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PRM (Professional Risk Manager) by PRMIA

*Hi guys Is there anyone here preparing for PRM or have completed it ?:neutral: I have just started :satisfie: have to complete before september last week:( we can discuss different things related to this ?:neutral: How is it compared to F...
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@arunrajes Try and understand how these formulae are arrived. See, PRM is all about understanding the formulae conceptually. There's no use of mugging up. So spend sometime in really understanding what going on. And why did they have to come up so many Risk measures. What were the previous measures lacking which the new ones made up for etc etc.
Hope this helps :)

Dear all,

I have purchased PRM exam material from OM copy center in Mumbai. Received book materials....I am planning to start from Exam 1. Any one preparing for exam 1 here ? it would be more helpful if some one can share, how to start studying for PRM exam 1. I am scared the moment i opened the chapter 1 - risk and risk aversion...so many formulas are there..Mean variance criteria...RAPM etc....Should i remember all these formulas or should i try to understand how these formulas have arrived ???

Looking forward for some help from members who have cleard PRM exam 1



  • Hi arun. u said u puchased the exam material from OM book.... 18 Apr '13.
naveen hegde @naveenh91
Hi arun. u said u puchased the exam material from OM book center in mumbai. do u mean u brought the copy of the hand book that is the official study material?? how much did it cost ?? and could you give me the contact details of the book center...it would be of grt help if you could clarify these doubts at the earliest...
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Any one from Chennai preparing for PRM exam...Seeking possibilities of forming a study group

@the_funtom ....glad I could be of help....jus read thru this entire post frm page 1....ull get all ur answers....
@srujan90 said:
@the_funtom No...they don't offer question banks. You have to buy the questions from riskprep or one of the sites mentioned in this conversation. Jus go to the previous one or two pages and ull find them.
Thanks a ton Srujan...I earlier wanted to take the FRM but can't afford the wait....so PRM it is! All I was wondering was how'd I practice and you've just answered that. Made my decision a lot more easier.....why dint I wander thru these forums earlier????? :)
@the_funtom No...they don't offer question banks. You have to buy the questions from riskprep or one of the sites mentioned in this conversation. Jus go to the previous one or two pages and ull find them.

Are there any materials for practicing questions? Do Om, Laxmi or Mahakali book/xerox centres offer any test banks towards PRM I,II,III & IV?

@srujan90 thanks..and what about the cost of study material..
@derivatives It'll cost you $50 for registration and if you belong to a low income country then you will get a 25% discount on every exam which costs $195 without the discount. To avail the discount you need to be a registered member i.e. you have to pay the $50 to get the discount on all the exams. Once you register, you are a member for one year and if you complete all the 4 exams within that period then you don't have to register again else you need to register again for another year to avail the discount on the exams you will be writing in the second year.

hi can anyone share the total cost for writing the exam 1 prm.. including the registration fee,study material fee...

@Moneybhai No...I don't think any1 has the excel workbook....i realise that it contains the data n formulae.....but in case you want to learn a specific method or simulation technique....if you jus google it you'll get it....

@quant_riski: Thank you.

Any of you guys have the excel workbook, which contains all the data and formulae. Based on this excel workbook illustrations in the PRM handbook are worked out.

I just had the older handbook.. and took the mock test on eduleap.. that should suffice.

Hey guy, Can pl. let me know which edition of PRM handbook is valid and relevant for exams in 2013?

Thank you..!

@quant_riski I have already cleared all the exams :)...jus wanted u to give a detailed info so dat students in the future cud make an informed decision.....for exam 4 i didn't buy any papers and riskprep doesn't provide as well. Its quite easy, jus read the case studies 2-3 times and understand wat went wrong and wat type risks were ignored...etc....u shud be fine then :)

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