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_Hello Everybody,_ _My name is Vasanth Srinivasa; I am a student of the Post Graduate Diploma in Management course (2005-07 batch) at the Institute for Financial Management and Research, Chennai._ _I am starting this thread to primarily ...
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Gearing up for the Flagship Event of Samarthan - Lakshmi Bal Mahotsav (LBM)

LBM was started in 2008 in memory of our beloved senior Lakshmi Iyer Appu, a socially responsible person and an outstanding student of IFMR's PGDM Batch of 2008-10. As part of the event, we organize educational activities, party events which include games, music, dancing, friendly competitions, gifts, arrange for food and provide lots of personal love and care. mgmg

Childhood should be carefree playing in the sun, not living a nightmare in the darkness of the soul therefore; the sole purpose of the event is to bring smiles to the faces of the underprivileged children.

The event is very special to each one of us at IFMR and all of us are busy doing our bit to contribute to the event and make it a grand success

Eagerly waiting for Jan 5th - To begin the year with a good deed indeed !! mgmg

Srimathi Sriram|IFMR|PGDM B'14|2013-15

23/12/2013 - Guest lecture on "Core Banking - Trends & opportunities" by Mr. Venkataramana R, Principal consultant, FSI, Infosys

A very insightful lecture which touched upon
The basics of core banking, CRM, Enterprose CRM, Implementation cycle, Core banking products of various companies, Technology trends.

The lecture ended on a high note with understanding the opportunities available for the students in Core banking!!
Srimathi Sriram|IFMR|PGDM B'14|2013-15

IFMR so far:

Hi Puys,

It's been a long time since I had posted in PG. It's going to be a really long post since I have loads to share about my experiences at IFMRmg

It's been six months since joining the elite course at one of the best B-schools in India and it's time to reflect on what's happened so far

After 3 years of working in Wipro I was too excited to get back to studies and wanted to make use of the 2 years to the maximum. Being offered a seat in GIM, TAPMI, LIBA and IFMR I chose IFMR over the others and I'm pretty sure my decision was right. For the past six months IFMR has become my second home. Be it the hectic schedules, guest lectures, presentations, committee works, quizzes it has been a roller coaster ride full of fun and asking us to want for more and more. The experience is unique and one which I've never experienced in the past. Though I have 3 years of experience, I was dumbstruck initially by the knowledge and enthusiasm of freshers. I was wrong that work ex people had an edge over the freshers. It entirely depends on the interest each one has towards learning.


For anyone entering the seeing the campus for the first time, it surely would look small and not attractive. But this very campus has been to our advantage since we can easily bump into our seniors and staffs and paves the way for constant interaction with them. On the hindsight there arises a question as to whether a bigger campus is really needed?


The best part about IFMR is the different student committees and some of the wonderful work they do.

“All work and no play make Jack a dull boy” Laasya, the cultural committee of IFMR made sure we had ample fun even in the first week of joining college. There were some awesome performances during the Annual dinner which left us wanting for more and kept us guessing as to what was in store for the fresher's party!!!

The big day for the Fresher's arrived and there was pure fun at Dee Cee Manor, which saw a host of performances from the juniors and seniors.

After having all the fun at Fresher's it was time for us to wear the “Social Service” hat. IFMR's special social service club – Samarthan joined hands with Chennai Trekking Club in the big event Chennai Coastal Clean-up 4. The event was all about helping to clean 15 Kms of the beach from Marina till Injambakkam. The event was a great success and IFMRians did our best to collect as much waste as we could.

This was followed by the touching act of Samarthan towards the flood victims of Uttarkhand. Materials, monetary contributions were collected to reach out to the victims.

When we were just beginning to relax and get comfortable, the real test began. Surprise quizzes, mid-terms, hectic schedules, presentations kept us always on our toe and kept us guessing for what more was in store. This was accompanied with the selection of Batch '14 members for various committees. There was intense competition for each and every club and I'm sure the seniors had a very tough time in selection process!!

For the first time in IFMR, Gully Cricket tournament was conducted. It was all about combining the fun of cricket and the thrill of betting!!

Like adding feather to the cap, for the first time the twin clubs – “Speakers” and “Traders” clubs were formed in IFMR. It would not have been possible without the efforts taken by Batch'14's very own charismatic “Ashwath Krishna” and the trader “Rahul Malhotra”!! Kudos to both of them for such a wonderful initiative!!

Come August and there was freedom in the air. With students from the different states of the country, I felt this was the best Independence Day ever celebrated!! There were a host of events from Face painting competition, Independence Day special quiz, Special screening of the evergreen movie Rang De Basanti organized so well by our very own Student Welfare Committee.

September and October months were full of fun with some interesting events lined up. The sports club “B Sportive” organized the gaming event “LAN Quest”, Badminton tournament “SMASH” which made all of us practice like Saina Nehwal's for the coveted title!! The Entrepreneurship club (TEC) and the IFMR Quiz club were not far behind and had some interesting games like “Casino Royal” (TEC) and “Game Theory” (Sports Quiz) – the first event from the IFMR Quiz club stable.

Diwali was the best time for hostelites, with the much awaited ten day long break a Dhandiya night just before the holidays was just perfect for the celebration mood to set in!!

When different clubs were showing their mettle, can the Flagship committee of IFMR, the Arthasabha be far behind?? Arthasabha, the Finance committee conducted “The Thingamajig Bazaar” a strategic event where buyers/sellers of a fictitious commodity (Thingamajig) need to use their best strategy to maximize their profits. The contest was pure fun and had some enthusiastic participation.

From my post, it might seem to be like it is all fun and games. But there is totally an opposite side of this where last minute group works, power naps, late night/early morning preparations, presentations; guest lectures are part of everyday routine.

It's hard to believe that already two trimesters are over and I'm in my third. Looking forward to some great learning and unlimited fun in the coming years


Refreshing up the busy MBA life : Fresher's Party

With the onset of month of August, IFMR batch 14 students geared up not for the celebration of the 67th Indian Independence Day but for the most fantabulous & spicy day of their lives- “The Fresher's Party”.

The fortnight before the D-day passed with the mornings & evenings filled with lots of discussions on the “To-be happening stage performances.” With the day round the corner, the rehearsals began to take up the pace.

On 14th day of August, IFMR cordially invited its newly joined batch for the fresher's party. Around late evening, the rock & roll show began with pumping energy. The theme of the party was “The Mask”. The environment was filled with exuberance. It started off well with the guys humming (like male-bees) around the gorgeous ladies followed by photography sessions in every nook & corner of the hall. The show had plethora of performances lined up for the audience. The league of events started off with the-only hilarious act of the day: the Kanthamadi Mad-ad. The act brought kudos to the team & audience enjoyed the light hearted event. Following it were several mellifluous & soothing performances by the great students cum singers. Talking about the dance performances, it appeared to be tie between both girls and boys as both dragged the same level of applause from dear audience. The sumptuous & relishing delicacies made the hungry crowd appreciate the performances all the more. Then there came the most anticipated and awaited event of the evening, Race for Mr. & Ms. Fresher. Several contestants were tested on quick-wittiness & other parameters by the jury. Finally results announced were :

Mr. Fresher- Sourav Kamilya

Ms. Fresher- Monica Mishra

The crown was awarded to the winners by Mr. & Ms. Fresher of 2013 batch. The DJ turned on sassy mind numbing favorite tunes of the audience. Be it regional songs, flashy tunes or Punjabi mix , the stage soon acted as a magnet to the dancers who were inseparable from the it.

The show reached it final end with the slogans of patriotism being voiced from mouth of every IFMR-ite and therefore the party in a matter of moments turned into a patriotic meeting after midnight. But in the end, the party can be described as “refresher & full of masti- oozer”.

Supratim Datta, Institute of Financial Management & Research -2012-14, Intern @ Vedanta

Originating in 1970 and endowed by ICICI and House of Kothari's, The Institute for Financial Management and Research (IFMR) has come a long way to establish itself as one of the premier B-Schools in India and is amongst the top B-Schools in the southern region, with a vision of molding talented and ambitious young managers into effective executives in a global setting. IFMR's program of studies tenders a fine blend of theory and simulates real life exposure.
Established in 2000, Institute for Financial Management and Research, IFMR also boasts of an enviable history of being a National Level Financial Research Institution, which goes back to 1970. Presented with a National Rating of A** and a state rating of A*** by CRISIL in 2010, the PGDM programme offered by IFMR seeks to imbibe a sense of strategic outlook to management problems in its students.
IFMR has also been adorned with the title of Institute of National Importance bestowed upon it by the
Ministry of Finance - Government of India. IFMR was recently felicitated with the Dewang Mehta award for offering the best academic input in Finance.
To be the institution of choice for students and employers with a focus on management in general and the financial service industry in particular.
To train and develop globally competitive managers to serve the needs of the Indian industry and to influence the practice of management.
CRISIL Rating:
A*** (State Level)
A** (National Level)
Ranked 9th in Finance including IIMs. Ranked in Top 30 Institutes including IIMs.
Star News B-School Rankings:
Most Outstanding College (South)
Business World B-School Rankings:
Ranked in Top 30 B-Schools including IIMs
Dewang Mehta Award:
Best Academic Input/Syllabus in the field of Finance in 2010
Business Standard B-School Ratings:
A1 Category including IIMs

The rising sun scatters its first ray of sunshine, promising a new beginning. This ideology is what defines Abhyudaya. An event that makes you question the ordinary provokes and inspires you to think and leaves you enriched with an experience beyond belief.
Over the years, it has been acclaimed and has also evolved into a full-fledged B-School fest recognized for its management, namely Finance, Marketing, HR, IT and Operations. To test the strength, grit and the management potential in candidates, we also conduct a strenous event, our flagship event – The Last Man standing!
Over the years, we have received active participation of over 2000 students of well known institutions like the IIMs, FMS, XLRI, SP Jain, SIBM, NMIMS, KIAMS, LIBA, and GIM.
The themes of the last 7 editions of abhyudaya were as follows:
2006 - Rural RethInk
2007 – See the Big Picture
2008 – The Business of De-mergers, Mergers Acquisitions and Spin-offs(BODMAS)
2009 – Blazon-Brick on Wall Street
2010 – Embrace the radiance
2011 - Mahabharat
2012 - Punaruthan

The event for Abhyudaya '13 comprise of:
Casino Royale

To buy or not to buy… that is the question.
The prices rise. The prices fall. Bears and Bulls make good of it all! Casino Royale puts your instincts through a test, to uncover the best henchmen, to make dough without getting your hands dirty, and the financial market is the battle ground.
floor on the next day by a presentation on their investment strategy. Due weightages will be allotted to both the respective rounds and the cumulative score will decide the eventual winner.

The Occult Invasion

People's needs - something that just cant be satisfied . It is an intersting challenge for some . Are you such a person? If you answered yes, then the occult invasion is for you. Analyze, Plan, Aim to please. Penetrate the market with your product or service! Do you have what it takes to be the next hotshot CMO?
Go ahead and prove it in IFMR's flagship marketing event!
Nifty Nickel
Like number crunching? The heat is smoldering in IFMR's flagship finance event – Nifty Nickel. The event will test your knowledge of the nuances of finance and your ability to make decisions. Show us your penchant for numbers.

A view to a kill
It's not an easy world out there…..You only strive to outperform the rivals.
Do you have the acumen that takes to be a strategist, to innovate, incubate and analyze the dynamic business situations of modern organizations?
This Strat-Ops event will consume you in every round and leave your brain raw and numb.
Bring out the guns and go for the kill as we test your operation skills while you strategize your way out !
Last Man Standing
A hero is one who knows how to hang on one minute longer
- Novalis
And that is exactly what it is required for you to stand out from the rest. How can you take that one extra step? Can you to do what no one else can? Can you think the unthinkable? In Last man standing, expect the unexpected. 48 hours of grueling tasks, unanticipated challenges and tasks that will require your utmost strength and grit and all the confidence you might have . Get ready to be part of an event which will challenge your limits, test your skills but surely bring out the hero in you.

The Clan People make things happen. People are valuable not just for their technical and creative skills but also for their human element. The Clan is one such event that brings to the fore the strength of people, of unity in solving challenging problems brainstorming constructively. If u believe you are a people guy then The Clan awaits you .
The Sicilian Defense
It's a fierce world out there. There's danger lurking around you at every corner, waiting in bated breath to put you down, to mutely trigger your disappearance from the competition, to make the battling crowd one less in number. Your best chance of survival is your defense, your intellect in this case, and it's time to test your strengths, your business prowess and show the world what you are capable of …! Pour in that business idea which you have been nurturing in your brain's closet on paper, twist it, turn it, mold it and send us the final draft of your business summary.Does your idea have the X-factor it takes to turn heads … ? Let our esteemed panel of judges decide.


Darsa G Krishnan Ayer
+91 98843 51620+91 91763 53290

Raghuram Rao Rakeshreddy Chintham
+91 88075 63069+91 9092051598

Abhyudaya Website –
Abhyudaya Mail Id –
Supratim Datta, Institute of Financial Management & Research -2012-14, Intern @ Vedanta
Guest Lecture by PPR Rao, Vice Chairman, Kaynes Technologies Ltd.

Intellectual Capital: We have all heard of it but we rarely give it a thought. To give us an insight on the same, a guest lecture was arranged at the IFMR premises, delivered by Mr Podila Pandurangarao, better known as PPR Rao, Vice Chairman of Kaynes Technology Ltd. Intellectual capital is defined as the sum total of the intangible assets (outcome of past), the know-how of the company (Performance at present) and the renewal ability (ability to improve and renew) of the company. Among a more detailed classification comes the human capital, organizational structure capital, relational structure capital and the business recipe (compatibility of the company €™s process with the product). He emphasized on the relation between knowledge management and intellectual capital, differentiating the process from the end product. The fact that the importance of knowledge management is catching up, he focused on the measurement and leverage of the same and how it benefits the organization. Ic rating has three aspects namely the effectiveness, risk and renewal and development and each has to be valued under the categories mentioned earlier. The guest lecture was a fruitful one, throwing light on one of the upcoming aspects of corporate work.
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Corporate Finance And MIS: a Guest lecture by Mr. Venkatesh Viswanathan, CFO, Williams Lea, India

Guest lectures: the heading itself consists of the word lecture indicating the seriousness and restrictions it holds. But what if the session breaks realms and exceeds expectations? This was the case of the guest lecture by Mr Venkatesh Viswanathan, which was supposed to restrict to the limitations of Corporate Finance and Management Information Systems but actually touched beyond that. Though an expert in the finance field, being a chartered accountant, cost accountant, company secretary and the CFO of Williams Lea, India, Mr Venkatesh held students €™ attention by his introductory speech on leadership, which is a vital aspect of being a manager. His talk involved the 4 Es of leadership, namely Energy (the will to do), Energiser (the motivation for oneself and others), Edge (the competitive upper hand) and Execution (the most important part-application). He then went on to describe the basics of corporate finance which consisted of investment, analysis, allocation of funds and decision making and how the process takes place. Further he explained how the MIS system works and how this mechanical input output system actually yields result based on the caliber of the person operating and analyzing it. It was indeed a learning session which instilled in the students much more than theoretical subject knowledge.
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Hat-Trick .....Won The CFA Challenge again

It is time for another feather in IFMR's cap, the renewal of a legacy well carried off. IFMR has once again won the coveted CFA Global Investment Research Challenge South Zone Finals organized by The Indian Association of Investment Professionals (IAIP). A dedicated team of future managers namely Madan Gopal Reddy, Narayanan Sivasailam, Rakesh Adiga, Siddhant Kotak and SV Ramasubramanian (second year students) led the college to its third consecutive win. Competing teams were IIM-B, IIM-K, IIM-T, IIT-Madras, ISB-Hyderabad, TAPMI -Manipal and BIM-Trichy. The esteemed judging panel consisted of Krishnan Parameswara Iyer, Managing Director, DNB Investment Services (India) Pvt Lt. Suresh Krishnamurthy, Director – Global Financial Research at CRISIL Global Research & Analytics, Ms. Roshi Jain, Vice President & Portfolio Manager – Equities for Franklin Templeton India AMC Ltd. Satish Ramanathan - former Director and Head of Equity, all equity portfolios of Sundaram Mutual fund. The CFA Institute Research Challenge is an annual global competition which provides university students with hands-on mentoring and intensive training in financial analysis and professional ethics. Each student participant is tested on analytic, valuation, report writing and presentation skills and gain real-world experience as he/she assumes the role of a research analyst. The challenge is an educational initiative that promotes best practices in equity research among the next generation of analysts. The CFA Institute Research Challenge gathers together:
-university students,
-investment industry professionals,
-publicly traded companies,
-corporate sponsors
for local, regional, and global competition.
Additionally, all participants are introduced to and held to the standard of the CFA Institute Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Conduct.

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Guest Lecture by Mr. Sethuraman,Executive Vice-President , Rane Group

If you can't explain it to a six year old, you don't understand it yourself ...
One day I will find the right words, and they will be simple. €? €• Jack Kerouac
Simple words have the strongest effect and this was well illustrated in the guest lecture held at IFMR by Mr. Sethuraman, Executive Vice-President, Corporate Finance and Business Development at Rane Group, Chennai on Financial Planning and Forecasting.
The lecture involved nuances of the subject explained through various instances and analogies from our daily life, be it pocket money or college grades. Students were able to connect easily to the topic and reciprocated with zeal and interest on the same. While humor played a subtle attention binder, useful tips were also given for placement preparations and emphasis was laid on learning beyond textbook and awareness of the ongoing changes in the industry. The need to be constantly updated was well stressed as were the virtues of hard work, punctuality and discipline in work culture. The session ended with topic-related questions from the students and a short clip about the Rane group giving the industrial details.
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Seminar on Monetary transmission in Low-Income Countries: Effectiveness and Policy Implications

By Ms. Prachi Mishra, Senior economist, Economic Advisory Council to PM of India (On leave from IMF)

10.09.2012, IFMR, Chennai

Monetary transmission mechanism describes how policy-induced changes in the nominal money stock or the short-term nominal interest rate impact real variables such as aggregate output and employment. This was the topic of a seminar given at the IFMR Business School by eminent economist Ms. Prachi Mishra. The seminar was attended by the president of IFMR, faculty members, Ph.D. scholars and both first and second year MBA students. The salient points of the talk were description of characteristics of an ideal monetary transmission mechanism and the pre-conditions required for the development of the same based on what is prevalent in advanced economies, various channels of such transmission and how these differ across developed and developing countries, and common features of a relatively weak transmission mechanism across low income economies. An ideal monetary transmission mechanism is based on the effective functioning of six channels namely short term interbank interest rate, bank lending, exchange rate, long term interest rate, asset and balance sheet. Some of the pre-conditions for development of these transmission channels include strong institutional environment and well defined property rights, independence of the central bank, liquidity of government securities and term structure of interest rates, high international capital mobility, a floating exchange rate and well-developed securities markets. Through a series of econometric evidence, it was empirically shown that compared to advanced economies, developing and low income countries substantially lag behind in several of these pre-conditions such as exchange rate flexibility, degree of financial integration, banking sector competitiveness, central bank credibility, and financial depth. A simple model was used to demonstrate that in conditions of uncertainty such as those characterizing developing and low-income economies, pursuing aggressive monetary policy may not be suitable, though it may be beneficial in economies with much less uncertainties, such as the developed countries. In this context, desirability of an inflation targeting framework, foreign exchange interventions to stabilize the exchange rate as well as prudence of capital account restrictions in developing and low income countries were discussed at length through active participation from the faculty members and students. The seminar concluded with the implication that while the existing monetary transmission models may work for advanced economies, the same may not be suitable for developing countries and hence there is a need to rethink the way monetary policies are implemented in these countries.

Supratim Datta, Institute of Financial Management & Research -2012-14, Intern @ Vedanta

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