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PG Survey: What will you do if you become a Moderator/Administrator on PaGaLGuY.com?

Remember the essay topic in school -> "What will you do if you become the Prime Minister of India?" :: Lets relive that here --> *What will you do if you become a Moderator/Administrator on PaGaLGuY.com?* :: *We can then discuss...
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Follow the Dharma

Improve the quality of content
Moderate some offensive and potshots taken

i will make it mandatory for:

1. users to improve on moderator suggestions twice a week
2. mandate the use of emoticons once in every 10 posts and not more than twice in 5 posts
3. make it mandatory for uploading a detailed doc like report or proposal or even rfi for membership
4. identify a list of 10 new users every year who have to reveal who they are where they are and what has their experience been and make them 14 independent threads for users to compare evealuate and ask questions ( sponsored admin department/placement users allowed)
5. load a news portal froma recognised news provider and increase the use of a graphical layout for the forum
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get more guys with the data in thru a special back door and give out admin privileges to at least 50 more

Busy in a IIML FPM in Finance Area , Corporate Finance.  IIMB Finance & Strat in 1994. http://bit.ly/1LelTXf 

If i become the mod then i will introduce :-

1) The option to upload documents/images in the reply of topics.
2) The option to use emoticons in the reply of topics..

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If I become a administrator on PagalGuy, I will open a new thread for undergraduate students.
Pagalguy is definitely a good platform and Pagalguy is doing a brilliant job to fulfill the expectations of Prospective candidates.

But, I think Prospective Undergraduate students need pagalguy to decide and list down their colleges and streams after 12th.
People can discuss the acceptance criteria of various colleges in different cities. The acceptance criteria varies a lot - some colleges depend on percentage scored in 12th, some go for entrance tests.

Also, people now-a-days are NOT blindly wanted Engineering/Medical courses. They wanted to explore various other career options. Those who are already in such type of varied institutes can help them to judge the best suited course.

I would be no more an undergraduate student from June onward. But I felt that Pagalguy like organisation fulfill the need of prospective undergraduate courses.

If i become mod, i would expand its target audience.
Currently mostly mba aspirants and some bank exams aspirants visit here.
I would like to expand its reach to gate aspirants ( more than 10 lakh candidates appeared for gate 5 times more than cat) ... Although there are a few thread for gate aspirants present here but they are too dull as all our experts are in mba threads.
Similarly iit aspirants may be targeted too.
Finally since there are many successfull people present, many puys get to IIMs and other top b schools , means we have a lot of young, intelligent, educated, good earning bachelors here, so we can start some matrinomial services too. .
This expansion will increase business revenue for pg.


where is the admin ?? how dare he can give wrong information regarding ranking of DMS NIT Durgapur MBA it is a worse and worse college how can he show it in top 100 list ???????

  • @JaZz_Az Read this please: www.pagalguy.com/rankings/20.... 28 Nov '13.
  • It is done after a comprehensive survey, the process of w.... 28 Nov '13.
Shantanu Ray @dark-phoenix 4,852
It is done after a comprehensive survey, the process of which is quite transparent. Please post in related thread.

Would love to make a detailed calender of all the B-School exams for every year that is the cutoff date to apply, method to apply, registration fees, qualifying exam etc. This calender will be user editable but the content will be publicly verified only after the cahnges are reviewd and approved by the mods. This will help in keeping all the info updated as the data will come from multiple sources and since the mods will review it, the possibility of spam will be very less.

Would also like to make it mandatory for first 5 or 10 posts of new users to be reviewed by mods/experienced puys as thats where the spam/fake users can be curbed
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This thread has been closed. I think this is one of the best threads which got old, eventually ignored, and finally closed.

And this is not the only one, there are many such great threads which, due to the unnecessary neglect, got closed down.

If I become a Moderator, I'll definitely make it my first priority to get such amazing threads active, and get puys so inquisitive, and active that these threads will receive their due respect and credit.

More likely to be found here: facebook.com/neil.mukherjee17

If i become mod......

Now i am on PF for about 8 hrs every day....If i become mod then may be 18 hrs...I can name my addiction atleast.....

{We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act but a habit.}

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