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Official GK Thread for MBA entrance Exams 2010-2011

*Hello Pagalguys!!!! * :: :: General Knowledge as we all know is a vast subject in itself, spanning from applying common sense to mugging up facts. It is important not just for exams like - *SNAP, IIFT, IRMA* (and others of the ilk) but al...

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can anyone tell me where can i find TISSNET mock tests online ?? except the one from bullseye?? 

harshbhagia Says
hey could anybody tell me gquest by ims still availaible ..??

yep...u can purchase itz monthly subscription or use by ur IMS enrollment...:-P
its very good for GA/GK prep dere r lotz of materialzzz....:

Puys Plzz shift ur discussions to the new thread....for the upcoming MBA Season


If It Is To Be, It Is Upto Me....

Business GK

1. Which of the following is not a hedge fund ?
a. Mangellan b. Highbridge
c. Gartner d. Blackstone
Ans. c

2. Which city is Europes main bullion market?
Ans. Zurich

3. Preferred Provider Network (PPN) is a term used in which of the following businesses ?
a. Commodities trading b. Retailing
c.Health Insurance d. Foreign trade
Ans. c

4. Which magazine is called The Womans Bible?
Ans Cosmopolitan

5. What is the full form of iPod?
Ans. Portable digital radio

6. How many Indian Companies find place in Global 2000 list of 2011 released by Forbes?
Ans. 57

7. The proposed date of crossing world population 7 billion level as shown in UNDP's report is足
Ans. October 31,2011

8. In Forbes list 'Global 2000' which of the following Indian Company got the highest ranking?
a. State Bank of India b. ONGC
c. ICICI Bank d. Reliance Industries Ltd.
Ans. d.

9. Modi Tyre Co. Ltd. has been acquired by Continental Tyre Co. of - Germany

10. Pulp maker company 'Domsjo Fabriker' of Sweden has been acquired by- Aditya Birla Group


Hello People ,

It feels so nice to get back to PG after such a long time.
Nice to see that GK Thread is still going on
Appreciate your efforts.
This is the link for the e-magazine of Pratiyogita Darpan, which I am following these days.
PratiyogitaDarpan - Powered by Pressmart
Pratiyogita Darpan is biggest source of current affairs

Thanks and regards,


hi puys

hey could anybody tell me gquest by ims still availaible ..??

Trust in yourself, put in hard word and it won't go unrewarded  
Important M&A; and latest happenings (business GK)
1. Dr Reddy's completes 10 years on NYSE.
Garware Motors to introduce Hyosung bikes in India.
Aditya Birla Chemicals buys Kanoria Chemicals unit.
Aditya Birla Group acquires Domsjo Fabriker(deal about Rs. 1,500 crore)
Akshay Kumar to endorse Eveready batteries.


Posting here after a big gap...Mission IIFT/SNAP

1. Who is /are the founder/s of Microsoft?
a. Bill Gates b. Paul Allen
c. Bill Gates and Paul Allen d.Bill Gates and Ray Ozzie
Ans. c

2. Hewlett Packard Co. in March 2011 announced to initially invest __ in support of a new education innovation challenge fund for India.
a.$1million b. $1.5million
c.$2million d. $2.5million
Ans a

3. Who among the following in March 2011 is appointed as the managing director of HSBC India?
a. Sandeep Uppal b.Ajay Duggal
c. Anil Misra d.Atul Jain
Ans. a

4. Name the founder of Ranbaxy Laboratories Ltd.
a. Rajendra Prasad Shukla b.Gurjar Sharan
c. Bhai Mohan Singh d.Ramakrishna Gupta
Ans. c

5 Which company in March 2011 won a multi-million dollar multi-year contract from Qatar Sports institute Aspire Zone Foundation?
a. HCL Tech b.Mahindra Satyam
c. Infosys Technology d.All of these
Ans. b

6.ICICI Bank in March 2011 declared that it expects over _____ growth in loans in 2011-12?
a.14 percent b.16 percent
c.18 percent d.20 percent
Ans. d

7.What is 'Ira: one divine creation for another?
a. Diamond jewellery b.Cosmetics
c. Shoes d.Nailpolish
Ans. a

8. Who among the following is appointed as executive director of the Reserve Bank of India in March 2011?
a. P. Jain b. J. Gandhi
c. R. Gandhi d. R. Goyal
ans. c

lage raho CATions...NEVER BACK DOWN


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