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Hie guys, We are starting this thread to _*cater to any generic queries related to B-schools abroad*_. You will also have veterans answer to your queries out here on the thread. Also, merging all relevant threads with this one. * * G...
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Please evaluate my profile and provide me guidance on which B-schools should I select.
My MBA interest: FT, General Management
GMAT (on July 30, 2011) - 770 (Q50, V44, AWA 6.0)
Have been selected for the first batch of Indian School of Business(ISB) Young Leaders Programme, class of 2015.
Total Work Experience at the time of matriculation: FT 2 years PT 2.5 years

I am currently working in a boutique family firm which specialises in the fields of Family Business Advisory, Entrepreneurial Venture Advisory and MIS systems. We also are involved in real estate deals and the lightweight brick manufacturing business.

Also, I am a core team member of an NGO Rural Health Care Foundation. Our mission is to eradicate the lack of health care facilities in rural India through the deliverance of affordable quality health care by opening primary health care units in those remote villages where health care delivery system of the state is sparse. As recognition of my social service work, I was awarded the National Youth Award, 2012 by the Government of India. My organisation has won several awards like AmeriCares India Certificate of Merit, Mahindra Spark The Rise Award, Social Enterprise Of The Year Award, etc. The United Nations has selected the success story of one of our founders for a publication of UN Volunteers. We were also invited by Mckinsey and Duke Medicine as a speaker to the International Partnership for Innovative Healthcare Delivery.

After graduating from college, I worked in Citrix Systems as a Software Developer for 3.5 months.
I worked part-time alongside college for 2.5 years in a software company. I started as an intern and then eventually moved on to taking commercial projects for the company on contract basis. I helped them start the mobile software department, hiring and training people. I also was the team leader for the department and was heavily involved in dealing with the international clients.

I also worked on a startup which worked to refurbish old computers and provide them to the needy.

Sex – Male Age – 24 yrs

Education:B. E. (IT) from Jadavpur Univ, passing out in 2012. GPA 8.52 out of 10

1. Am currently learning Mandarin. I scored 200/200 in the HSK Level 1 Chinese Proficiency Test
2. Photographs captured by me were published in a national magazine Campus Diaries
3. I am an active Toastmaster
4. Nominated for the National Youth Award, 2012 for social service by the Government of India for my work for an NGO working for rural healthcare
5. Selected by the Government of India as a delegate to China for the India China Youth Exchange Program, 2011
6. Came 3rd in inter-school debate in 10th standard in Mumbai City District level debate competition
7. Came 2nd in under-15 throwball competition in Mumbai District
8. Best all-rounder in school in 10th standard9. Held the post of monitor all through school life. Was prefect and assistant prefect of my house as well.

Aim: I want to join a venture capital working in the area of technology. After working there for 4-5 years, I want to start up my own technology firm. My firm would provide free or subsidised services to NGOs while earning revenues from corporate sales. I want to use technology to make quality education more accessible to the underprivileged.

I would like to know:
1. How my profile looks for an MBA from the top B-schools like Harvard, Stanford, Wharton, Booth, LBS, Columbia, MIT, Kellogg, etc?
2. What, in your opinion, are my strengths and weakness reflected in my profile?
3. Please mention what should I do to make my case stronger for final call.
4. Which schools do I most stand a chance of getting admitted to if I apply for the class entering 2014?

  • Thank you so much for your response. I will take note of .... 28 Jul '13.
  • @rish2jain Please refer below respose to your queries: .... 28 Jul '13.
@rish2jain 73
Thank you so much for your response. I will take note of your advice and improvise accordingly.
ivyctor 2010 @ivyctor2010 920
@rish2jain Please refer below respose to your queries:
1. You have a well rounded profile with demonstrated leadership traits. Though low on experience, you stand a good chance in getting through top B-Schools. Dig deeper to understand DNA of each schools e.g. Stanford has highest %age of admits (freshers & 0-2 years experience) and LBS typically has higher avg. exp. for incoming class. This will help you short list 5 out of top 20 schools.
2. Strength - Innovation, initiative, versatility & analytical ability (GMAT), weakness - One may perceive that you got into too many things at same time. So, are you a focused person? Will you get bored from a job? What have you done to move in direction of your short term goal? - try thinking critically around these.
3. Do fine-tune your goals further. Share the motivation behind that goal (with more clarity). Also answer obvious questions like - why not you continue in family business and achieve the end or why not pursue your LT goal right out of MBA.
4. Once you have more clarity around # 3. - this can be worked out with accuracy.

Hope this helps.


My first time here since I recently decided to pursue an MBA. I'm looking for one of the top B Schools in Asia eg. Nayang, NUS and the likes.

I'm currently pursuing CA having completed articleship from a big4 firm. I have one group of the final exam left to clear which I hope to do in Nov (fingers crossed!)

Other background includes being organiser for a TEDx for the past 3 years.

Do you think this is sufficient to have a fair shot at these schools for the 2014 intake? or should I work for 1-2 years more? I personally want to do it in 2014 but if theres absolutely no chance of me getting one of the top schools with this much background, I would be forced to push my plans to 2015 or 2016.

Can you please advise?

  • Thank you so much @askrohan. 31 Jul '13.
  • Hi @deepee6 I would suggest you to gain some substantial .... 29 Jul '13.
Deepika Malla @deepee6 3
Thank you so much @askrohan
Rohan kumar @askrohan 61
Hi @deepee6 I would suggest you to gain some substantial work experience before applying for top b-schools in Asia, however you can plan your preparation by now. You can build your profile in next couple of years and then apply with strong case. Let me know if you have any questions...

Hey guys I am doing my B.com Final year. I havent started any preparation for CAT or GMAT. I m really confused abt the next big step after B.com. Can anyone help me pls?

  • Dear @kal93 , you are still in your final year and you ha.... 23 Jul '13.
  • if u wanna opt for ms then go for gmat abroad, if ur look.... 23 Jul '13.
MentorStone.com Education @Unoeducation.in 50
Dear @kal93 , you are still in your final year and you have very good opportunity of getting an MBA from top B-schools (Yes! Without Experience you could apply!). Please check Harvard 2+2 program, Yale Silver Scholars Program and ISB YLP. Thse programs are designed just for students like you who are in final year. You could apply before graduating, and get an admit. Please understand that these programs are very competitive and you need to present your case well to get through. Please let me know in case of any queries.
Uno Education
navin seth @naga13 22
if u wanna opt for ms then go for gmat abroad, if ur looking for indian bschools then start preparing for cat and take a job alongside..

What is the minimum work experience required for the MBA abroad?

  • @Hasim What do you mean by top roles here? Tech products .... 21 Jul '13.
  • @ivyctor2010 I would like to work in top roles for tech p.... 21 Jul '13.
I'm a 2013 IT passed out. TCSer and MBA in China aspirant.
ivyctor 2010 @ivyctor2010 920
@Hasim What do you mean by top roles here? Tech products in which industry?
Hasim Resvi @Hasim 3
@ivyctor2010 I would like to work in top roles for tech product companies.

IS it true that at the age of 40 ,person will not get US visa?


I have been admitted to few universities that are listed below and am confused which university I should go.
1. UMass Boston
2. Rochester Institute of Technology
3. IIT Stuart school of Business
4. Michigan Flint
Would like some help.

  • @vediarushabh Goto the website of each university and car.... 21 Jul '13.
  • Top 2 are good, umass has an edge over all these.. 20 Jul '13.
RPI Admissions @RPI_Lally 40
@vediarushabh Goto the website of each university and carefully evaluate the courses that each school offers you. Based on that evaluate the direction that each school would give you. Match that direction with your career goal and see whether it helps you to reach there.
Hope this helps and best of luck for your future.
Admissions - Lally School Of Management & Technology
navin seth @naga13 22
Top 2 are good, umass has an edge over all these.

Hello all, I stay in Dubai and have approx. 10 yrs work exp. I am in the field of advertising & digital media. I want to know more about the Exec MBA program in London Business School Dubai campus. I attended an introductory session in the campus and was quite impressive. They say that the curriculum is exactly at par with the London campus. Need your guidance please. The fees for the 20 month program is 95K USD and hence the request for your guidance.

  • Thanks a lot Csquare. Do they have placements by any chan.... 19 Jul '13.
  • @satydg4u yes , it does carry the same weightage as the L.... 19 Jul '13.
satrajit duttagupta @satydg4u 8
Thanks a lot Csquare. Do they have placements by any chance? Also what about scholarships, considering their course fees is a little too steep ? They do have a few classes in the London campus as per their curriculum.
Csquare Learnings @CsquareLearnings 44
@satydg4u yes , it does carry the same weightage as the LBS London Campus no doubt abt it... it is just that you miss London Experience, other the Course, its delivery methodology and other aspects remain the same. - Hope this helps.

Hi guys i just took my GMAT today and i have got a scrore of 720 . (Q49 and V39) . This was my first attempt . I have only around 1 year and 4 months of experience . My BE marks is not too good either as I have only 68% and a history of arears of 12 attempts. Should I try for a B-school and if so which ones and which country would you suggest?

  • @ivyctor2010 thanks a lot man. To answere your question I.... 18 Jul '13.
  • @karthik.velu First of all congratulations on a great .... 18 Jul '13.
Karthik Velu @karthik.velu 1,020
@ivyctor2010 thanks a lot man. To answere your question Ideally i would want to do an MBA related to finance and get myslef a job in the financial sector; As far as where I would like to do I haven't decided (Any place that will give me a good opportunity) . I have 1 years and 4 months experience as a Program Analyst in Cognizant( jan 2012 to may 2013). I recently quit this job since the work pressure was getting too much for me Ideally I would like to join MBA straight away However i know in most place 1 year and 4 months experience is not considered enough could you give me some suggestion. I was thinking of trying to get a job in Govt. bank as this will be useful experience for me and then apply for MBA after two years
ivyctor 2010 @ivyctor2010 920
First of all congratulations on a great score. Forget all your concerns about low BE marks, that is no longer a factor.
Now, there are 100s of B-schools around the world which accept a GMAT score, so before I suggest schools to you I would want to know your goals, in terms of:
1) Post-MBA industry,
2) Post-MBA job function
3) Where do you wish to do your MBA from?
4) A brief about your professional background

HiApart from MBA what all master's degree one can look for in finance, Which dosent require work experience or atleast is not mandatory. Also gives job placement. Location- US.I have heard programs called MIM(masters is management) or Young leaders Program(YLP). So does all university's offer these programs?

  • @naga13 Hi, there are some good programs where in you can.... 23 Jul '13.
  • @naga13 If you are looking specifically at finance then o.... 09 Jul '13.
Rohan kumar @askrohan 61
@naga13 Hi, there are some good programs where in you can apply as fresher in US. Can you tell me more about your profile so that I can help you on this.
RPI Admissions @RPI_Lally 40
@naga13 If you are looking specifically at finance then one program you could look at is MS Financial Engineering & Risk Analytics, one year program, which is offered by RPI - Lally School. Want to mention here that this course is STEM Accredited, giving additional benefit to students. And work ex is not mandatory for enrolling in this course.
Let us know if you need any more help (pm or comment)
Admissions - RPI - Lally Schoolf Of Management & Technology



I am planning to give GMAT in August. I have a work ex of 3years. I am currently pursuing actuarial science. I want to do one year MBA. I have been able to narrow down to one college i.e. ISB. But i am still not able to decide on which colleges to apply abroad. Please guide me on the same.

  • Dear @alankrita.1 , You have 3 years of experience and yo.... 07 Jul '13.
  • @alankrita.1 What are your post MBA goals in terms of pos.... 07 Jul '13.
MentorStone.com Education @Unoeducation.in 50
Dear @alankrita.1 , You have 3 years of experience and you wish to pursue 1 year MBA? Please note that most 1 year MBA programs are executive MBA programs outside India. And you may not be eligible for these programs with mere 3 years of experience. You may instead go for 1.5 year long MBA programs which also offer you opportunity to intern , which, in turn helps you in getting placed post-MBA. University selection depends on your post- MBA goals, your location preference, your MBA budget and your GMAT score/profile. In absence of more details on your profile/preference it is difficult to shortlist schools for you. Please share more info on your acheivements, extra currics.
ivyctor 2010 @ivyctor2010 920
@alankrita.1 What are your post MBA goals in terms of post-MBA industry and function you wish to work in? These parameters will help us narrow down the choices for you.

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