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SAIL MT(T/A) 2015

Dear friends I have changed the Group name only to update.Prepare ...and prepare.Be encouraged.SAIL is a good  place from where u can sail ur lives  into vast sea of Life 

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Hey guys can anyone tell me whether SAIL MT 2015 results are out or not ?

Google has gone crazy showing out in some links and not in some?

  • check this lin.... 20 Jun.
  • NO. 1d.
Dhaakad Chhora @DhaakadChhora 37 check this link. The results are not out yet.

Sail mt questions were out proof is attached in link

  • hahahaha.... 16 May.
  • i have heard people are spreading this hoax becasue they .... 16 May.
@brave06 54


saurabh pandey @saurabh8155 6

i have heard people are spreading this hoax becasue they did not give the paper well :P 

how many correct GK attempts SAIL MT Electrical.......

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Guys what is the tentative date for declaration of results ?

  • upto two months. 12 May.
IIM Bangalore | PGP 2013-15| 

hi pagalguys, anyone here appeared for materials mt admin???

  • I appeared. 14 Jun.
  • Me. 22 Jun.
Vizag Steel MT 2015 - PaGaLGuY
Vizag Steel MT 2015 - PaGaLGuY
Vizag Steel PLANT MT notification.good news


Based on memory :

2014 sail mt gk questions:

1. First Indian women athlete to win an Olympic medal
2. GANYMEDE is a satellite of which planet
3. Which award is conferred with Amartya Sen
4. Karl Benz invented : Gasoline-Powered Automobile
5. UNO came into existence in which year
6. The author of CRICKET MY STYLE
7. Inventor of Electric Generator
8. Bharatnatyam originated from which state
9. NAMDAPH wild life sanctuary is in which state
10.Nobel prize of Literature(2012) was given to
11.Bandipur National Park is located in
12.Chairperson of Rajya Sabha
13.Which of these dance originated from Kerala
14.Characteristic of out milky way
15.Padampur monastery is located in which state
16.Who appoints the Attorney General of India
17.Which country is known as 'Land of Thousand lakes'
18.Book written by Ernest Hemmingway
19.Author of 'A Voice for freedom'
20.Inventor of Dynamite
21.Who was the first chief justice of India
22.Author of 'My frozen turbulence in Kashmir'
23.Ramon Magsaysay award is given in which field
24.Who won the Ramon Magsaysay award in 2012
25.In which year, Nelson Mandela was honored with Nobel Peace prize

  • @ranjeetanjana helo sir...how s u??. 29 Apr.
  • @nalineeshchahal. 29 Apr.

Hey puys,

Can you plz tell me the cutoff of Marketing for last 2 years for all categories!

Thanks in advance.

Is somebody here who appeared last year for Marketing stream?

  • I appeared bos..how much u expect??. 1d.
  • around 135, you?. 23h.
Falling down isn't defeat. Defeat is when you refuse to get up... 
Venkat Raman @venkimts

I appeared bos..how much u expect??

M K @Mkiitr 268

around 135, you?

HEY...if anyone have question papers of sail mt admin..kindly give me.

  • SAIL dont provide. 29 Apr.

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