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Day 0 kicked off with participants being taken for a day long ride for some shopping and sight-seeing in Ahmedabad. We were told quite a few participants went for the same. Yours truly had just arrived on campus and had other "important" work to d... Read More »
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New IIM-C dir Saibal Chattopadhyay to change curriculum, also wants people to look at IIMs without the halo

Mr Saibal Chattopadhyay

The Indian Institute of Management Calcutta's new director Saibal Chattopadhyay says he has two primary tasks up his sleeve. One, to get rid of the halo that has been built around the IIMs over the years and the other to change the curriculum of his b-school.

“There is huge halo around the IIMs, it has become a brand today. The question to be asked is whether this halo is helping the country or not. Whether this brand is working with the social sector or not. No point looking at the IIMs in such glory if we have not contributed enough to the environment in which we function,” Mr Chattopadhyay told PaGaLGuY.

The new director added that as an institute IIM-C has done full justice to the reservation seats and admits the biggest number in the category. “We are trying our bit to help the society around us. But as a group of institutes, all IIMs have to play a more intrinsic role in governance and uplifting standards and only then can we talk about the halo that people see in the IIMs today,” the director added.

As for the institute, the first job that Mr Chattopadhyay has listed from himself is changing the curriculum. “Our PGP curriculum is 6 years old. We have to make it more update and in tune with the changes across the globe. We have to get to more international standards of teaching, if we have to compare to institutes abroad.”

However, while changing the curriculum, what the director plans to retain are the institute's core competencies like analytical skills. “Our strength is our analytical skills which we will only build on. We take students high on these skills. In fact, we are working on many related initiatives with the government and we are trying to help the government achieve targets on this front.”

What the new director plans to add to the curriculum is courses on Healthcare management, Environment, Sustainability which are the big talking points globally.

The other big change the director plans to bring is finalising all the big infrastructural changes happening in the campus. “There is a huge capacity upgradation going on. More classrooms, more hostel rooms. There is a lot of construction activity happening at this point. It will also be top class construction so I will personally be looking at it as well.”

As for other changes, Mr Chattopadhyay said that he has not yet met the IIM-C board. “The earlier director Shekhar Chaudhari had brought about many good changes for the institute. He increased the intake of students, brought in a societal approach to things. I need to study all of them closely and continue the good work.”

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  • @acechaudhary if he stops considering the RESERVATION the.... 11 Jun '13.
  • @clxlfms nice said bro..... 16 Jun '13.
'Outside of a dog, a book is man's best friend Inside of a dog it's too dark to read
Shyam Teegala @steegala 12
The only achievement of IIM-C is to spread chit fund ponzi schemes around the country.
SANJEEV KATARIA @sanjeev.kataria 31
@deepansh89 The limit is well defined(separate for each IIM).Like for A its 3 Lpa parental income and for C its 5Lpa family income.
Deepansh Saxena @deepansh89 3.1 k
@sanjeev.kataria - that's a new thing i heared, good step by iim's but boss calls ka kuch toh karna padega IIM's ko, ni toh wo din door ni jb GMAT n GRE ka bol bala hoga........
gaurav kumar @paploo 41
@the_hate yeah.. no one should be deprived of education in any institute just because of financial instability. Their should be scholarship for every candidate who converts irrespective of caste n all.
the hate @the_hate 19.2 k
@deepansh89 i'm not sure who decides (as i had not applied for the same) but if i remember correctly director and senior faculty members are part of decision making team..also you need to submit your and your parents financials..yes there are loopholes even in this system, but still it's really helpful for some whose family is in financial i said this has got nothing to do with reservation..just wanted to highlight a different point...
Deepansh Saxena @deepansh89 3.1 k

because of only these things i am saying "Jago IIM's Jago"..........
plzz understand the talent not the marks, and stop rejecting students on the basis of marks only, otherwise this guy is going because of disability, in future guys will go bcoz of ur so called 'admission criteria' ........

mayank @mayankhbti12 11
Let's see whether the changes he is planning would be implemented or not.
Amit Chaudhary @acechaudhary 66
There are some things which Resume cannot describe like the circumstances, the ordeals, the efforts and why not good marks in 10th and 12th or even those who couldn't perform well and were tagged as failures and if IIMs are not giving a chance to aspirants who scored 99.xx to not even appear for GD-PIs to prove their worth then writing CAT is absurd.

You know my name, not my story,
in the darkest failures, my shining glory,
You see what I have done,
not what I've been through,
You laugh at my efforts,
screaming all of them are in vain,
you judge me from my scoreboard,
but you don't know my game,
but listen,
I am not going to give up,
I am like a beast, very hard to tame,
You know my name, not my story,
I don't care now, I will create history !!
:- Ace

People who have gone through failures and have bounced back become better managers and leaders than those who have never tasted failure.
The real test of life are mistakes and failures. If anyone is not given any chance after he failed once then you are killing future legends.
Abrahim Lincoln, Michael Jordan, Beatles, etc. Their story says it all.
All I am saying is ... GIVE chance to aspirants those who really deserve to compete at GD-PI and stop considering Reservations on the basis of Cast and if one has to consider them then atleast do it on the economic status.
ABIR ROY @Abir1103 132
@acechaudhary if he stops considering the RESERVATION then iim c will get a new director