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Rules, Posting Guidelines [Reloaded]

Hi, Welcome to PaGaLGuY. Read the rules and guidelines of posting below. For a general understanding of the forum and how it works, visit this link. *Rules/FAQ for the forum. A maximum of three warnings for any user not following the below ...
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Few more guidelines for new members and a revision for the old ones. Thanks to Indian_Noble for coming up with this.

Post Content

1. Avoid using slang and SMS language it makes you look immature and is considered a breach of forum etiquette .

2. keep to the thread topic do not hijack other threads by redirecting the flow of discussion .

3. Avoid colored or different styles and sizes of font and do not post in CAPS

4. No Power-Posting/Empty Posts . Do not post empty or useless responses, such as just lol or cool. Only post responses when you have something to contribute.

5. Cross-Posting
Cross-posting is posting the same question multiple times in different sections. This is a waste of resources and is not permitted.


6. Do not quote a post when you are posting directly below it . Quote only the sections of the posts you are replying to .

7. Take great care to post in the relevant sections especially when creating new threads .

8. Act in a give and take manner; help others as often as or more than you ask for help.

9. Avoid posting when you are emotional you will almost definitely regret those posts .


I am not an MBA, hence; I have to use my brains.
Visitors Messages ( Thanks to cute.sid for coming up with the idea and writing them out )

1. Personal Information like email id, phone no. etc. are not to be posted. If you want to contact the user, use the "private messaging" option.
2. Profanities used can well lead to a ban.
3. Links to external websites of commercial nature will be treated as advertising which is not allowed on the forum.
4. If someone finds a profile comment of offending nature he/she is requested not to get into an argument and can well delete the message or inform a >moderator.
5. A safe option is to check the Limit usage of Visitor Messages to Contacts and >Moderators option by using "edit options" in your profile.
6. To disable visitors messages, uncheck the option Enable Visitor Messaging by using "edit options".

Again, thanks to cute.sid for making them :)
I am not an MBA, hence; I have to use my brains.
Signature Rules

1> The signature should be not more than 4 lines. The members are requested to keep their signatures clean,short and in moderate fonts.
2> No personal information like email id/phone numbers.
3> Profile links from any social network. ( e.g. Orkut, Facebook, Twitter ) is allowed.
4> Blogs (text/photo) which are not commercial in nature is allowed.
5> Links to external sites may be allowed on case to case basis if moderators believe that they are for the purpose of sharing knowledge.
6>The moderators may allow links to any entrepreneurial venture to users who have been on the forum for a long time and have been part of the community.
7> Images in signature are strictly not allowed.

Moderators will snip the signature and a warning will be issued to the users who do not conform to the above rules.

I am not an MBA, hence; I have to use my brains.
Thanks/Groan Guidelines
Thanks You can Thank a post in the following scenarios
A post guiding a newbie about the activities on pagalguy.
A post which gives immense value to a discussion or provides critical information.
A post which is in length and presents its thoughts in a articulate manner.
A post which is really full of humor and makes you see light of things.

You groan when
Someone use abusive language in his post.
Someone posts which is irrelevant to the current discussion.
Someone tries to create controversies with scrupulous agenda.

Groans are definitely NOT meant to signify your disagreement of views with any other user or your personal disliking.

Always remember, if you groan at lots of posts, you lose out on making friends. You set off a chain reaction when the person you groaned at groans on all your future posts in retaliation. Over time, both of you start to look like people that nobody wants to see on the forum. Thank more , groan only when you think it is highly crucial. If you do not agree with someone elses views, PM him/her or contribute to the discussion in a holistic manner.
I am not an MBA, hence; I have to use my brains.

Well its high time all the n00bs hv a pee-ka-boo at the rules and guidelines of the forum before posting/starting new threads.


Rules Updated. Please be thorough with them before posting.

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C'mon now Adiieu!!

You still part of that team..you were first to volunteer! So credits to you as well!!

pagalguy Says
Major thanks to Sambar, Praveen and Adiieu for creating the above set of rules for the forum.

PG..the credit should go ONLY to Praveen and Sambar....moi has been vey busy with work for the past 2 days and contributed zilch to the above... :oops:
But Praveen and Samba....great work guyz :):)

Hope PG-ites implement the above set of rules

Major thanks to Sambar, Praveen and Adiieu for creating the above set of rules for the forum.

I personally would ask the forum members, old and new to adhere to the above tenets. If a newbie makes a mistake, please send him/her back to this post. If need be, quote the specific rule as a reply to the wrong post.

I'm sure once all of you help in the active moderation, the forum will be a better place and we will be able to maintain the quality of the forum for years to come. If you see a post not following the above rules, feel free to intervene and make your point.

More than we mods doing the job, I would sincerely appreciate it if everyone moderated for the betterment of the place to ensure the quality we have come to expect of this place.

Warmest Regards,

We are hiring: Sales, Tech, Design etc : www.pagalguy.com/careers/  


Welcome to PaGaLGuY. Read the rules and guidelines of posting below. For a general understanding of the forum and how it works, visit this link.
Rules/FAQ for the forum. A maximum of three warnings for any user not following the below rules.

0. Advertising (direct or surrogate), generating leads in public or through Private Messages on the forum is not allowed without permission of PaGaLGuY.com. Any advertising on the site without permission will immediately invite an immediate public ban. If you wish to advertise, please contact marketing@pagalguy.com

You may freely share personal blogs or initiatives in your signature. However, posting your own blogs or websites with a clear focus on diverting discussions away from the forum or business angle is clearly not done. Do not spam the threads with Press Releases or marketing content, such as copy-paste of website or brochure content of a b-school.

1. Familiarise yourself with this place
Take your own sweet time to familiarise with the forum and its pulse. Only then start posting. Visit other similar forums to know the difference between forum and an e-group.

2. Where to start?
I. Start by providing a brief introduction about yourself in the 'Anouncement' Section's "Introduce Yourself" thread. This will help exisiting members know more about you so that they can help, if need be.

II. Best place to start posting is in Chit-Chat forum. Whatever you do there, will be recieved in lighter vein and you wont be disappointed to see your first posts/thread locked/moved or criticized.

3. Spams & Flames
I. No multiple threads on same/similar topics. We encourage posting in existing threads so that the forum is more manageable. Mutiple threads would be locked by moderators and purged later.

II. Do not SPAM or post in threads that have specific puposes ( like, Alumni Zone, Announcements ) unless you mean it. Frequent violaters shall be banned.

III. We are all a friendly and helpful bunch out here. Don't make personal attacks on anyone. Bring it to notice any issue/concerns to mods if need be.

IV. USE SHOUTBOX whenever in doubt. Some of the old-timers mite be around at that time to help you.

4. Posting in threads
I. Sharing of personal information such as Phone numbers/addresses in posts are strictly forbidden. You may use PM/mail to share such information.

II. No canvasing to sell any materials. Exchange of exam related items such as Mock Cats, materials is however permitted. Users violating this rule would be warned. And repeated offenders would be banned.

III. Make use of the Search functionality extensively. This place has been around for a while and your question might have already been raised and answered in appropriate thread(s). Trivial threads shall be locked and purged immediately.

IV. Use quote function whenever you are refering to a particular post/posts. This will facilitate easy reading. However, refrain from quoting full posts as it will occupy unnecessary space.

V. Name your threads appropriately. This will not only facilitate user to filter unwanted threads but also it will make search easier. For example, a thread on SimCat-1 better have that word in the title rather than an something like "My first simulated feline examination".

VI. Go easy on CAPS. Posting messages in CAPS is not only rude but also makes it uncomfortable to read. Refrain from using very light or dark colours for posts. They annoy readers.

VII. Be nice to everyone. Sarcastic comments, innuendoes and behaviour unbecoming of the regulars who visit here will not be taken lightly.

VIII. Do not post MATERIAL where you do not have permission to distribute it electronically or otherwise.

IX. Observe all Copyright Laws, Terms of Services and Trademarks when posting copyrighted material. If the material belongs to someone else, do credit the original author. Do not post messages that violate National or State Laws, which include, but are not limited to, anything that violates a copyright, trademark, patent or trade secret.

X. You will not discuss, suggest, engage, or encourage any Illegal Activities. Links provided to locations that deal with any such activity are also expressly forbidden

XI. This is a neutral forum and everybody is on the same footing. Any attempts to advertise or do shady activities (cloning, misrepresentation) for surrogate advertising will be strictly dealt with.

Moderators and Administrators frequently review forum messages for those that are in violation of Forum rules. Any messages found to be in violation will be deleted without warning or explanation.

PaGaL GuY Forum reserves the right to edit, reprint, distribute, or delete any posting for any reason and without prior notification or explanation to the author.

PaGaL GuY Forum takes no responsibility for the content of any of the messages posted in the Forum or of the authenticity of its authors.

All opinions and views expressed in the PaGaL Forum are solely those of their respective authors and are not necessarily those of PaGaL GuY Forum or its representatives.

PaGaL GuY reserves the right to change the aforementioned rules at any time without warning or notice.

It is the responsibility of the forum member to check this page on a regular basis for any revisions in PaGaL GuY Forum rules before making any posts to the forum.

By posting to the PaGaL GuY Forum, you agree to abide by the above rules and terms.

In the end. Just be nice, have fun and treat others with respect. Glad to have you on board :)


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