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McMaster Univ-DeGroote School of Business-MBA-Fall 2012 Admits/Applicants/Aspirants

Hello Folks, Now that I completed the DeGroote MBA Co-op admission process for Fall 2012 and successfully made it in, I thought I will take some time out and help my fellow applicants. Any queries/experiences/success or failure stories please...
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hey!! i got into the co-op program, see you in September. i guess!

You could ask anything under the roof about the program, its curriculum, the school, university, the city, facilities available, career opportunities and so on. Remember that whatever you ask them revels the level of understanding that you already have basing on which you've decided and applied for this program. So you got to understand what the program has got for you before you ask any questions. Do go through the degroote website thoroughly and skim through all the statistics that they have put forth. You could then get a good idea of what more information you are interested to know in order to decide on taking the offer or not, in case you pass the interview.

Please note that this interview is not just for you, it is also the responsibility of the interviewer to sell DeGroote as great place for business education. Hence feel free and ask whatever you want to know from them.

All the best.


thank you for replying, , i saw the link that u posted earlier, so you are suggeting that i should try to answer the model questions following star method.

I was just wondering what sort of questions you ask the interviewer about the school and the program.

I am not working about 1.5 years so i forgot about interviewing process, that's way i am asking so much questions.

aps5..... I suggest you go through all the earlier posts, there is quite some content that could help you understand whats in the interview...

Well, there is nothing specific with respect to interview questions, you could be asked a couple related to any current affair from the business domain . Apart from this, its a behavior based interview as said earlier. DO not ponder on what exactly would be asked, just go through the model questions which are available on the internet . Know the kind of questions that will be asked and apply the STAR methodology to answer each of the B-based questions. All the best.


I applied for the same program, I am a immigrant so they are taking domestic applicant now. anyway, i haven't faced any interview for quiet some time can you please elaborately describe the interview process for me?
what type of questions you ask them?

hello all,

i'm expecting to have my interview for the degroote mba co-op program as well. can anyone who has been admitted post specific questions that they were asked during the interview? so far one person posted that they were asked about some business and international news that they read in the past week. any other questions guys?

Could neone please tell me if they accept a 3 years bachelors. I graduated with a BBM from bangalore university

you need to take the IELTS Academic.

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Hi Dilip, did you take the IELTS before applying for the visa? (The VFS website says it is strongly recommended.) If so did you take the IELTS-Academic or the IELTS-general? I've tried asking around but no one seems to have a definitive answer.

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