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Dear All,XIMB announces admissions for 2014-16 batch for its programs MBA (Business Management), MHRM (Human Resource Management), MBA-PT (Part time for working executives), MBA-RM (Rural Management), Phd.The intake exams are: CAT, XAT ...
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There's a choice between XAT and CAT for XIBM, can we give both and choose which score to apply ?
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  • so 2100 for XIMB PGDM from CAT n XAT ??. 23 Sep '13.
  • @techsurge Yes, 1300+750. 24 Sep '13.
Sanat Puri @brahmosifer 45
You can apply through both. The better/qualifying score will automatically be chosen. In case both your scores clear the cutoff, the higher one would be taken into account.
A K @Aegis3811 4

If you could please just answer this one regarding NMAT, last registration date is 24/9. Thanks.

Neerav Saluja @neeravsaluja 666
Dear @Aegis3811 , the team from NMIMS would be the best ones to answer your query on that front. I'm sure they'll reply to you soon. All the best for your endeavours..
Who's John Galt @krux 314
@Aegis3811 @neeravsaluja This is what is what the website says..."

You can choose one test only in a single application form. If you want to opt for the other test also, you will have to login again and fill up additional application form. The additional application fee for the additional form is Rs.750/-"

while filling the form, I could only chose 1 admission test. So, for considering both CAT & XAT we need to apply twice; right?

Neerav Saluja @neeravsaluja 666
Hello @krux .. You're absolutely correct. You'll have to fill up the application form twice i.e. one for CAT & another for XAT.
Note that, your application form number will be different in both cases. But your XIMB ID should be the same as you'll have to login via the same ID to fill up separate application forms.

You may visit and refer to point (2) to have a clear understanding on the same. Let us know if you face issues.

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