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Personal Interviews (Past Questions,Tips and Related Discussion)

*Welcome friends... I started this thread,as I don't find any thread where past Interview questions are posted in a systematic way.I request all PG users who had already attended many interviews to post their interview experience,so that others ...
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people wat about the dress code...for the interview...

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Hello friends
can anyone tell me :
What about tie
is it must in interview?

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hello friends
can anyone help me out as what could be the ideal answer to these qns--

1.define success.what are the qualities req to be successful?

2.give a brief description of ur career goals explain how this course would help u attain them?

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I don't think there are any tailor-made "out of the box" answers to a question like "Why should we take you?" Your reasons for wanting an MBA will vary, and the MBA admissions committee will want to hear all of them, I think.

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Nice answer...i tried something like that, but it turned against me...finally i was asked to choose one of the options, after which i chose the 65%, following which i was screwed for the nxt 5 mins on how i wasnt a team player nd stuff...plus i hav a sneaky feeling that even if i'd chosen teh 96% they'd hav said that i wasnt ambitious enough or something
i somehow felt like the emoticons above

LOL. yeh you should always choose one option , cause then the panel thinks that you are "beating about the bush". just get to the point , (i might want to ask the panel if they are in a relaxes mood , that whether it is out of 100? ) it is a tricky question , lot of rebuttle for anything u may say.. well anyways, id say i would rather have if a 65% and come first in class,.
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ma question:* is it true that the interview is based on the DAF we fil..??

* and wat should be da answer if they ask that y m i intrested
in the course i applied for..??

* whats the weightage given to ma past academic score in
pi...do they hold any importance..??:

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My question is
Is there any tailor made answer to the question "Why should we take you" ?
The reason being whatever I say the panel always replies that this quality is present in others as well.Whatever it may be,the reply is the same:WHAT IS THAT XTRA???
Is it that I need more introspection or is it that I need to paraphrase in such a manner that there is no further questioning...or there's some other problem

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hey shubho thnx mate.....

ya posts are surely gonna help a lot..

ya guys doin a great job...

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Can Ny1 Discuss GDPI For SIES PGDM.....................................
Its On 21st FEB.

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:Your rights in the interview:

There are clear human rights guidelines for employment interview questions. An applicant for employment may be asked to divulge only information relevant to the position applied for. By law, an employer must focus on gathering information relevant to deciding if an applicant can perform the functions of a position.

Some employers mistakenly believe that they have a right to ask any question they choose since they are paying the salary. Others are simply awkward in their technique, and an unlawful question results. However, human rights law does not distinguish between the interviewer who is asking questions with the intent to discriminate and the one who is just curious or inept at interviewing.

Some questions are appropriate and others are illegal. You do not have to answer questions that are illegal. The Ontario Human Rights Code prohibits discrimination in employment on the grounds of:

  1. Race
  2. Ancestry
  3. Place of origin
  4. Colour
  5. Ethnic origin
  6. Citizenship
  7. Religion
  8. Sex
  9. Sexual orientation
  10. Age Record of offences
  11. Marital status Same-sex partnership status
  12. Family status
  13. Disability

Although it is ultimately the responsibility of the interviewer to know the law, this knowledge may sometimes be lacking. It is to your advantage to be informed on the subject.
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after entering the interview room. are we req 2 just sit there after their permission or we have 2 show our degrees and all at the starting.
my question sounds really stupid but i wanna know is there anything which we have 2 do on our own rather than being asked.

We are supposed to go and stand near the chair. We shouldn't ask for their permission to sit. There were instances where the whole interview was conducted with the interviewee was standing.

And generally we shouldn't offer them our file unless asked for which they will invariably do at some point. Or there may be a separate session for checking the degrees. However its prudent to keep the file very well prepared. It creates a very good impression.
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after entering the interview room. are we req 2 just sit there after their permission or we have 2 show our degrees and all at the starting.
my question sounds really stupid but i wanna know is there anything which we have 2 do on our own rather than being asked.

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18. Why do you wish to join IIM (A)? If IIM (C) offered the same study method, but with a lower fee structure, which would you join?
19. Why have you applied abroad? For which fields of MBA have you applied? To which university have you applied?
20. Why are you not interested in research? What is your career plan after the MBA?
21. Why do you choose this specialisation? What qualities should a manager in this field possess?
22. In the light of globalisation, how should the job profile of a marketing manager change? What are the duties of a finance manager?
23. Can an MBA be useful to a politician who needs to organise and plan rallies?
24. What is the social responsibility of the corporate sector?
25. How is Mathematics relevant to Management?
26. Can you state some quantitative / statistical methods that could be useful in business situation?
27. Which type of job would you enjoy?
28. Why do you want to do an MBA? Why not post graduation in your field?
29. Why dont you work for one or two years before trying for an MBA?
30. What are your career goals? Which area of management would you choose?
31. How do you rate general management? Why do companies prefer a generalist over a specialist?
32. What do you want to achieve in your life?
33. What is the future of management graduates?
34. Which area of the management will you choose? What is your master plan?
35. What do you expect to learn at the IIMs?
36. What are the compulsory courses offered at this institute?
37. Cant you handle a job without an MBA?
38. Which company do you want to join?
39. Do you think you can gain in-depth knowledge by joining the management course?
40. Why do you not want to join a local management institute?
41. Why do you want to be a manager? What are the attributes of a manager and leader?
42. What qualities do you have which you think will make you a good manager?
43. How many seniors from your college joined the IIMs last year?
44. Why dont you join part time MBA courses? Which area would you specialise in and why?
45. Why do you wish to do management after more than three years of work experience?
46. Are you interested in Organisational Behaviour and Personnel, etc.? How would you finance your education?
47. What are the functional areas of IIMs? Which will you choose and why?
48. Is there any question you wish to ask us about this Institute?
49. Would your acceptance and subsequent graduation from this institute help or affect society in any way? How?
50. Dont you think engineers or commerce graduates make better managers?
51. If you were hiring a manager, what would you look for?
52. What factors would you consider while looking for a job?
53. If you were to set up an industry, how would you go about it?

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1. Why do you wish to take up management as a career? Why are you interested in joining this Institute?
2. How do you know that management interests you?
3. What is management? How do you think it will help you?
4. What are your career goals? Tell me how it will help you in the business decision process?
5. With management you are narrowing your options and you will be serving only the corporate section, comment.
6. Suppose you have an assured monthly salary because of which you dont face any compulsion
to work, what would you do then? Would you still like to do an MBA? What salary do you expect after doing the MBA? Why not more? Why so much?
7. Where do you see yourself in 10 years, 20 years, 30 years and 50 years?
8. Which type of organisation would you like to join after your management course?
9. Name a management personality you would like to emulate.
10. What are the other options you would consider if you did not get into a MBA programme?
11. What besides management will you choose as your career?
12. For what other exams have you appeared?
13. What is the final position you wish to attain?
14. What are your goals? Are you ambitious?
15. Why did you opt for commerce/engineering/arts/science? How has the world/industry treated your after your graduation?
16. What is the area of specialisation you are looking at and why?
17. Which other institutes have short-listed you? Which would you join?
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@ subho_86
Thanks for posting valuable questions here.Your posts are quite good but I suggest to to edit your posts and arrange them in a systematic way.In some questions,I found that some part of the question is below the first or second line inspite of some place remaining in the preceding line.

Point noted there mate. Thanks for your input!
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