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NIBM Pune "Application to Admission" 2012-2014 batch

Hello Aspirants, :: : to the Official Admissions thread for NIBM Pune for the batch of 2011-13!! Its that time of the year again! Its time to prepare for the Examination season ahead. The time has come to gear up for admission process @...
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NIBM doesn't believe in Advertisements like most of the B-schools. This is the reason that most of the students have never heard of it before.
As per the Intake, it will be 50 this time and cutoff will depend on the CAT scenario. But still it will be above 80 percentile.

At MMG-II Scale, all the banks have same pay as regulated by Indian Banks' Association. So, there will be no difference and average package lie between 7-8 lpa.

How NIBM is u ll get to know as n when u ll ask any bank manager, they r the real ppl to ask for..n believe they do produce excellent reports on nibm..i found it myself while applying for loan for nibm..

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