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Life@GIM (Goa Institute of Management )

Hey Gimians .. This is the thread which I always wanted *Edited by Oxymoron: To maintain consistency in thread titles for "Life@Bschool " series *
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nitiksh Says
hey Jha, thanks for narrating the story so well.....u had promised something on summers but i never thought it wud be this one......good work, please continue....everyone is waiting for more....

Kidhar ho bhai log... yahan public wait kar rahi hai :drinking:, for the best Life@ B Skool thread, the coolest.... B Skool thread
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What would you trade "this moment" for?

hey Jha, thanks for narrating the story so well.....u had promised something on summers but i never thought it wud be this one......good work, please continue....everyone is waiting for more....


GIM Diaries - Episode 5

Social Initiative

Now guys if you are looking to be entertained or tickled...maybe you should stop reading this post and move to a more suitable webpage like or something like that...for this is a human story...

and unlike many situation described previously...I am glad and proud that it happened.

Now technically anything related to GIM, irrespective of where it took place, will be included under GIM Diaries...

I and Nitiksh worked for one of the world's largest business conglomerates for our summer projects. Niks once said..."dont be are not that great" I will take his advice and make a statement...we had one of the most prestegious internship offers in the whole was alottery..considering 76 of the batch;s finest ppl had applied for those profiles !!

Niks understood this and would reach office, in the very heart of Mumbai's prestegious business district Fort area, way before time and start his work...while I followed the japanese method called Just in TIME!!

So what this meant that we did no go to the office together, but we always came back together...

despite being able to afford it, I refused to take a First Class Railway Pass (some silly superstition)...So Nitiksh would come with me in the crowded second class...

This Magnanimous gesture from this 6 foot 200 pound monster also acted as an insurance policy against the rowdy jostling crowds of the second class...It would be no exaggeration...that many a time I got out of the train alive only because Niks was ahead of me clearing the crowd like a bulldozer!!

After geting down at Kanjur Marg station after the Killer 50 minute train journey, Niks would buy and Guzzle a bottle of his favourite poison, Minute Maid Pulpy Orange..while we waited for the premium AC bus service by the BEST called BRTS as Niks insisted on travelling in style after being pummelled in the second class wid me!!

I gave him company for BRTS because despite it costing three times was always full of eye candy !! it was one such HOT HOT HOT May evening, when we were waiting, completely drenched in sweat, for the BRTS at the smoke filled kanjur Marg bus stop when someone began asking me for direction in frantic marathi !!

Now I took a very careful look at this person who was speaking in the most effeminate thin voice I had ever heard from a man's throat....

on first sight...he looked like a eunuch...but he was well dressed in a battered but clean shirt and pant and carried a polythene bag containing fat bundles of cheques held together by rubber bands...

I quickly recognised this person as suffering from hypogonadism...a disease characterised by extremely low levels of the male hormone testosterone, thus making a person look quite feminine...and acute anxiety is one of the main side effects of this ailment...

This guy was a complete mess and spoke only Marathi...

Guy - you know which bus goes to Saki Naka...?

Me - Yes...(and Nitiksh Quickly referred to his booklet of bus numbers and gave him all the details)

Guy - I am completely screwed...these are cheques which should have been in bank in Saki Naka 2 hours ago...I am late...I dont know what to do...People are not telling me anything...

Me - Are you ok?

Guy - Yes...yes...I am fine (But he looked like he will now faint)...Sir, can I...can i... have some water (Pointing to the Bottle of Minute Maid in Niks' hand)

Nitiksh promptly opened the bottle of minute maid and handed it to the thirsty man...

The guy eagerly took one sip...and promptly handed it back...

Guy - Ohh...sorry sorry...I thought this was mistake..I am really sorry...

Niks - No no..please have it...its ok...

Guy - No please keep have bought it for yourself..

(Maybe the guy was scared Niks..the imposing ginat that he is might beat him we put him at ease saying we insists he must have that bottle.....)

So the Guy went ahead and gulped down the whole bottle of minute maid in one go...and then he let out a satisfied "Aaaaah" that should have been recorded for soundtrack in Soft drink commercials...

Guy - I thank you so much ....I asked for water and you gave me juice...not everyone is so nice to me...people think I a some kind of a freak...

with this the guy almost broke down in tears...I had to calm him down and told him that was not true...most people in Mumbai have no hang ups in helping absolute strangers...

Soon, his bus came...of course this guy could not afford BRTS...he went in the red bus...but before Boarding the bus he gave us one last glance...and I can never forget the look of gratitude in the man's eyes for Niks...

If there is an accountant up there...this one act might save Niks from hell on judgement day....

Moral of the story...(If u care)

Niks became a honorary Mumbaikar that day...You are not a Mumbaikar if you have a ration card...You become a Mumbaikar the day you help a stranger without thinking twice ...Thats Mumbai Spirit...and I hope this spirit brings back this fin bond to Dalal Street one day!! Amin!!!


I too agree-GIM-the bestest decision of my Life...

Jha...please post the poem highlighting the characteristics of gals majoring in the various streams-finance,systems,HR


Hi Seniors,

Can anyone from current batch pls. share contact no. /email id of Mrs. Padmalatha Suresh who is a visiting faculty @ GIM.

Its urgent pls. help.

Is GIM really such wonderfull place?

And I am serious asking this.

Yes it is :)

Ask any of the 117 ppl of 2010 batch how they are feeling rite now, they will say one thing, I m missing GIM:-(.....

And i second Jay's SM : "GIM- the best decision of my life"

@jha : We are waiting for more.....i m waiting for the one u had promised me
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Is GIM really such wonderfull place?

And I am serious asking this.

One Comment I would like to make :

If Kerela is "God's Own country ... Then GIM is "God's Own B-School"
Is GIM really such wonderfull place?

And I am serious asking this.

I would kindly request Mr. Jaaaa to pl answer this query...

Is GIM really such wonderfull place?

And I am serious asking this.

What would you trade "this moment" for?

I do vividly remember the conception of HCR model..needless to say it acted as the single source for all the crap we espoused as it was an all encompassing model

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