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PG Survey: What will you do if you become a Moderator/Administrator on PaGaLGuY.com?

Remember the essay topic in school -> "What will you do if you become the Prime Minister of India?" :: Lets relive that here --> *What will you do if you become a Moderator/Administrator on PaGaLGuY.com?* :: *We can then discuss...
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All those users whose Groans to post ratio is greater than 0.4 and the user is at least a trainee pagal will be banned.
Obviously because his posts ae unpopular , loathful and incite speculation or useless debates.
Such users dont deserve to be a puy.
Secondly i will tag posts at ,my descrition, as outrageous .
After three outrageous posts the user will be banned for life from pagalguy.
If i get 20 or more recos from puys to ban a user he will be banned on popular demand.
anyone who asks what his chances are even though he has cent percent chances will be banned after a publicly humiliating post from me.
Any art member trying to sweet talk about his college without adequate substance will be banned and the college will be banned for 1 year.
Any flirting , personal abuse , future telling regarding cutoffs and unsolicited advice will be shown the dorr.
using these measure i will reduce the pagalguy populaiton and make it clean.
Request mods to make me a new mod ASAP cosndiering the value i will add to pagalguy as a moderator.

PS plz dont ban me , my existence is important for pagalguys future

"Good management consists in showing average people how to do the work of superior people."

"Actions Speak louder than words"

Make me the Mod and see the revolutionary changes I make.

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if a became moderator these are the things i want to do..

1) add a button for user to invite their friend from GMAIL, facebook,etc.

2) install a customized chat messenger . where some category will be predefined and visitors can select the category and chat .and backend control will be given to authorised ppl .
example: like IIMA groups control will be given to ppl at iim a who r authorized by PG.

reason : posting is a quite slow way 2 communicate..

3) more no of polls should be there.

4) a running ticker on the home page of latest event and all could help to update users at a glance.

5)Pg published a book . i think users need e-magazine monthly or quarterly.which will help a lot.

to be continued.

was searching for some other thread...when i landed up encountering this thread ... what will you do if you become prime minister ..err Moderator

i believe that moderators should remain online for as long as possible ... and i find very few mods being online for almost a day ... i will like to remain online almost whole day ( even now i remain online)... just like PP remains .. and when it comes to admins, gnrs is the only one i find online always

Being online .. there are few things of which i will be taking care of :

1. Seeing that while posting... people control their tone...as sometimes people become too sarcastic which might hurt someone else feelings

2. Closing the threads which remain inactive for long period . I sometimes find that nothing has been posted on a thread for long and it is still open.

3. Keep cleaning the threads at regular intervals by removing irrelevant posts... i find people posting in a thread which is not at all relevant... eg: there are 2 threads..one on PG meet and other for study group.... people keep discussing questions on PG Meet thread rather than study group thread... thse things should be taken care of !

4. Checking out shouts in SB ...sometimes, people shout something which should not have been done and due to lesser mods remaining online all time, they escape from mod actions.

5. Being available for puys, online as well as offline whenever they need any help/suggestion.

Anyways .. coming back to the real world

moderators and admins are doing great job :thumbsup: they are always available to help us out ... seeing their devotion for puys and PG, hats off to them!!! No one can easily identify that their job on PG is on voluntarily basis. :cheers:
** MBA is hyped but post MBA life is over hyped **
rgblogs Says
I will add a link to download some pages of the forum so that people like me can browse offline

well for starters...you can mark your favorite posts
My old signature does not fit here :(

If I were to become a mod the first thing I wud do is pinch myself. Apart from the usual stuff like being online and trying to keep PG clutter free and clean, I would also like to provide some kind of confidence boosters for the newbies in PG, like helping them to identify themselves and bringing them into the limelight. Second of all, I would like to open up a separate section for a CAT based CBT.

More ideas to follow!!!


I will try my level best to be online at PG as much as I can and will put my best effort to do all such activities what other mods and admins are doing specially Rohit(estranged_gnrs),because he is only the person who is online at PG frequently.In addition to this,I will try to do something new which will help Pagalguy.com and it's users.

If I'll be a mod or admin !!!


Will make sure i carry the responsibilities to the best

I will add a link to download some pages of the forum so that people like me can browse offline

I would clean the interface,
right now its toooooooo complicated

when i arrived here at PG, took me months to get used to it...

Also would add RSS and ATOM feeds...


found it very irrelevant when i read it today ..

so --snipped---

You are not rich until you own your mistakes - Linda Poindexter

I've request..Please allow mobile users to choose any version...Mobile or PC. I'm not able to use all it functions on pg-mob so want to use its full functioning pc version. Just give a choice to opt for any that's all. I hope u'll take action regarding this v soon.

pagalguy Says
The home page part will be taken care of within a month. We are working on it as well to reduce clutter & improve ease of use :)

Thx for considering the 2'nd suggestion(read WISH) and I seriously feel it would help the puys in general and the newbies in particular.

What abt the 1'st suggestion, its probably time to develop pg as a one stop sol'n for CAT(or MBA) instead of just a forum (though it has a CLASS in this category).

P.S -> plzzzzz if my tone is not good plz. don't take it otherwise.
Its only coz I have seen so many guys who have been there and seen it all attached to pg that I who wants to be there and see it(:), feels like he is also attached to pg in some way or the other. And so I would love to see it GROW .....

Srry again if I sound rude or authoritative.

I'LL BE makin it the home page of india...

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If I become an administrator, I would use a lot of AJAX in this site and also change the look to a more subtle colour scheme in vogue for web 2.0 sites these days.

Threads could display posts not just in historical order but also similar to stacking method used by Gmail or Facebook or other similar services. People could see posts and below them, replies to them which can be expanded or collapsed, giving a more connected look to replies. Separate posts could be displayed in the usual chronological order.

Also, its important to develop a mobile web interface for this site. The ad-hoc services like calculation of CAT and other exam results etc. should be accessible from anywhere.
Also, people should be able to view and post on forums from WAP enabled phones.

Lastly, I would introduce more variety of merchandise on sale. I'm sure there are puys who'd love to show off their devil tees. Its important the message is delivered in the right sense (something that sites like Yelp do so well) that buying merchandise helps support the company and is also uber-cool to sport it.

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