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Life@LIBA Chennai

Hello all pguys I am a first year student at LIBA Chennai this year for the session 2007-09 and I want to share all the experiences and exposure that I have at LIBA so that people who have to apply to LIBA will find it easy to know things about LI...
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LIBA, Loyola College Tank Bund Road, Nungambakkam, Chennai 600 034. Phone: +91 44 28177100

The God of All things!

By Archana Rajkumar

One of my earliest memories from childhood is that of Dad, Mum, Grand-mum n my brother (Vish) finishing up their chores for the day in a big hurry on what would otherwise have been a lazy Sunday, finding the most comfortable seats, with food supplies n what not and settling down in front of an ancient Optonica Television. The Event? India Vs –it doesn't matter which team– And that is when I started understanding that Cricket was the one, probably the only thing that my entire family worshiped with a single minded dedication. To the point of being fanatic! Watching my otherwise calm and composed dad show some serious anger when India did badly or cheer his lungs out for every boundary or sixer we scored; mum saying “verrry good” to any Indian bowler every single time he took a wicket; Vish forbidding any of us from moving from our respective seats, spouting crazy facts and figures about both the teams, asking mum every 2 minutes what the current or required run rate was (given that she is the Math genius); grand-mum turning a deep shade of crimson during nail biting finishes, praying to all her Gods to ensure an Indian victory. Having grown up watching all this, what choice did I have really than to turn into a die hard Cricket bhakt?

Cricket, quite simply was the first thing that I truly felt passionate about. I hated it when boys thought that girls couldn't understand Cricket, hated it when they registered surprise when I told them about facts n numbers related to the game (that I learnt from Vish in most cases, if not all ) that they hadn't known, hated that Cricket could be their religion but not mine! But my issues with male chauvinism and the suppression of females in our country is a whole different topic and it would elicit a blog dedicated to itself.

Not digressing from the main objective of this blog, let me get straight to it. Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar – more commonly known as 'God'! My childhood hero, the unquestioned king of every Indian Cricket Fan's heart, the man who shouldered the responsibility of fulfilling a billion dreams single-handedly for more than two decades. I've never had it in me to put down in words exactly how I felt about Sachin. Because I firmly believe that no words can do justice to the greatest Cricketer who walked this planet. And yet, here I am, doing just that. The trigger? His pending retirement from all forms of Cricket. Not having looked at a Television for almost 2 months, with a rather questionable internet connection in my hostel where online streaming of matches is an impossibility, my 2 main sources of information are the papers and facebook. While the former is filled with homages to the little master, the latter's servers might just crash given the number of people who are discussing the issue. My wall has been flooded with people who are sad, depressed, downright heart-broken at the news. And then of course there are those crazy 'sons-of-you-know-whos' that think that not liking Sachin is their ticket to being cool, it makes them different, nonconfirmists of sorts, and who are ranting on about how 'fresh young blood can now take his place in the team'. Choosing to follow the 'dog barking at the Sun theory', I refuse to dignify such idiots with a response as a matter of policy.

Coming back to the larger issue, Sachin's retirement! I've tried so hard to turn a deaf ear to it all, because I'm not ready to face it yet, am not ready to say good-bye to the one cricketer who I have adored from the age of 3, at least not like this! I would do it on my own terms, watching and re-watching every single movement he makes on each of his last appearances (t20, one-days and tests) and till I get to do that, I will not join the rest of the world in bidding him goodbye. But that resolve was broken today when someone played a video of the Master batting during our College culturals. Right there, in the middle of the Open Air Theater, standing amidst a couple of hundred other students, my resolve came crashing down. And when a friend turned around and said to me, “dude, they are gonna make me cry by playing his videos!”, the realization slipped in – as sharply as a knife would slip through cheese – this was it! This was the end of Cricket as I know it.

Never again will God walk into the stadium with his trademark swagger in the No.10 jersey, never again will we get to see the most honorable son of our country wear the colors of the Indian cricket team, never again will the country come to a stand-still when he bats, never again will the nation be on tenterhooks when he is batting in the 90s, never again will a single man hold the hearts of a billion people in his hands when he walks in to bat, never again would we see mortal fear in the eyes of opponent bowlers, never again would one man's injury be a cause for every Indian's concern, never again will God descend upon the cricket field, never again! And that thought is enough to break my heart. A thousand times over!

I am so thankful that I was able to watch Sachin Tendulkar play through most of his career. To me, he really was Cricket. And with him gone, I see very little reason to follow the game with as much interest as I did earlier. Like I said, to me, Sachin was cricket. Period! He was the reason I followed the game so closely and was introduced to my idea of a perfect man, my first love and all time favourite, Sourav Ganguly (who again is a topic for atleast 10 other blogs ). For that and so much more, I will always remain grateful to Sachin. And it devastates me to see him go.

But I also am eternally thankful that I was born in the era that he played, that I got to watch him in his prime, watch him make all those records, all those runs, savour and celebrate all of his achievements, celebrate his victories and shed tears at his rare losses. And of course it was nothing short of a dream to see him fulfill his long standing dream of winning the world cup. I feel sorry for all those who could not see him play, feel sorry that I would not sit down on a Sunday and cheer for the man himself with my kids, feel sorry for the generations to come who would only be able to see him in Cricket archives, feel sorry that Cricket no longer holds that much importance to me. Even the recent whopping 360 odd run chase dint enthuse me enough to try and log in to just to go through the highlights like I otherwise would have.

Sachin's retirement is not just the end of a career, it is the end of Cricket for so many fans like me. The game, truly would never be the same again

Guest lecture on Neuromarketing.

On October 15, 2013 Loyola Institute of Business Administration, Chennai, had a session on neuromarketing by the guest lecturer Mr Sudio Sudarsan who hails from Hault International Business School and is a renewed Strategist, author, and academician.

It was a great learning experience for LIBA students. Sudio's hold on the subject and style of delivery was impressive. He has been doing research in the field and kept the students elude with his experiences and findings.

Neuromarketing is a new field of marketing research which involves neural response of the customers to product stimuli. It involves detailed study of human brain and its reaction in different circumstances. Neuromarketing aims at positioning the brand in consumers mind such that the brand becomes the obvious choice of the customers. The subject also deals with consumers' perception of consumers for different products. Apart from the core product there are many facts that decide the sales of a product.

According to Sudio , it is possible to embed the value of product in the consumers mind by using strategies of neuromarketing. He also shared a video from his research which involved marketing water brands in USA. He created few hypothetical brands with attractive logos and well designed bottles. The bottles were filled with tap water. The same were served to customers in a restaurant and were asked to rate the water according to taste. To our surprise, customers not only praised the water quality but also gave different rating to those bottles based on their content and taste; they also expressed interest to use the same brand in future.

Later it was fun watching their expressions when they were informed that bottles contained water from same tap and had no difference at all. There were many such examples which proved the potential of neuromarketing. Overall it aroused curiosity among students with its effectiveness.

Sarvesh Nandan.

Do we really care for the environment?

Arathi Anu

Nov 11, 2013


Everywhere around us there are umpteen discussions going on about the environment. Pollution, global warming are some of the words that have become an intrinsic part of our vocabulary. But, do we realize the weight and importance these words have on our lives? How much of us actually know what all these words actually encompass? As students, we are more familiar with these words because 'Environment Education' has become a part of our curriculum. But, are we actually giving it the importance it deserves? Unfortunately, not.

Environment Education has become more of a burden and we hardly even glance through the books as we study. Meanwhile, we keep littering the place around us, use plastic indiscriminately and use resources inefficiently. Where exactly is the learning going? The sole purpose of this subject is to educate us and develop an understanding in us about the environment and the need to conserve it. However, it's far away from achieving this goal.

As for us, I think it's time we wake up and take up the environment challenge. There's absolutely no need of going overboard and doing the so-called 'big' things. The small things are the ones which the environment needs and don't you think it's high time we start doing our bit? It doesn't matter if our peers are not bothered about caring for the environment. If you think you are responsible and there's a way you can do it, then go ahead.

I am not going to give an outline of what we should and what we should not be doing. It will be very lame if I get preachy and jot down points about do's and don'ts. I am sure all of us know what exactly the need of the hour is and how we can do our bit. Let go of preconceived notions about why you should be correcting the damage of what someone else has done. Just do what's supposed to be done.

The 360 degree club at LIBA is responsible for organizing all the fun activities and yesterday again they came up with a well thought of and well organised event - THE HALLOWEEN PARTY!

The auditorium where we have the conventional scary events of a B-school like the finance and marketing conclaves, lectures and not to forget the examinations, for the first time was made to look scary.

There were skeletons hanging everywhere, disgusting spider webs, and the entire clan at LIBA was dressed at their worst

Here is the Halloween promotional video

After the couple dance and the screening of the short films by the students, it was time for the photo sessions.. Uploaded a few pics..

May the joy, cheer,Mirth and merriment Of this divine festival Surround you forever.


“Happiness doesn't result from what we get, but from what we give.”

The joy of giving week is a week long "celebration" by the students of LIBA where we visit orphanages, old age homes and spread the joy.

The week ends with us inviting children from various homes to the college and entertaining the crowd with a cultural event.

A video showing few of the many visits made as a part of Joy of Giving(JoG) 2013.;=em-upload_owner

If a picture speaks a thousand words then what about a video

Presenting to you a video by Kolkata Kingpins, the winners of the LIBA premier league(LPL) who have their reasons to say why they are "Proud to be a LIBAite"

Finance Conclave 2013 - 18th October, 2013:

The much awaited Finance Conclave 2013 of LIBA was organized on the 18th of October, 2013 at the LIBA Auditorium. The Theme this year was 'India- Will the Empire strike back?' . With the current global economic condition being substandard the theme was perfect, enabling students to get a better understanding of the current scenario, both from global and national perspectives.

The event was inaugurated by Thiru S.Krishnan, IAS, The Principal Secretary, Planning and Development, Government of Tamil Nadu. Thiru S.Krishnan enlightened the students about the crucial incidents in the world in the domain of Finance from the currency war of 1921, Germany to the Quantitative easing 3 in the US. He said that the major problem today is the perception. He said that we thought all along that we had conquered risk, but the fact remains that till now we don't realise where the risk lies.

After the inaugural address, Thiru Bobby Srinivasan, Professor of Finance, IFMR delivered the key note address. He gave valuable insights about the various crisis which shook the world in the 90's to the present, from the dot com crisis to the Quantitative Easing3. He said that we must realize that our economy is in a mess.

Soon after, the first session commenced with Mr. V.A George, President and CEO, Thejo Engg Ltd and Thiru B.Srinivasan, Dy FA and CAO, Southern Railways, delivering their address on the topic Currency volatility and its impact. They spoke about the various reasons of currency volatility and its impact. They said that volatility is the amount of risk or uncertainty about the size of changes. They also spoke about hedging, the reasons why it is done and the different hedging strategies.

The topic for the second session was ' The Commodity Markets in a turmoil' The speakers of this session represented the three communities which had the maximum knowledge about the commodity markets, namely the media, the investors and the auditors. They speakers were Thirumathi Rajalakshmi Sivam, The Principal Research Analyst, The Hindu business Line, who currently reporting on the NSEL scam, Thiru Shyam Sekhar, The President, The Tamil Nadu Investors Association and Thiru P. Anand, The President, Society of Auditors. The scams in the commodity markets like the NSEL were explained from different angles. The students were given an in depth explanation of the reasons of the scam, its cause and effect on the investors.

The afternoon session of the Finance Conclave began with the Quiz competition conducted by Thiru Pattabhi Ram, FCA, Partner, Yoganandh & Ram. Students from the top B-schools in India participated enthusiastically in the online preliminary of which the top 5 teams were shorlisted for the finals. The students from IIM Trichy bagged the first place.

The final session of the conclave dealt with the strategies to face the challenges.The speakers were M.Savarimuthu, The General Manager (REtd.), Indian Bank , Thiru M.S Kumar, The Chairman, Precimax Tech and Thiru S. V. Vijayraghavan, Visiting Faculty, LIBA. They said that a myriad opportunities lie behind these challenges and that it takes a persevering attitude and an optimistic mindset to look through the problems and to sail through it.

It was a highly enlightening day wherein every student was enlightened with inputs from the Finance stalwarts. The prizes were distributed in the valedictory function and a day in the world of finance came to a close.

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Nandhini Sathyamurthy | LIBA PGDM Full Time 2013-15. 

Onam Ashamsakal

Girls clad in creamy white sarees and the guys in the traditional mundu, the pookalam, the sinkari melam would have held anyone captivated. The students at LIBA celebrated Onam on 16th 2013 at the Auditorium. The celebration began at 11:30 a.m. The event was presided over by the Director, Fr.Peter S.J, Dean, Dr. S.Revathy, Deputy Dean, Fr.Emmaneul Arokiyam.

The celebrations began with the lighting of lamp. The thiruvathira kali performed by the girls of F13 Batch was a feast to the eyes. Barath of the F12 batch entertained the audience with a Malayalam song.

The auditorium echoed with cheer and laughter. As the festival commemorates the yearly home coming Mahabali, the benevolent asura king, a student enacted the role. The Malayali manga the main event of the day was then conducted. Beautiful girls of the F12 and F13 batches were voted for by the audience and the competition began. Aarthi Anu of F13 bagged the title. Dr. Victor Louis Anthuvan conveyed the onam greetings and addressed the gathering. The tambola event was then organized and attractive prizes were given to the winners. The traditional Onam Sadya with paayasam served, gratified the taste buds of all. Tug of war between the first and second years was also held.

A very special day like Onam could not go without a celebration! And when celebrated laughter, cheer, fun and love abound.

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