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RBI Exams Preparation Resources

Hi Guys, Any one preparing for the RBI Grade B officers exam to be held on 16 Oct apart from CAT, please post any info regarding preparation u have, any online resources, books to refer, type of questions et al. Also anyone from Delhi pl...

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I am doing my final year CSE. What are the exams in RBI that i can attend,should I complete my course before attending.

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Hi guys,

Can anyone suggest me a  good coaching institute in Delhi for rbi grade b.

Also, people already working as a grade b, would appreciate if you can tell a bit about the work environment in RBI? I wonder if it is like any other sarkari daftar or better coz only good quality candidates are being taken there.


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Sharing a PDF on 

Major Issues Confronting Indian Economic Policy. Povery , Inequality & INCLUSIVE GROWTH


RBI Economics & Social Issues 2012-13 Paper

Q.  'Monetary policy is not a panacea for India's long term economic challenges'. Discuss. ........10 Marks



Times of India

After a devastating blowback from the market, government and RBI must stop their crosstalk

Aug  19, 2013, 12.00AM

Statements from different officials have conveyed the impression that India's central bank is not on the same page as the government. This has spread confusion and undermined the efficacy of monetary policy. Signals from monetary policy are most effectively transmitted when communication is clear. Crosstalk doesn't help. Raghuram Rajan will take over as RBI governor against the backdrop of markets going into free fall, whether be of currency or equities. As he chooses his course of action, he will be aware that the government is financially stretched and politically hamstrung by looming general elections.

 India's problems with different deficits, fiscal and current account, are well known. What makes things worse is that not only is the US central bank likely to soon begin rolling back its huge monetary stimulus, but it is likely to do so under a new chairman. Global financial markets' perceptions of the new, and as yet unknown, chairman just add to the uncertainty about the manner in which trillions of dollars will move around.

 Monetary policy is not a panacea for India's long-term economic challenges. Prosperity can only be brought about by structural changes to make the economy more productive. That is entirely in the hands of governments - at the Centre and in states. Monetary policy can, at best, be a tool to smoothen ups and downs of economic activity in the short run.

In the recent past monetary policy has been largely ineffective. Particularly, actions to defend the rupee have not only yielded disappointing results but also spread confusion about the policy's goals. Responsibility for this does not lie only with the RBI. It rests as well at the door of the government. Given the challenges that lie ahead, government officials must at the very least restrict comment on monetary policy and avoid public display of differences.

 Moreover, credibility will come only by letting market forces play out. The cost of restraining them is now prohibitive. Events of the last week are a stark example of the crisis that can be triggered by experiments of curb and control from the socialist era. The response was a devastating blowback from the market. Together, the government and RBI can steer the economy through troubled waters by complementing each other and letting the market work without arbitrary intervention.


Hi Guys I am sharing one pdf file. For Finance I think it will be very helpful. Share with maximum. IT covers Money Market, Stock Exchanges, Capital Market etc.   



Anyone here who has a pdf of Indian economy by ramesh singh please share and send it to me at rohitdhanrajgir1988@gmail.com 

Congrats abhinav. i am appearing for this year rbi exam. Can you tell me what to study for preliminary exam.

Can anyone tell which journalist to follow on internet for Indian Economy and banking sector related editorials ? I have heard that Bibek Debroy's articles are good. Who are the others that I can follow ?

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