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I'm surprised to see that no one has started such a thread. Well, whatever...Here goes. We (class of 2k :: joined on 22'nd. the seniors had planned an induction programme for us. Herein we had all sorts of activities like the Intro Sessio... Read More »

Can anyone kindly put some light regarding NITIE-PGDITM course...

In many a website I find this particular program name under NITIE offered programs.However in NITIE's website I am unable to find the same.

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  • Both courses accept only GATE score. 31 Aug.
  • okk thanks for the info anyway...:). 31 Aug.
Failed Engineer @HARII 1.0 k

They have scraped the program last year

Right NITIE admits students only for PGDIM and PGDSEM

IM_Groot @spandey160691

Apart from the previously existing PGDIM, PGDIE, PGDISEM we have now added 2 more programs that are PGDPM and PGDMM since 2014. And yes, the ITM program has been scrapped. For more details please visit the institute's new website

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Visited NITIE after a break of almost 7 months, first time since I joined my current employer. Well, 7 months, and lot seems to have changed in the campus. Well, not the placement fever, it definitely has not come down, one bit, but otherwise, lots of new things - new director, couple of new courses, new paint, and the new hostel - which was supposed to be given to my batch, when we joined (Never happened).

It felt weird to visit campus as an alum as it was still the same old surroundings, but still a lot of strange faces and kind of felt lonely out there, without the familiar gang of friends.

Met some of my juniors (atleast whoever were there) - some gyan on placements (my take on stuff) and some professors also.
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The 'Life At NITIE' website has been re-launched with change in look and philosophy. The added highlights are an Alumni Section, dedicated pages for all the student run committees and forums and a section for the current student to 'Get Featured' .

Follow the website to get more insights about NITIE:

Our FB page :

PiXL, The online photography contest is back in association with NITIE Photography Club ....

It doesn't matter if you are an amateur with a point-and-shoot or a professional with an SLR...SO GET CLICKING! PiXL will be judged based on peoples' choice and through an evaluation done by professional photographers. find more about Pixl by clicking below !!

For more details head on to:

NITIE Photography Club:

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One thing which you will like to celebrate in between the 1st mod exams mg

matki phoda phoda .... from the eyes of NITIE Photography CLub

@visionIIM-ACL @Mukulspock @ishanverma @swagat.sid
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  • @sam1nitb Yea....... Ur Clicks on PG , Hope to have ur al.... 09 Sep '13.
  • @emily6 as u wanted to see glimpses of my photography cli.... 05 Sep '13.
the most necessary thing without which you can't pass any exam in NITIE with good grades

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  • So true @sam1nitb \- Used to be Nescafe at our times and .... 05 Sep '13.
  • @visionIIM-ACL @swagat.sid @Mukulspock @ishanverma. 05 Sep '13.
Wolvi @sam1nitb 3.2 k
@visionIIM-ACL hahahaha craziness is still following the path of older batches !! .btw . this time ...dey were all empty wid the orders because night-mess was dere to server parathas and all d oder things... ... bt some loyal customers (includes me) were always dere...
UnderDog Mod @visionIIM-ACL 107.6 k
So true @sam1nitb - Used to be Nescafe at our times and virtually, everyone was found there after every couple of hours till the time it did not exhaust all its raw material.

It's that time of the year again when you find everyone with an intense look on their face and asking each other "How much you are done with the syllabus?". Group studies are on full swing and few of the best minds in the country are working at their full capacity mode since 'Exam Time' is here.While for many first year students (those with work-ex), it is their first (non-entrance) exam since a long time, for others it is just another paper that they have to sit through. And irrespective of the level of preparation, almost everybody will cram through the night because after all that's an engineer's inherent instinct.All the best everyone for the trimester exams. Just Rock on!!

Bru-nescafe joint, feels like a cemetery in the normal day hours but suddenly becomes most happening place in night hours..

#campusupdate !!
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  • Awesome! Post some pics if possible! :smiley: #Waitingf.... 10 Aug '13.
  • @swagat.sid @Mukulspock @visionIIM-ACL @ishanverma. 10 Aug '13.

captured by me !! a glimpse of life from God's Own Campus

cc :- @visionIIM-ACL @Mukulspock @swagat.sid @ishanverma

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  • @zeus0390 no it's the view from MDP-Management developmen.... 09 Aug '13.
  • is this from the new hostel @sam1nitb ?. 08 Aug '13.

by @swagat.sid ... MBA2013-15 batch.... View from GoD's Own Campus

CC :- @visionIIM-ACL @Mukulspock @ishanverma

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  • Ohhh.... Yea , U mention it Above ..... :banghead:. 08 Aug '13.
  • @emily6 no from .. @swagat.sid 's eyes !! .. one of my cl.... 08 Aug '13.
havn't get a chance to see leopard in the campus :sad: ...was very excited about that !! mg
  • @Buck.up lol !!. 10 Aug '13.
  • IIT B chale jana raat k do baje....dikh jaega....kutto k .... 09 Aug '13.

the life @NITIE.Mumbai is amazing. just wanted to share some of my experiences. hope u like it...!!!

ENJOY... mg

Any oldy planning to attend Regional Alumni Meet, Mumbai this Saturday?
  • Ha Ha Ha. 22 May '13.
Mandi has been shut down I heard?

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