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ABCD is a convex quadrilateral in which <(BAC) = <(CBD) = 30 deg, <(CAD) = 60 deg, <(CDB) = 15 deg. If E is the point of intersection of AC and BD, then measure of <(BEA) in degrees (is)
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Hi, I need help with approach and how to solve this question : How many triangles can be formed such that the sides are natural numbers and the perimeter is equal to 10?

  • @aimsuccess2011 you know that sum of the length of the tw.... 04 Mar.
  • @raunak soudhani is there any other approach other than h.... 14 Mar.
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Raunak Sodhani @raunaksodhani 232

@aimsuccess2011 you know that sum of the length of the two sides of a triangle has to be more than the third side of the same triangle. Additionally it has been mentioned that there are only natural numbers as the length of the side. So a + b + c = 10 and a+b>c. Punch the numbers and get the answer. Hope this helps.

@gs555 2

@raunak soudhani is there any other approach other than hit n try as we also need to satisfy a+c >b and b+c >a and perimeter given is a bigger value.

ABCD is a square and PAB is an Equila... - @gs555 on 11 Feb '15 - PaGaLGuY
ABCD is a square and PAB is an Equila... - @gs555 on 11 Feb '15 - PaGaLGuY
ABCD is a square and PAB is an Equilateral Triangle such that P lies in the Interior of the Square. Find the measure of angle DPC.


ABCD is a square of a side is 10 units.There are four point p,q,r,s inside the square that triangle ABP,BCQ,CDR and DAS(triangle) are equilateral triangle .Find the area in(Sq unit) of a quadrilateral PQRS?





  • good ques. 05 Nov '14.
  • 100(2-rt(3)) ?. 07 Nov '14.

The angle between two side of a plot measuring 32mand24m is a right angle .The other side measure 25 each and other three angle are not right angle.The area of a plot is





  • 3. 05 Nov '14.
  • 3. 20 Apr.

Find the area of a pentagon whose vertices are (-1,0),(5,0),(6,2),(2,5)and(-3,1)?





  • option (3) 27 In such cases draw the diagram and then sp.... 26 Feb.
  • 27. 20 Apr.
Alok Rai @alok1141 7

option (3) 27

In such cases draw the diagram and then split it into right angle triangles and rectangles

There are 6 points on a circle. Each point can be identified without relating it to any other points. Five events occur at 5 of these points,one after the other and each one at a different point. In how many ways can they occur such that no two successive events occur at adjacent points?





ans is 84 ! plz explain hw ?

78 Identical cubes with edges is 2cm each are joined together to form a cuboid.If the perimeter of the base of the cuboid is 64cm,The number of cubes along the height of the cuboid is

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hey can sum1 plz tell me da weightage of mensuration n coordinat geometry questions in cat?

  • 4 to 6 questions for sure..may increase this year. 29 Sep '14.

A cube of side length 3 cm weighs 12 kg . What is the weight of the similar cube of same material whose side length is 12 cm

  • 768. 01 Nov '14.
  • 768. 01 Nov '14.

volume of a sphere, a cube, a tetrahedron and an octahedron are same. For which of the following sturctures, it will have maximum surface area?? what is the rating of their surface areas frm highest t least??

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  • Tetrahedron > Octahedron > Cube > Sphere. 20 Sep '14.
  • solution please??? tetra > octa > hexa > sphere.......... 20 Sep '14.
Shashi Bhushan @ShashiBharti 20

Tetrahedron > Octahedron > Cube > Sphere

hank moody @hankmoody 28

solution please???

tetra > octa > hexa > sphere......how so??

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