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Day 0 kicked off with participants being taken for a day long ride for some shopping and sight-seeing in Ahmedabad. We were told quite a few participants went for the same. Yours truly had just arrived on campus and had other "important" work to d... Read More »
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TAPMI final placements 2010: Regular recruiters drive 60% of recruiting

TA Pai Management Institute (TAPMI), Manipal reported having placed its 172-strong batch of 2010, with 60% of the recruiting (103 offers) driven by just nine companies - Infosys, Cognizant, Wipro Group, ICICI Bank, TVS Group, UB Group, Citi Group, Idea Cellular and Titan.

TA Pai Management Institute (TAPMI), Manipal reported having placed its 172-strong batch of 2010, with 60% of the recruiting (103 offers) driven by regularly visiting companies including Infosys, Cognizant, Wipro Group, ICICI Bank, TVS Group, UB Group, Citi Group, Idea Cellular and Titan.

In a rather 'lean' press release with more jubilant quotes of students than comprehensive data, TAPMI informed that 10% of the recruiters were FMCG companies. "Around 80% of the students were placed in a matter of three days in the placement week which commenced towards the end of December 2009. A total of 58 companies participated in the placement process this year, an increase of almost 50% over last year," said the institute press release.

"This year also saw the return of Corporate Finance, Treasury and Equity Research roles being offered on campus, an all time high of eight public sector banks participated in addition to the regular finance recruiters," it added.

The institute reported a median salary of Rs 7 Lakhs.

Edit: 60% of the placements are driven by regular recruiters which include the nine companies mentioned in the first paragraph, and not only the nine companies. This was an error on my part and is regretted.

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  • TAPAI is ranked at 28 in pagalguy's list of top colleges..... 02 Oct '10.
  • Hi guys, I have got 3.5 yrs experience in sales and marke.... 17 Feb '12.
I come in peace. Take me to your leader.
A@jha IMI-K @anand-jha 4
hi, i have a cat score of 93.72 percentile and have been working in indian navy since after completion of 10+2 , for over six yrs now. my class 10 score is 59% and 10+2 is 73%. i'm pursuing my degree through correspondane from annamalai university and am in final yr(appearing in may this yr). i have been planning to leave this job as i'm not satisfied. please guide me for better
@anonymous 24
@Anand: there is no issue with leaving that job and going for MBA.... but u better have a very strong reason(which does not include 'i was not satisfied')
Life on the ship can be really tough....u should take a MBA if you want or u like to be a part of the corporate working environment....i m a MBA myself and i realize it is important for a real feel of the corporate world....nyws u can continue to leaving ur job for preparation for MBA entrance exams is one of the silliest things u can do....nyws u can always try online training...the material at pagalguy is brilliant, u can also look at for online CAT, CET, MAT training
@JonyDangerously 51
@DEVILISHANGEL Allow me to rephrase my earlier sentence then..."Marketing is one of TAPMI's strong points" As you rightly point out, Finance specialists from TAPMI are indeed present in high places. The CFO of Dr.Reddy's labs, a senior leader at Grant Thornton...I can remember a few prominent alumni. Yeah. But come on, things aren't bad as you make it sound. We are confident going ahead. I don't see why there is a need to lament on a decline of any sort. The only perceptible setback was during the recession when placements were hit. If it's the rankings you talk about, most of the recruiters who come on campus are regulars who don't pay heed to annual ranking swings! So much for rankings...
Hi Guys, I have a 2.5 yrs of work ex in an IT firm and a 95.15% CAT Score. My Current status in the results is waitlisted. I have opted for Operations. I have below queries:- Wat do u guys suggest if I am able to convert the call considering the fact that I hv converted the call from NIRMA. Also How abt the faculty and placements of Operations based roles in TAPMI Guys Please help me out.
@anonymous 24
@nktand Never join tapmi. Their operations faculty is worst. The only faculty who was good in operations was Prof. Satyajit Majumdar, who is going to leave tapmi by the end of this month. @ Dangerous Johny: Don't you feel that retentivity of good faculty members may be an issue to. Setting up a campus in a village is good, but it could have been better with the sets of faculty members that the institute used to have few years back. In addition, the batch of 2011 includes many people from the wait-list. In fact, most of the students are from wait-list and this in turn reduces charisma of the institutes. Even the profiles offered by different companies have deteriorated over the years. Just compare the position of the other b-schools like NMIMS or XIM-B. Check out the rankings that are being mostly followed by the industry. TAPMI is nowhere. Or its just competing with some other b-schools which no one has heard about. In certain cases, the desperate professors write comments at the end of a review. Anyway, its better if u guys can buck up, identify mistakes and rectify them. I know its tough but its not impossible. Good Luck!
aditya dheeraj @dheeru33 684
@James Bond The comments at the end of the review shows that TAPMI is wanting to go in the right direction...and it believes in honest it asked the question....why??? I mean god knows how some get into the rankings of top 50..they should not even be there among top 500.. and can anyone imagine IIM Calcutta not featuring ...vow!!! lol thats ridiculous..isnt it thats enough to get to the truth of this review.... and TAPMI doesnt believe in lobbying for reviews..not sure about other colleges though... and take a look at the alumni TAPMI has ..apart from providing good placements...its equipping the students with the right grow higher ...and hence such great alumni....not sure the "so called top 50 colleges" are doing this... Some of the colleges that featured are...I mean an absolute JOKE..I think they would be better placed if they got their names into COMIC BOOKS...and I mean it.. hell with such reviews..
james dude =)) please check the ranking =)) iim calcutta doesnt exist in the list and b-schools which people haven't even heard of =)) in unheard of places are ranked.... plz give yourself a break. lol, rims?,jaipuria?sies?psg?niilm,allinace?vignana?regional college? get a life.
TAPAI is ranked at 28 in pagalguy's list of top colleges.... is tapai that bad? and what is the average package they have offered in last few years? at what cat percentile does one get call from TAPAI? i don't have any work experience.
Hi guys, I have got 3.5 yrs experience in sales and marketing with Siemens. I have got a call for the GD/PI. Just wanted to know if its worth to join TAPMI. My fixed pay s arnd 6 ( without the incentives). I would like to get a honest answer from the seniors and others. Does the course from TAPMI give value addition. And how much is the max package possible. Please feel free to give any other suggestions.