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Opinion on Companies/Career options !!

Hi all It has been observed that one of the most important areas related to which we face dilemma is the opinion on companies and career options. Few FAQs in this area which have been observed are: * What company to go for, from the avai...
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I have an offer at Oracle financial services for the job of flexcube support and the post given is associate technical analyst.I have 2.3 years of experience in TCS.What's the future and demand of flexcube professional ??Should I accept this role and post??How is the hike and work culture there?Please provide your insights as I need the help asap.

Hi Guys.. I am 2.6yrs exp IT guy at TCS. I have been trying for CAT for the past 2 years but couldn't get decent score. For my current score I may get admission at Amrita Business School, Coimbatore. But please advice whether it will be a wise decision to try my hand at CAT again or join Amrita. Also kindly note that by next year I will have around 40 months experience. Will that have any effect on the admission since am told good institutes prefer candidates of around 24-36 months exp ?

  • @Visag not really u can find many ppl with 3-4 yrs exp in.... 06 Apr '14.
naren mannam @narenmannam 1
@Visag not really u can find many ppl with 3-4 yrs exp in b schools. one disadvantage you might face is after getting into a b school u might find it hard to get into a core finance or marketing company. but getting into a b-school should not be a problem.
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Hi All,

I m working with TCS as a software developer (J2EE) for past 3 years. I want to make a switch in my role as well as package.I want to move in as a business analyst or a management consultant. Are there possibilities without doing MBA ? My present CTC : 4.5 L.
I gave CAT this year. My score : OA 90 , QA 97.4, VA: 61. Expecting IMT/GIM to convert.
Any kind of help is appreciated.
  • 4.5l. 18 Jan '14.
  • whats ur current ctc. 18 Jan '14.
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friends please help which company is good amongst capgemini and techmahindra??

is it gud for a mechanical engineer to start his carrer in chemical plant


I have

10th- 80

12th- 70

Grad- 63(Mech Engineering)

CMAT Rank(Sept)- 95,0 Score:243

Work Ex- will complete 24 months in Jan 2014.... (IT in a US based company, in a very hot skill and they may send me Onsite in 2014end or 2015start)(I dont hate IT) Package - 4.8 lpa

Cant say anything about CAT yet, but still expecting 90-95 %ile

I have filled IMT-G/IMI-D/MDI/

I am thinking of filling Great Lakes(channai and gurgaon) / BIM-T / TAPMI / KJ Somaiya / GIM-GOA which of these should i fill. I want to fill only those in which it will be justified to leave the Job

IMI Batch 2014-16 


I am working as system administrator in an IT company with 2.5 year exp with CTC around 4.5lacs. But the technology i work on, is on decline, i dont see any future in it. I have been trying to switch technology, but my managers are not supportive. I have written snap this year and hope to make it to SIMS. SIMS has average package of around 7.75. I am in delimma whether to go for MBA or switch job. Please guide.
  • if possible learn a new technology like big data , hadoop.... 20 Dec '13.
  • switch job. 19 Dec '13.
kranx joy @kranxcitement 214
if possible learn a new technology like big data , hadoop , security then switch job

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Hi All,

I have started my career in Jan 2013 in an Ness technologies.I was working in a project as an administrator and DB2 developer. I was happy with the kind of job and developed y interest in DB2 too.

Suddenly after 6 months, i came to know that my project will be changed.

i will have to work in some XML related project (which will of course have some JAVA in it )

now my doubt is that What do you all think is the scope of XML in near future ?Is it good for me to learn XML @the start of my career ?I am really nervous now because Db2 was a boon for my career , as per my seniors opinion.

So please tell me am i going in right direction ? Am i lucky to get a chance on working with XML ?
Thanks !

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I am an Engineer, 2012 Batch pass out. As per the age old custom, I got into a software firm (Accenture). I realised that I did not want to base my life as a developer and immediately got out of the firm after a year of work experience. Now Happily quit the job, and studying for MBA exams - CAT and GMAT

Now here is the dilemma. I am from a family of doctors who have their successful private well-to-do established institutes in Bangalore. I have now collaborated with them and have taken up the role of business developer as my pre MBA goal. I will be working on a short term project in health care industry, pre MBA to present in my MBA essay. However, I do need to be very efficient and credible to handle this project. Hence I am looking for short term/long term courses - maybe finance related, Marketing related or any business development related courses which would help me understand the working of any industry and help raise the profits of the institute and establish a benchmark on it own. However, I am not targeting only for health care but I would rather plunge into many other industries and help with the business solutions. Again for this, I need credibility beyond the Engineer tag.

As I am entirely new to this area, I would want help in deciding the right course related to Finance, Marketing or anything related to pre MBA courses that would help me in :

1.) Project in Health care and other industries

2.) Help me find a better job pre MBA (Probably investment banking or any other financial sector) - I am in no hurry to jump into MBA course right away.

3.) A good story for MBA essay where my efforts really mattered to the institute unlike the corporate software firm (which was like an ocean)

PS - Money and Time for the courses will not matter for me.

As a part of my research I found these courses to be interesting. If I can go about it, how should I? Is it really worth? Please advise.

1.) Chartered Financial Analyst

2.) Financial Risk Management

3.) Professional diploma in Digital Marketing


Hello there,

I have been working in a small company in chandigarh. I have 1 year of experience in software testing. I am willing to switch the company in a good company. Please suggest me. I want to work in NCR/Chandigarh in a good company with a good package. Currently, I am getting 1.2pa only. How much can i expect after switch? Please guide. Thanks in advance.

  • see, salary u can negotiate if u have very sound skills, .... 20 Dec '13.
Paras Dutta @parasdutta12 539
see, salary u can negotiate if u have very sound skills, if u can proove in the interview that ur worth is way more than ur getting right now, then ofcourse u can get more than 100% hike.

I will suggest, build ur skill and then look for jobs, and in expected package, write a big range, maybe 2-3 lpa

Hello puys,

Before my dilemma, A brief of my profile



B.Tech-70%(IT), 2012 batch.

Since I am a 2012 batch pass-out, it's already been an year. I could not get any placement in IT company. After then I prepared for CAT 2012, scored a decent score but not good enough to get calls.Having said that I already have 1 year gap and CAT 2013 is near.So I want to get into job so that I can carry out my expenses as well as gain some work experience on CV.

I want to know the kind of jobs/profiles which will complement my post-mba job. Currently , I am having the offer of Technical Recruiter, content writer and business development executive. I am interested in MBA in Finance/operation. So considering that what would be right profile for me.

Seeking genuine suggestions/opinions from seniors, veterans, stalwarts. Please help me out. I am in dire need of it.


Ignorance is sheer bliss!(FMS 2014-2016)

I have 89% in ICSE, 63% IN UP Board, 69% Btech ( Petrochemical engg) from central govt. college . I scored a 95+ in CAT in my first attempt. I have a two year gap (pilot training course which I didn't complete). I have got admission in DSM DTU . looking at my profile do you think I will have issues getting a placement after my MBA or do you think I have a chance at better institutes next year with a better cat score. I am a fresher.

Hello =)I'm supposed to start work at Mu Sigma as BA from 4th July.. i have a few queries!

1. Is the work-life balance really that bad? 2. I actually reside in bangalore, but very far from the company! So will i have a big transport problem, considering its not safe to use public transport for girls at night?3. I heard the salary isn't actually 4.05! What is it then and in the 2nd year it'll be 6.25??

  • and u can get 18 lakhs in 3 years and analytics work is g.... 26 Jun '13.
  • @sandhyafun Ya u heard it right...most of the times u hav.... 23 Jun '13.
kishore Goteti @Grk9 702
and u can get 18 lakhs in 3 years and analytics work is great and mu sigma has fewer no of employees it inturns builds lot ofwork pressure on every individual
@sandhyafun Ya u heard it right...most of the times u have to work 12hrs a day. But they do provide cab so don't worry abt it. Salary is 3.3 for 1st yr..but u will get a bonus of 70k after completion of the first yr.

I have 81.23% in SSC and 53% in HSC and 55% in Graduation(just got my results). I am planning to go for CAT and CMAT 2013 and start my MBA term from 2014 batch in Marketing(this will mean a gap of 1 year) Should i not do any job right now and just concentrate whole-heartedly on getting best in CAT and CMAT and get into Top Bschool or do a full time job(as there are just 4 months remaining for CMAT exam) I want a very good B-School. Please help.

  • Studying for CAT and CMAT will take a lot of your time as.... 25 Jun '13.
Mht CET 99.70%iler 
RohanMBA Varma @Rohan001 17
Studying for CAT and CMAT will take a lot of your time as both these exams are quite competitive. However, if you want to be selected in premier colleges like Welingkar Institute of Management, you will need to have a comprehensive profile. In case you've had some prior experience, add it in your form when you apply. If you don't, I think you should at least get a part time job to include in your resume. It will give you a higher niche.

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