Schulich MBA - Fall 2012 Applicants & Admits

Hi All, Initiating this thread for all those applying/admitted to the Schulich School of Business for the Fall 2012 FT MBA program. Regards, Sandesh Admitted: Fall 2012 - Schulich School of Business
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Got an admit today for Fall 12 intake .......

Congratulatons on your offer. Starting the program in January is a definate option. We start a class of about 125 full time students in January and a number of part time students as well.
While it is cold here in January that is about the only thing that should be a problem fo ryou.
You still have the full program, which you can stretch out over 20 months. Winter/Summer for year one... break in fall for internship... and resume studies for Winter/summer for year two.. graduating in October... or you can do four consecutive terms Winter/Summer/Fall/Winter and graduate with the group that came in in September in June. In either case you would have access to the full program and all that Schulich has to offer.
Starting in January means that it is cold and you have to be prepared for that... Having said that this winter there was really no problem at all. And I think it is an adventure to experience our winters... learn how to ice skate and toboggan and enjoy the snow...
Hope it works for you, looking forward to meeting you in January.

rishabhyahoo Says
And if theres anyone else in the same situation please send your number. mine is 7702599220.

Hi Rishabh ,

The case is same for me too ..... However they have still put me on hold for Fall 12 intake and given options b/w Winter 2013 & Fall 2013 to choose from.

And if theres anyone else in the same situation please send your number. mine is 7702599220.

I didnt get an admit for SEP 2012 intake, but am being offered an admit for JAN 2013 intake. Can someone throw some light on what are the pros and cons of JAN batch in terms of internhsip/job opportunities? A quick response would be highly appreciated...

I know that they are contacting people today. You should hear from Carol Pattenden.
If you want to write to her directly it is

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Hello Charmaine, I have tried to reach out to the Admissions office at Schulich repeatedly in the recent past but every time I call or email, I never seem to get the information I need, can you please help?

I applied to Schulich on 1st February, on 9th April I received an email saying that I meet all the requirements for admission but space availability for Fall 2012 was a concern and that I would be emailed again by May 7th with information about when I can join the school (i.e. Fall 2012 or Spring 2013). May 7th is now over but I still have no information from the school.

Can you please look into the matter and help me?

While I do not intend to debate anyone here... the rankings over the last three years for Schulich have all been consistently sound... working with our students I do not see a decline, nor have we seen a decline in recruiters seeking our graduates. I would advise all of you who are seeking details to contact the school directly with your questions.


Guys, I dont intend to put anyone down here but Schulich's reputation in Canada has taken a big hit over the last couple of years. This is not the Schulich of pre 2010 esteem wise. Recruiters in GTA are very skeptical about Schulich grads at the moment and unless you blow them away during the interview process, chances are that you will be overlooked. With that said, if you aim to major in marketing and work in that function, pick Schulich! Otherwise you are much better off going for Queens or Ivey or Rotman.

Hi Surbhi,

Here is the link to the eligibility requirements. It clearly states that with a 3 years degree u need a masters, else a 4 years degree will do.
Schulich School of Business - Admissions

Of course, this is for MBA in india. For MBA in Canada, i guess the requirements would still be the same...
The best thing to do would be to write to them (admissions committee). They are pretty quick in responding.


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