[Official] IIM Shillong 2013-2015 Final Converts!

Hi All, IIM Shillong is out with final results. Congratulations to all those who have converted one of the coveted calls. Please continue further discussions here. You may also share your profile in short to let everyone know a...
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what was the last CAT percentile in SC category finally offered a seat in PGP IIM shillong? Please drop in the insights , many thanks !!

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And the regret mail comes. IIM shillong 2013 admissions over. Total waitlist for general category this time is 157.

  • Truly sorry to hear that ...guys! Hope no seat goes vacan.... 03 Jul '13.
Truly sorry to hear that ...guys! Hope no seat goes vacant in the end. ATB guys for CAT 2013.
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hw mny ppl finally registered today ??/nyidea ny1???

  • Trying. Will revert asap. Guys are all busy since they ha.... 02 Jul '13.
  • @MBADAD , could you throw some light on how many people r.... 02 Jul '13.
Trying. Will revert asap. Guys are all busy since they have stepped in and till later in the night. They have a few events slated out, I hear. Have been told not to call upto 10pm. ATB
Diwakar Vikram @dwkr250 7
@MBADAD , could you throw some light on how many people registered today, and if there were any vacant seats.....

Though far behind at WL14, i have sent following mail to the Director and chairman Admis comitte.

Respected Sir,

I am Anurika Arora, currently waitlisted at 14. As the admission process is drawing to a close I am afraid that even after putting my best and leaving my job for getting admission into IIM , I may be deprived from the opportunity to get admission in IIM-S, though few seats are likely to go vacant .

I humbly request your good honor that as the final list of IIM-K clearing waitlisted candidates is expected to come on 4th July , the admission process in IIM-S maybe continued for a few more days even after the registration date . As you would kindly agree that leaving the seats vacant in prestigious institute of IIM stature, whose pass out help build the nation, shall be a drain on national exchequer.

Yourself being at the helm of IIM Shillong and known to be person of taking exemplary decisions, I expect justice from your honor.


Anurika Arora

If more person will adress the issue to them, they may think twice before closing....ATB
  • You can follow the mail link at www.iimshillong.in/academ.... 02 Jul '13.
  • Don't expect any reply.. 02 Jul '13.

Below is the reply I got from the Adcom person:

"Today is the day of registration after which we will close the admission process for 2013-15. Even if we call people from the waitlist to accommodate last minute withdrawals, we are sure they will not be able to reach IIM Shillong today for registration which is mandatory."

only hopes now with an intervention by the director....

  • yeah 4th is orientation... lectures will start from proba.... 02 Jul '13.
  • But that is so stupid, Isn't it obvious that if they call.... 02 Jul '13.
Diwakar Vikram @dwkr250 7
yeah 4th is orientation... lectures will start from probably 5th .... 3 days are more than enough for us to reach there and complete all formalities....
Vipul Kothari @vipul.kothari 18
But that is so stupid, Isn't it obvious that if they call today, people wont be able to reach today, so why will they call. So the "Even if we call" statement is just a polite way of saying, SORRY we won't b considering you. I guess we should talk to the Director regarding this, I mean Relaxation in registration by a day is not acceptable, but seats going vacant is. This is ridiculous, coming from such an prestigious institute.

Any chance for w/l 103 ???

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  • bhai next year :stuck_out_tongue:. 02 Jul '13.

Converted n joining :)

  • Congrats dude :smiley: Happy for you :smiley: How man.... 02 Jul '13.
Congrats dude Happy for you How many folks registered today? Why dont you get the figure here for the others and asap. Also can you source the email ids of the Director and Convenor Admissions? Guys are fervently in need of it to email their request...in case some seats get left over.

Do anybody have idea of how many seats are vacant as of now???

  • to amitabh de and basav rao chaudhary...... 01 Jul '13.
  • @dwkr250 what is ur w/l. 01 Jul '13.
@SuperHornet congrats bro... u converted... ATB!!!

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  • congrats bro @SuperHornet. 01 Jul '13.
  • @SuperHornet See i told you, u will! :smiley: Congrats!. 01 Jul '13.

My earnest request to all the candidates who converted yesterday night (30th June) or may be before that and are not willing to join IIM-Shillong, please drop a mail to Admissions Office [admissions@iimshillong.in] stating that you don't wish to accept the offer. Please Puys put in this mail if you are not joining because now they will update the WL only if people put withdrawal request or say that don't wish to accept the offer(those who got offer yesterday). Unless until you do that seats will go vacant. Thanks in advance from a WL candidate.

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  • So have I. Let's see!. 01 Jul '13.
  • I've sent them a mail .... now all hopes with the admissi.... 01 Jul '13.
Diwakar Vikram @dwkr250 7
I've sent them a mail .... now all hopes with the admission department, if they will act upon what we requested....

converted and joining!mgmg

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  • yes. by 2nd of july.. 01 Jul '13.
  • @dibyasaha Congrats ... n have they given u any deadline .... 01 Jul '13.
IIM Shillong 2013-15 Batch

Guys the W/L has moved by 9 for Gen. Category.Congrats to those who converted.

Please people who are joining IIM-S after this movt. comment here. Puys please do put your comments. Will be really helpful for people like me ... I am W/L 3.

  • @Ricky123456 congratss man, hey could you tell us what gu.... 30 Jun '13.
  • Congrats, @Ricky123456 !. 30 Jun '13.
Diwakar Vikram @dwkr250 7
@Ricky123456 congratss man, hey could you tell us what guidelines did they give you, what is the deadline for accepting offer?... will help us ascertaining if there'll be another movement....

I have converted. I have joined Finance at SP Jain and 3 weeks are over. Any idea about Fin placements at IIM-S? I am almost a fresher with only 4 months of work-ex.

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  • @dwkr250 Bro, what do you think any chance that another l.... 30 Jun '13.
  • Don't mention it :smiley: Happy to help.. 29 Jun '13.
CAT 2012 - 93.24%ile Calls: IMT-G, IIM-S, SPJIMR, IIT-M and IFMR Converts: SPJIMR, IMT-G, IIM-S. Reject: IIT-M. Did not attend: IFMR
SuperHornet @SuperHornet 54
@dwkr250 Bro, what do you think any chance that another list will be out ... do you fancy your chances?

total movement in SC category =112

  • im also wl at 6 but in indore...here im wl at 48.... 29 Jun '13.
  • whatsv ur w/l? am at w/l 6. 29 Jun '13.
"Expect the best, plan for the worst, and prepare to be surprised."

could all those who have got phone call from IIM shillong post their ORIGINAL Waitlist no..thankyou..

  • @ritz15 Did u call the admissions office to know whether .... 29 Jun '13.
  • @ritz15 u still hopeful???. 29 Jun '13.

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