai..well the bouncer was that one of roomies was caught napping in the conference by one of the eminent speakers which was to his embarresment...may be not really .. I guess that is what we do in some of the classes in the last benches anyways .....and we had one awesome lunch there...really worth going ....especially for those gourmets...

Well sometimes you feel that competition is bad...but today I realised that it is really bad not have any competition...No i am not talking about acads and grades...

I am talking about the scene on the badminton court...It was so devoid of life..because most of my buddys left home to celebrate diwali . There were four of us who started playing badminton and then realised that there were no queues waiting to get on to the court and the snatch the racket from you and no groups supporting different teams....

When they were around I used to think " when will these guys go to bed" so that I could play all night...but you know what we miss them all fact it is the lighter moments that we tend to cherish at IFMR ....not the game

yes it those mixed doubles games with lots of "chemistry" and for poor souls like me who are single it is those games when well my favourite...... plays that makes it all the more necessary to stay late in the night...

MISS you all buddys..Happy DIWALI!!!

The placement season has indeed kicked off with a bang!!! Its time for our seniors to make destiny their own....and for us the diwali holidays await in a big way..

Well ..we did not have many holidays after the first trimestor , because we requested the management to give us some holidays for diwali instead and so they off to our home places in 2 days time!!!!

Enough of the events, semesters, summits, games nd what not, here begins the placement season of this year for batch 2011.
4 bigshots within a week what else do you want.
Yesterday ICICI bank came for recritment, today Bank of America nd SBI Life, Irevna on 29th and alot more to come in coming days.

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