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Some Books I have Read & Would Recommend

Hi All :: A bunch of books on management & related stuff. 1) Tom Peters - Circle of Innovation 2) Maverick - Ricardo Semler 3) Managing Radical Change - Sumantra Ghoshal 4) Every Business is a growth business - Ram Charan 5) Ge...
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thanks for sharing these book list,.

[url=]Best MBA College[/url]
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Hi puys,

Can you please suggest some sites to download free EBooks from and also some sites to read books

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a short n good read on in general life

do google it once


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a came across a nice book titled 'Indian Industry Review'.. a compilation from The Hindu publication.. costs just Rs. 60, available at any newspaper stall.. really gud to keep urself updated. :biggrin:

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picked another book on Financial history

Lords of Finance by Liaquat Ahmed.

enjoying reading it,

When it comes to dreams, one may falter, but only way to fail is to abandon them
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hey! puys,

I found that this book
"Breakout Nations"
is really good in the recent context of india's merger in the BRICS nation group. talk of the possibilities and opportunities these 5 nations may have on world economy. Also finds the chances of india's economic independence from USA. The book's style could have been better (from the preview). your take people?


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omiey07 Says
Guys, how is the book "The Secret" ??

Its an Awesome book, highly recommended, beautifully has described the power of our thoughts and how we can transform our life just by changing our thoughts!!
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Sky is the Limit....!
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Check out the link...Driven to Succeed by Micheal Hussey...Read it on google books...Good one..It has many plans/targets which Hussey used to make before a tournament..

Mr Cricket: Driven to Succeed - Michael Hussey - Google Books

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For those looking for some fun with the imagination

Adam and Eve's Diary - Mark Twain

For those looking for reliving the innocent and harmful fun of childhood

This is effortlessly funny and will definitely make you a little nostalgic
Calvin and Hobbes
Calvin & Hobbes Volume 1 . Buy Best Calvin & Hobbes Volume 1 at Lowest Price Online

For those who can appreciate the dark side of things and like to mull over some murkier issues. A short Story

The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas -Ursula Guin

Available free online.
Enjoy !!

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hi puys!
bought "emotional intelligence" by daniel goleman today...
plz provide reviews abt it...

I found this book to be good especially for guys. Girls are naturally more intelligent emotionally, so they might find this book inanely obvious. Good for to be managers on how to be emotionally smart in corporate conflicts. A better writing style could have been used though. To my mind, it's 2.5~3 out of 5 scale.
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