New! [2009] ISB Hyderabad official thread: Admissions Director Dr VK Menon answers!

Dear all, This is almost a tradition between PaGaLGuY and ISB Hyderabad now. For the third year in a row, here's presenting the *ISB Official Admissions Query* thread featuring the *Indian School of Business (ISB), Hyderabad Admission Di...
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i have 31 months experience till date in software industry.

what are my chances to get into ISB?

What can i do to build my profile for ISB?

i need guidance

d2rockstar Says
have requested mod to close this thread as ISB officials are no longer active here. Menon's last visit was in november 2009

Mods: Might be a good idea to close this thread, as the queries continue to be posted here.
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Dear Dr. Menon,

I would be applying for ISB PGP 2011-2012 programme.
I have done B.B.A from Symbiosis Centre For Management Studies, Pune in 2008. My graduation percentage is 79.6% (calculated on basis of actual marks secured).

But after my batch got graduated, the college started giving C.G.P.A to students instead of marks. The point is if I would have gotten a C.G.P.A too, it would have been quite high (as I stood 17th in my batch).
And hence my marks would have been high if I would have converted my C.G.P.A into percentage.
I have requested and aquired the certificate from college which states that I have secured 17th rank in my batch.

My academics are very strong through out.I have secured 89% each in 10th and 12th Board. (C.B.S.E).

I just thought I should inform ISB about it as I do not want to miss out on a chance to study at ISB just because of my graduation marks as I really wish to study there.

I wanted to ask if I should clarify this point in the application form so that it is taken into consideration during my evaluation for admission.

Thank You

i m abhinav
i joined a nationalised bank as a specialist officer as scale 2(manager) three tears ago after 2 and half year i was promoted as scale 3 (senior manager) in risk management department. my age is 24 years.ialready have a p.g diploma from national institute of bank managemnt in banking and finance .i want to pursue an executive MBA from it suitable for me as i want to make my career in banking and finance only......

Dear Dr. Menon,

Hi sir, my query is their any weightage given to 10th, 12th & ungrad. marks.. Is their any specific requirement for the following grades.. Does one with low grades can fetch a call from ISB if one does well in other parameters (GMAT, ESSAYS' etc..). Because some of IIM's have mentioned that you need to have 75+ or 80+ marks throughout acedemic..

thank you.


Hello Sir,

I would like to ask you that in order to enroll oneself for 2011 batch, what are the pre-requisites and by when should I have the GMAT score with me to enroll for 2011 batch.


Hi Mr Menon

My name is Kaushik Ananathanarayanan and I am keen on pursuing a management degree from a reputed B school 2 to 3 years down the line. I am looking at applying to ISB within the same time frame. This mail is essentially to get a few questions of mine clarified so as to be better prepared for the application process.I know ISB values the pfofile immensely and looks to add diversity in the class

To give a little bit of insight into my background, I am an Instrumentation Engineer having a consistent academic record with decent extra curricular activities. I have been working in a software firm for the past 16 months now. I have an option of quitting my present job and working full-time with a prominent NGO undertaking a very exciting and challenging venture for 2 years.

I would be happy if you could put a few issues that i have in the correct perspective wrt the admission.

1) First and foremost, would such a venture ie working full-time with the NGO be considered as work experience per say?

2) What does ISB look for in a candidate before sending him/her a interview call? I know this way too generic, but if you could just specify one or two critical points it'll be helpful.

3) I am interested in pursuing social entrepreneurship as a long term goal and I have a specific vision towards that goal. Do i need to attend/conduct sessions,presentations, certifications that will portray the seriousness of my thinking? Are such issues kept in mind while shortlisting the candidate for the interview?

4) Lastly, how does one view the totality of the profile of a candidate who has applied?

I hope to get a few answers from you, so that I am better equipped when the time comes. Looking forward to hearing from you.


Hi Mr Menon,

I see that a similar question has been recently raised, but I'm still going to post a query.
I've completed my Bachelor's Degree in Commerce (Hons.) and I'm currently working with Deloitte Consulting for an year.
Now I've decided to start my own business and would like to apply to ISB in the future.
Will the experience of the business/ family business be considered for the application?
Will it carry a lower value to that of an experience from a MNC ?

Please advise so that I can plan accordingly,

Thanks & Regards,
A.K. Jain


i ahave a query .....
i have very bad acadamic as follows
placed in infosys about to join.
if i gets a gud GMAT score+sme handy exp(2y) can i hope for ISB to give me interview call..
plz expecing a reply.

Dear Sir,

I am a Computer Science Engineer with a work experience of 7 years in my Family Business.I intend to apply at your prestigious school.
Can you guide me about the ratio of students at ISB who have their Family Businesses/ Own Business as work experience?
How can I get in touch with some of such students in the current batch?
Are self employed students at a disadvantage in an environment where most of the students aim at service oriented opportunities?


have requested mod to close this thread as ISB officials are no longer active here. Menon's last visit was in november 2009

Thank you Dr.Menon and your team.
I have two queries,
1.I am a marine engineer by profession.Due to the nature of my profession, the supervisors(chief engineers,2nd engineers) are all different in every ship.Also these superiors are not provided official email-ids by the company cus these same ppl may be assigned a different ship in their next contract and every ship has a single distinct email id.My query is regarding collecting recommendations due to the ISB policy of submitting official email IDS of immediate supervisors.I could submit the official email ID's of my head office managers but i dont think it would be accurate as I havent worked under them at sea.The only way I could think of was submitting hardcopies from my superiors I have worked under.I would be very thankful for any suggestion you could give.
2.My second query is regarding the kind of help extended to people who are intrested in learning more about international business and supply chain management.And what are the various work and growth opportunities in this sector in india.

thank you

Thanks for posting this as a query. I also have a same background. Just wanted to know the reply of Dr. Menon on the this post.. I couldn t find the same.. Thanking You..

Hello Dr Menon,
can you please evaluate my profile for 2012?

Degree- Mechanical Engineering - 2001
Work Ex- 7.5 yrs of total experience.
6.5 yrs - (includes 5 years in US ) In leading Indian IT company
1 year in bank as probationary officer in India
I will have total 9 yrs of experience before start of 2012 batch.

Additional certifications - PMP, CSQA, banking domain certifications
ECs - 1) A member of US tennis association, won few championships in Inter-
company matches. Co-ordinated many events and big parties.
2) Volunteer and active member of Humane society, which works for welfare of animals

I took GMAT and got 690 (Q46 V39).

How is my profile? Should I take GMAT again?

Dear Mr. Menon,

I have already had my R2 interview. However, I felt that I didn't perform as well as I could have during the interview (particularly during the first part of the interview).
I am curious to know if, interview is the only criteria for the final admit after the i/v is done or is the whole application reviewed again in totality before sending out the final admits.


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