[Official] IIM Shillong 2013-2015 Final Converts!

Hi All, IIM Shillong is out with final results. Congratulations to all those who have converted one of the coveted calls. Please continue further discussions here. You may also share your profile in short to let everyone know a...
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Guys, what is the last date for fees deposit for all those who have converted in the recent list ??? Thnx...

  • 24th june. 21 Jun '13.

Hi guys,

How much time does the admissions ofc at IIMS take to refund the acceptance money in case of withdrawal of admission?? Anyone got the money back? Plz reply.
  • i have already withdrawn. waiting for the refund.. 22 Jun '13.
  • Are you going to withdraw the admission?. 22 Jun '13.
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i realise its a repeated question, but as the curiousity is growing.. i would like to ask the seniors as to how the movement is gonna be in the last two weeks..?? is it going to be steep or is it gonna be slow..??

  • ya this year nothing is going according to last year... 21 Jun '13.
  • Cant say anything seeing this year's trend.... 21 Jun '13.

can anyone tell about the profiles being offered at IIM Shillong?

wat is the last waitlist number to have converted today? pls reply guys, its a very humble request and will be very helpful.

feed the soul with eternal knowledge.

Ppl..... Plz reply ... How many joining in today's 23 who converted..... My wl num 14....pretty anxious

  • @mysore its 76 initially. 19 Jun '13.
  • @Ramya wat was ur initial/original w/l no.?. 19 Jun '13.

any movement in any of the category?

  • I stand at 197 now.. No idea what will happen. 19 Jun '13.
  • Yeah 23 up in General. 19 Jun '13.

hi... do we need to submit reliving letter and work ex certificate at the time of registration??

  • not mentioned in the doc anywherte..but still better to hv. 19 Jun '13.

Guys what should i do go for IIML(ABM) or IIMS? Pls suggest!!

  • @RogueAssasin thnx!! where do i get details about L-abm p.... 17 Jun '13.
  • IIM L ABM. 17 Jun '13.

Preparing for CAT 2013,

I've scored the following:

10th: 59.285 %

12th: 57 %

BE: 69%

Work Experience: No


How much should i aim in CAT to bag IIM S ?

  • @mbakipadhai u score something in 99.5+ n u will get call.... 17 Jun '13.
  • IIM S may never call you bcoz of ur BE percentage... have.... 15 Jun '13.
@mbakipadhai u score something in 99.5+ n u will get call from IIML and some of new IIM's ..n if ur 99.9+ then IIM kolkata too...beside FMS and xlri r always open...
Asad Ali @Asadali 413
IIM S may never call you bcoz of ur BE percentage... have never heard IIM S BE Cutoff falling below 80%..

Does waiting list movement happen every Wednesday or thursday??? That's what I realized in last 2 movements.

Seeing we have only 2-3 wed's left before college starts... I am guessing final movement for GM will totally be just 50-60 seats . Any 1 with me on this ?

Presently mine is 220... I have given up hopes and joined 2013 test series too.

Let me know ur thoughts on it puys

  • mine is 122 and i dont see any chances for us to be hones.... 16 Jun '13.

guy i have joined ranchi but have also got a call from shillong...after much of brainstorming i took this decision...hope this is the rite decision i tooklookround

  • yes i think u have taken a correct decision....:) meet .... 21 Jun '13.
Darth Vader @dark_Sector 356
yes i think u have taken a correct decision....:)
meet u at shillong

Guys IIM Trichy or IIM shillong?? looking at finance or general management.. Pls give ur opinions puys!!

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  • @manoranjan1234 Thnx for the input!!This will definitely .... 14 Jun '13.
  • @yokesh90 no but i have this habit of exploring :stuck_o.... 14 Jun '13.
Yokesh NB @yokesh90 244
@manoranjan1234 Thnx for the input!!This will definitely help me in taking my decision which i have to by today evening!! bcuz the last day to withdraw from trichy is tomo and i hve to send them the withdrawal letter by courier today!!
Manoranjan @manoranjan1234 11
@yokesh90 no but i have this habit of exploring I converted DMS IIT delhi though and the same case there the faculty profile on paper is far too much strong than IIMS . Many are such whose books are being taught in b schools. So i can understand your apprehension but yes ultimately teaching in MBA is for guidance, if u want to do research and phD then might be that those people will be more beneficial, of course no offence to anybody or to their knowledge

SC waitlist moved by 13....total movement till now = 68.

  • @SuperHornet I didn't get thru bro...just an announcement.... 14 Jun '13.
  • What an irony ... SC seats are 18 and the movt. is 68 and.... 13 Jun '13.
"Expect the best, plan for the worst, and prepare to be surprised."
SuperHornet @SuperHornet 54
What an irony ... SC seats are 18 and the movt. is 68 and Gen seats are 90 and movt. is 39 ! newayz congrats bro !

general W/L moved by 12..Ppl who are joining after this movement please comment..

  • @Ricky123456 Yes ... CAT 2013 here we come. 13 Jun '13.
  • @gauravkala5 Bhai ek movement to paka hai my frnd will wi.... 13 Jun '13.

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