I'm surprised to see that no one has started such a thread. Well, whatever...Here goes. We (class of 2k :: joined on 22'nd. the seniors had planned an induction programme for us. Herein we had all sorts of activities like the Intro Sessio...
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Official Launch of Life@NITIE Website >>

The Life@NITIE website has a perfect blend of academics, sports, cultural and social activities that would act as an online campus journal of NITIE. The site €™s homepage welcomes visitors with the true flavors of NITIE and featured content to share a bit of our lives with the outside world.

The site would feature rich content, inspired by the experiences & opinions of NITIE's students and alumni. It would allow the external world to take an exclusive sneak peek into the student life at NITIE, check out the latest happenings at campus and view the photos & videos of the multitude of events conducted here. All this and a lot more exciting features would make the website as our voice to the world!
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Harsh Singh - NITIE Management Batch of 2013

@[328414:karthikiyer] There is no news regarding any such thing, so you can be safely assured that NITIE is still taking the CAT scores. Still I would confirm it once from the administration and let you guys know. Cheers

Harsh Singh - NITIE Management Batch of 2013

Hello Folks

Just have a small clarification

Is NITIE not going to accept CAT scores for 2012 i.e for 2013-15 admissions?

Just want a confirmation from you guys!!

@[259925:rebzin] Well we thought of giving you a mock before making the CV for finals ... Life here is seriously awesome ... Things might change, stuff might become more hectic, leopard might or might not come ... But NITIE will always remain the same NITIE we all love ... and will continue to do so ...

I am already dreading the thought that it's just a few months before we have to leave :(

Harsh Singh - NITIE Management Batch of 2013

To all my seniors, you should really come down here one day. You wouldn't recognise the people here. Always crunched for time, running from one session to another, and with all the committees going all the way to be active, there is a lot going on nowadays. But enjoying each and every moment of this.

And with my dear Team IMPACT ( @[331267:magicalharsh], I need a break MG) making me a budwiser for around 6 people, lets say, I should be given a chance to make that also as my CV point. Junies have started off with there CV preps...and really a bunch of talented guys, they are... But then, this is NITIE... Here everyone is special in there own way...

Once again, God's own campus is one awesome place to live in...

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Explore the unexplored
We, The management batch of 2012 are done with our mid-term exams.Life is burdened with a lot of assignments and the module end exams are haunting us .The brighter part is that,we are enjoying every bit of NITIE life.This week, we are busy with CV preparations .We never thought that summarizing the achievements of your life in a single page is that difficult..but again,thanx to seniors. They took a customized care .A lot of gyan sessions by many CXOs are also going with regular academic stuffs.The batch of 2012 has fastened its belt for different feted management events as the corporate houses are throwing the challenge.These days,LIFE @ NITIE is so tiring and equally sweet..Everyday you learn a lot and pat your shoulder for making the right decision of leaving your job and joining NITIE..stay tuned..will return soon with new updates on LIFE @ NITIE
These days The Life @ NITIE is very hectic..mid-terms,assignments,case studies and yes..loads of, i would tell you,how NITIE is different.The theory part of our operations classes for module 1 is over..The professor is now calling senior managers from different industries so that we can view operations from different perspective.Last class the prof called Mr. pradeep ,who is heading finance at Mahindra sona.we came to know about operations from a completely different angle(finance) and some unexplored perspectives. Today we had a lecture from a senior manager from glenmark.He explained about the pharma angle of supply chain and how vital operations is in pharma sector.Next lecture we have an HR head from a big MNC coming to tell us the operations from an HR eyes...The case is similar for other subjects like finance and marketing where professors are emphasizing on learning through practice... Thank you NITIE... Couldn't have learnt subjects in a better way... and in this rainy season LIFE @ NITIE is at its full charm..

Our prestigious alumnus, Mr. Anish Matthews, AVP, DBS Bank is in campus today for a guest lecture on "Career opportunities in Treasury and Treasury Profiles " ...

It promises to be a very enlightening session for everyone ... FIN enthus - Jump in

The juniors can continue complaining how hectic we are making things for them ... But I am sure no one will skip it for a Saturday evening ... Anyways it's Mumbai and the day has just begun

Harsh Singh - NITIE Management Batch of 2013
With bag and baggage and lots of hopes and aspirations about that dream job (yeah, I even got placed with a 15+ package company in my dream the earlier night :D), the landing in God' s own campus brought in a feeling of pride and awesomeness. Most of us simply fell in love with the campus again. The feeling had not yet sunk in when we reached at the reception of hotel 1-2, and it suddenly vanished. The long line for room allotment gave a pinch of the MBA struggle ahead.

Little did we know that the biggest surprise was yet to come. As we entered the room, we were welcome by cobwebs, termites and the rust-painted washrooms making us realize that this was a 49 year old campus. A clan of termites and other wildlife have evolved during this time(apart from Team Murphy, of course). Anyway, the cleaning campaign started and went on till midnight. We were advised to sleep well because apparently, GROOVE was gonna start the next day. Surprise again!! (you know it !!!). But on the positive side, this one gave us a chance to visit Mumbai's exotic destinations including Aksa beach (the cleanest beach of the city), Bandstand, infinity mall and some others. It was a pleasure to finally meet some of the awesome people I have been interacting online over the past few weeks.

There are some good things and some bad things about doing an MBA. After working for more than 3 years, it was such a relief to shed those formals, attend classes once again and play MAFIA (superlike J) during nights. Long live the guy who invented MAFIA(:D). Some professors even think of it as “Marketing, finance and accounts” and they think they know Gen-Y(Seriously, we need to teach these profs some real Gen-Y stuff. Can we have a game of MAFIA among all the deans and profs, and evaluate them on the basis of their efficiency and effectiveness?? :D). With all due respect to them, I guess most of us don't like or support the 75% attendance rule. (Why us? L) Yeah, life is unfair. Even MBA is not an exception. But in the end, you get everything you desire even though during the course they make you ponder “what do you really want?”

We also had some awe-inspiring campus tours including a visit to the roof top of the MDP hostel. We climbed up the height of the water tank on the roof and rediscovered the magnificent beauty of the campus through a panoramic breathtaking view. You can see the pond, Hiranandani, the new hostel, the new academic building, all at once from there, and its marvelous.

Everyday I find a new reason to be in love with the campus. And I guess most of us do. Everybody here may have different aspirations but we all will share the same brand of being a NITIEan. It will remain forever. And that's why I love NITIE.

A session on "Introduction to Finance and Accounting" has been organized by Street, the Finance Club of NITIE, today

I can see all the juniors running upstairs to attend the session. These are the same people who are literally pushed to attend the classes in the morning. Where does the inspiration comes from?

Going back the timeline, a year back we also used to be the same. I was pathetic at Finance and the real motivation used to come from an approaching mid-term or end-term exam. I guess the same applies to the junies too

P.S. I am still pathetic at Finance

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Harsh Singh - NITIE Management Batch of 2013

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