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JHA sahab aka severus snape u just made me realise the very same thing about the 3 blue lettered words. I can relate with u when u say that how desperate we were to get these 3 letters below our PG id's and i still cannot believe that its true. Cause its this feeling that 'we belong ' that makes u feel proud of your achievement,makes u realise that u are 0.1% of the crowd that made it here and are batchmates now. 730 days and god knows how many more hours and minutes has gone into this achievement. Its a feeling of pure utopia of having achieved a feat that only 119 others in the thousands have achieved. Now enuf of this self patting and lets get bac to what guys at GIM do when they have just finished their mid-terms........PARTY....i think the words are LOUD AND CLEAR...and why not after all ur in GOA.

We just finished our Organisational Behavior mid term today and thought of letting it out once again....So our very own Ivan the wannabe Razzie....organised a gettogether at Souza Lobo at Calangut Beach. We all took our our bikes,cars scooties and crashed in at Souza Lobo. A huge group of 35 people on a single table where the person at one end had to scream at the top of his to be heard. There was a live band playing jive and goan songs that made us send Rodney and Renza on the dance floor. They burned the dance floor with their smooth moves and then the floor was crowded with 35 sweating GIM'ites venting out their unspent energy of many days. Everyone was exhausted by the time it was 12 in the nite. After this we all went on the Calangut beach that was besides the restaurant and enjoyed the cool sea breeze and started humming songs. It was a fun filled day for all of us and we all wished dat we could stay on the beach much longer ....but then Ivan had some other plans in mind and told us about a lake in Porvolim where we could have a dip. So we took out our bikes and started once again. But probably it was not meant to be since it started raining heavily and we discarded the plans and instead diverted to the famous hangout of GIM'ites and the only place that is open in Panjim 24X7 ...FIDALGO. We stayed on there talking about everything under the roof and after having exhausted the topics(BAKAR as some would call it) thought of calling it a day......

Now I am back at my room clock shows 4:46am and I have a class at 9:00 am still sleep evades me. I was not always like this .....One of the seniors had told me once that GIM never sleeps ....and I wondered if it was true.....YES IT IS.

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3 Cheers to GIM!

TIMES NEWS NETWORK ,29th July,2008

Panaji: A team of six students of the Goa Institute of Management (GIM) were chosen as one of the 50 semi-finalists of an online marketing challenge thrown open to universities across the globe by Google.
Google announced The Google University Challenge 2008 in February this year which was meant as an opportunity for students to gain practical, real world online marketing experience.
8,500 students in 1,650 different teams across 47 countries participated in what can be termed as the biggest global university competition ever. Students pursuing degrees from some of the top management institutes in India participated. The winners were announced on July 24, 2008. One out of the four semifinalist teams from India, was from the GIM and have made it to the 50 semi-finalists.
The participant groups were provided US$200 each to spend on Google AdWords for a local business from the area they come from. The GIM team chose to devise an online marketing strategy for Goa Tourism Development Corporation (GTDC).
While matching the relevant search results to a search query entered, Google also displays relevant AdWords ads above and alongside search results. These are labelled Sponsored Links and advertisers design AdWords to target the users search by matching ads to the users query.
To compete in the challenge, students had to create an effective, well-structured AdWords campaign to drive traffic to their selected business website. Participants of the contest competed on a global level for a chance to visit the Google headquarters in Mountain View, California and meet the team that created AdWords.
Team leader of the GIM group, Chitresh Sinha said, The GTDC briefed us that they have renovated their hotels recently and want it to be seen as a high end hotel. GTDC also wanted us to get clients for its new house boat.
Sinha added, The team achieved a click rate of 4.7% which is considered very good in online marketing. Within the first two to three days we registered a 20,000 to 30,000 view rate. However, we lost out on the clicks on the ads which was around 200 to 300 per day. Rohan Parasher, Mirella Barboza, Mitali Bhargava, Parag Khachane and Vaibhav Kamat were the other team members.
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Ladies and Gentleman.

It was a great day for me when I first postd on this thread as GIM student. Today it gives me immense pleasure to put my frst post on pagalguy with three tiny little blue alphabets under my name ...G I M... which means that fr me, the ONE dream that binds all Puys together, the Dream to be at your college of Choice, has finally come true. See this may not be an IIM or an XL. Point taken, but that dosent stop GIM from being from being one of the best schoos in the country. And when it comes to a specialisation like marketing, i is right up there.

So I am really proud to have those letters under Snape. I have been simply staring at those letter for several minutes before started this post. Now on to the post.

This is a description of a specific GIM legend. A thing that will be done by grandchildren too should they choose to attend GIM....and by then this place might just be the frst choice cos mind youunlike the current leaders, we have got no reservation here.


Every GIM guy is here SIMPLY beacuse he has got the merit. And this is one factor that will help it strIke gold in the long run....VIVA GIM

Ok after the emotonal tirade, le me get back to my post.

The most magnificent sport of

Life at GIM is a very hectic affair. What with visits to Fidalgos, chatting up people on IP, TP on the Ferry, riding to Panjim, CS onnnnns, Volleyball and many other highly important life and death matters there is hardly any time for petty hindrances like case studies and assignments.
But One day, when it became imminent that not doing an assignment can cost me really dear, I was fully immersed on those weirdo formulae and lost all perception of my surroundings. With me deep in this academic trance, the door of my tiny little room flew open and two well built seniors barged in. Startled I looked up and found them jostling with each other with their feet entangled like two Cobras battling for a female in heat. I realised that he bone of contention was a shiny black metallic object which, before I could even raise a protest, received a hearty kick from one of the gladiators sending it crashing right into my cupboard with a deafening metallic clang. The fierce tackling went on and my roo was in imminent danger of being demolished. I promptly secured my beloved Laptop, a sleek shiny black HP beauty gifted by my mother as I really doubted the ability of that beautiful machine to brave a similar hit that dented my cupboard. Soon the shiny thing got kicked out of my room and I heaved a sigh of relief as the action got shifted back to the wing corridor.
Having been spared the collateral damage, I came out to investigate.
Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry has Quidditch, Goa Institute of Management has PELA PELA. Before my eyes unfolded the legendary blood-sport of PELA PELA. It is simply football played in a corridor, with the ball replaced by a cantankerous steel glass. The area of play is the entire corridor and whichever room on the corridor is open enough for the ball to enter. Number of players depends on the availability of human resources. You can even have a multigender team and girls fight equally hard. Though the onus of protecting their dignity in this contact sport lies upon the guys. The noise during the game is simply phenomenal and will give top of the line boom boxes a run for their money. There is no time limit for the game. It is played till the will of the other set of gladiators is broken and they no longer can compete...
PELA PELA is not a game.
BUT FOR GLORY....which one side gets when the other simply gives up.
Finally only thing which I am not sure of is that if those glasses belong to the mess...and if they actually do, are they replaced?!!!


One more hectic week done away with....another one is around:2gunfire:. With Mid terms this week most of the guys on campus can be seen in the library and yes in their rooms as well studying late in the night.

At the same time guys are busy working on Samriddhi 'A Conference on Green Infrastructure being organized by GIM.' Some more info on Samriddhi .....

Samriddhi is annual national conference organized by Goa Institute of management.Samriddhi addresses issues touching various spheres of development and strives at finding practical and viable solutions. In the past samriddhi has the touch based issues of financing infrastructure project micro-credit etc under financing India's development. This year, Samriddhi will deal with sustainable infrastructure, its feasibility and how much business sense it makes. Following are the brief areas identified for this years conference.

1. Green Power (renewable energy sources)
2. Waste management.
3. Green Architecture
4. Ports, Airports and the green way

CEOs, Experts, CMDs of leading multinationals and thought leaders in the field.
Confirmed Speakers
1) Dr. S Sabharwal, (BARC, Mumbai),
2) Dr. S Kale(BARC, Mumbai),
3) Dr. Suresh Prabhu (Ex-Power Minister),
4) Mr. Vijendar Sharma (Senior Consultant, Fraport India),

Its a Two day event with 6 sessions and 16 speakers.100 + attendees will be from Senior and Middle level corporate, government officials, NGO representatives, environmentalists, Corporate and Economic Experts
Samriddhi is aimed at Corporate across India along with Government Officials, Environmentalists and Students. Samriddhi08 has been carried out on legacy of Samriddhi07 which was a finance conference. More than 200 people turned out for the event. Ads and posters went out in all top b-schools of India and the event witnessed the participation of more than 50 colleges and presence of IIM Lucknow, Ahmadabad, IIFT and ICFAI Goa.

Highlights of Samriddhi

  1. A forum to interact closely with Government of Goa and possibility of forming partnerships.
  2. A platform to interact and form associations with Corporate houses.
  3. A close interaction with various reputed research institutes like BARC.
  4. An opportunity to connect with the entire student community
It will be an event that every GIM'ite will look forward to...

din, hafte , mahine.......... aaye or gaye..... but the love with GIM seems to be ever increasing........ bahut hi hectic hafte ke baad aaj time mila hai kuch post karne ka........ GIM keeps buzzing with activity even in the heavy rains...... many are planning to have their inventory of sleep done before the mid terms personally am planning to go along with my "kafe club" partners to various beaches this weekend and to witness the most talk about sunrise spots.......

kaafi clubs ke selection bhi ho gaye hain.... Personally i feel that right people have got into the right clubs (or cells!!!!)...... nice to see the enthusiasm with which people work..... the month till now????.....

yaad rahega....

*woh raat ko 1 baje doston ke sang chai peena.....
*8 30 class ke liye 8 20 ko uthna......
*ET quiz mein Saaj ko harane ki koshish karna.....
*morning view from HT main gate("seriously the best view")
*totally baffled by the cp in the class
*playing tt til morning 3 am....
*randomly entering peoples room to disturb them....
*the bday spanks......
*walk along the riverside and the ride on the ferry

last but not the least , the yaaris and friendship of the seniors and the batchmates........


i used to live in a joint family back and here i feel that really i am at home away from home......

jab shuruat hi aisi hai to sochiye.......... "PICTURE TO ABHI PURI BAAKI HAI......"

***Deepak Singhal***

Disclaimer If you want to know about the academic life at GIM, then please stop reading now! This composition is purely about the non-academic exploits of the 2008-2010 PGP batch of GIM.

I didnt believe in love at first sight, but that was until I visited GIM. The necessary and unnecessary flora and fauna aside, there isnt one thing about the class, the college or the state that I havent liked. If this is utopia, then I would just want to lock myself in time. Well! the romanticism might just get to you after a point of time. Hence now I would digress to the earthly elements here in GIM that have me glued to this place.

To begin with, 16th June was the day on which we reached the Madgaon railway station. It was 7 of us in the Amravati Express, and the beauty defining Dudh Sagar was enough of a demo for us for what lay ahead. We reached campus 2 days before the official arrival, and were we in for a surprise! We had the distinction of being the only boys from the batch of 2008-2010 to have had a one night affair with the Ladies Hostel (ground floor rooms), since the rest of the rooms were locked for the night.

The First Real Party, as I would like to call it, was on an eventful night when half of the PGP1 met up in Gene for a dinner time rendezvous, kudos to an initiative by the guitarist from OT-5. We spoke, screamed, barked (refer to jayanti lal), and sang songs with little respect for sur or taal. And soon we got a taste of the Goan rain- everyone ran for shelter. But not all of us were quenched of our thirst. We started a rain dance, which went all the way from the main gate to the hallowed grounds of the quad. The quad bore a heavy brunt of our madness, when we danced and sang for hours. Performances abound from everyone including the meandering damsel and Monjolika from LH, the Bihari from In Kargil.. and also yours (rapping) truly (Come on! Its my composition! I need some footage too ;))

The first real party was followed by many more celebrations, including the Mid-Summers night and the Freshers party in Butter Lounge. The Mid-Summers was a beautiful exposition of multiple talents from across the board. Be it our Mr. Fresher on his violin; or our actors, directors and scriptwriters who shone through their plays; or our technically sound or even the masala-maarke dancers. There wasnt one moment when the crowd wasnt entertained and not one compliment which wasnt showered.

The freshers party was just another experience for the PGP1s and PGP2s alike. We danced from sunset till almost sunrise- add to that the Nadal win on the freshers and what you get is 200 hyper and booty-shaking souls.

The mass celebrations aside, one can also see the free birds from PGP1 at any time in any hot spot in Goa. Fidalgo has become the 2nd home to the nocturnal coffee consumers from GIM, Miramar Beach being a location where someone from the campus can always be spotted, and Dona Paula being another vantage point where one can hear more crazy people singing or just contemplating their night through.

That was our first month in GIM and hopefully the next 23 too!

GIMite for life!

Tapan Bhai
It has been raining off and on in Goa this year.. The frequency of rain as well is the duration is very less as compared the previous year

whats the scene with the rains there ?


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whats the scene with the rains there ?


Memories now this must be looking a li'll bit familiar.....I know it does....its wat every one's post it for sunday mite be screaming....

1) eco test on tues.
2) mlr individual assignment.
3) Read companies act for monday.
4) OB presentation tuesday.
5) FAM assignment.
6) Communication 11th chapter and preparation of speech.
7) MLR group project.
Making calls for sponsorship for Samriddhi.

Guys i still cant believe that its just a month that we are here and we are already in knee deep assignments. The past two weeks has almost passed as a blur that you experience when you are sitting in a train and a speeding Rajdhani passes on the next track. The experience is somewhat similar. We had selections for various committees conducted last week, the placement cell, Public relations cell and the alumni committee. last weekend the Junior Placement reps were selected, who are a bunch of highly talented people from my batch and who shall take the placements to greater heights in the coming year. It includes Sunder,Shweta,Pratyush,Prachee,and Nagraj.

6:30 p.m, Admin block,F2 Room

Then on Friday we had the Public relations committe selections. After the Placement cell this is the most coveted cell at GIM and as anticipated there were a large no of applicants. They began with a written test that was aimed at evaluating the written as well as creative skills of the candidates. Everyone had 30 minutes to put down their thoughts.:bigear:

7:30 p.m, Admin Block,Placement Office

There was a notice put up for people with specific IT skills to contribute to the placement cell. Luckily since I did'nt have those skills and was also due for a goan meet was excused. Every single goan was invited , pseudo goans like me as well as goan domicile students.

8:00 p.m. Noah's Arc, Panjim Jetty.

We arrived in a group of around 40 ppl aboard the Noah's arc which was fully lighted and ready to take us in. There was good music,DJ,Goan food, and ofcourse what Goa and Goan's are know for .....BOOOOOOZE!!
People danced way past midnight while the cruise took us on a round of the sea and till the college. We all were happy to look at our college from the mandovi river which looked just magnificient.

12:50 a.m, GIM, Ribandar

Back at the college I saw that the interviews were already started and my no. was around the 25th. Taking it that every candidate is given 15 mins my turn wld'nt come before 4. So I thought better go to sleep for sometime.

1:00 a.m. 217A, OT

Back at the room I see my roomie Vaibhav aka "Bhau" reading stuff for the economics test that was due in a couple of days. I request him to wake me up at 3:00 and just hit the bed.....

3:30 a.m 217A, OT

I wake up rub my eyes......nd wonder where I am....suddenly I realise that tommorrow is the deadline for the Communications assignment........oh my god!!! I start on it and finish it at around 4 somehow(u know when ur on fire things suddenly seem to be done at a faster pace.....)

4:00 am F1 Room, Admin block

The scene outside my room balcony is that of anxious awaiting and I can see many of my batchmates roaming around in the campus. The only indication that it is still not day is that its dark outside,but all the lights in the hostel as well as the admin block are on.
I go towards the F1 room to see other candidates standing outside awaiting their turn. Finally my turn comes at around 5:20 a.m and I'm relieved. I enter the room and see my senior batchmates Akshay Raina, Selwyn, Neha, Byran and Meenu who are as fresh as ever. They begin with the question 'why Public relations'. I answer and then there is a series of questions that follows and what followed was a blur,the best part being that all of us were still awake by the time it ended.

6:15 217A,OT

Am back in my room exhausted but excited and hit my bed once again. I can hear birds chirping and other animals making sounds that indicated the beginning of "official" new day at GIM. I need to catch hold of some sleep not because I am sleepy but because I have to ensure that I donot fall asleep in class. ;)

I just ponder a while before I fall asleep. I must have certainly done one act of good in my life to be at such a place that always pushes me to my limits and keeps me going. :2gunfire:

Apart from this there is the Volleball tournament,The VIRU cup thats ongoing. My section PGP1 beat the combined team this saturday. There is a TT tournament coming up. Again Basanti cup that is the annual cricket tournament is around the corner. And then the big event i.e. BACCALAUREATES which is the Alumni meet that will be in August. So lots happening at campus and very little time to think for. At times 24 hrs seem too less:huh:.....

I would also like to mention here that a gr8 amount of effort has gone in keeping this thread rocking by jha(snape) and others and kudos to them.

  • 5 Likes start off with...after reading so many posts there is not much left for me to touch upon..everything has been covered in such an extensive manner!!..Kudos guys!!...
Well the max i can do is paraphrase events from my angle...
The day i got into GIM was one of the most happiest days of my life..It had been my dream B school for the last couple of years and was mightily excited that my dream had come true.
I reached G.I.M on the morning of July 18 to realise that the campus had already been swarmed by PGP1s .The rest of the day went away in setting up the things and acquainting with the friends made on various public forums:)..The great things about this place is that since it is a smaller place u always barge into one another every other moment which results in a great bonding.My room is very near the entrance...On Day 1 there were 30 odd ppl in my room :)..thats the level of bonding we have here...
The first week went away in getting to know the place n this is where dinesh bhai and other pgp2s who were here helped us a gr8 deal and helped us getting ready for the real deal.
To reconfirm the fact that we were in a b-school..we started with a case study!!..from then it has been various groups,various subjects..but one thing has been constant..FUN...the fun element has been retained even when we work which makes this place stand apart...
The Midsummers gave PGP1s a chance to show their talent which was exhibited to the fullest possible level with around 40 events...It was followed by Freshers which gave us a sneak peek into the culture followed here at GIM..I already feel this place has given me so much..Its like I have already learnt more things than i ever did during my last 5 years..Many events have been conducted like ET Quiz,Brand Ambassador,Business Quiz etc..which have acted like stress busters(Sheesh we are already talkin about stress!!)
There are certain things which cant be put in words...Life@GIM is one of them....

Srikanth Balasubramanian
Class of 2010


Planning the alumni party....please drop in suggestions as to locations.....

Tito's with either Ryan or that Butter guy....Joel, is it?
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Hey Tapan
DK said that our room was already booked by Ralph and also by Aris...As for the remaining rooms, well M sure that all the current Pgp 2's and for that matter , even the 1's will more than gladly welcome GIM's pride and HUL's lucky acquisition.... :)
Several rooms upstairs...All of the rooms on the right except Chinz's rooms are occupied by 2's....
But of course, u forget.....OT-GF is much much more happening this year...The action has shifted the cricket in the corridors, loud music and bakar sessions all happening downstairs....
Bucket Party as usual happening from 222 and Majumdar's old room....and this time some rock also please..??
College has been really hectic so far....Us poor mktg majors are getting sozzled in cases....we average a case per day for sure...The chilly has lined up 16 cases for us this term...!!! But he rules as usual...!
Planning the alumni party....please drop in suggestions as to locations.....
Heard u Guys planning to hire an entire bus and come from Mumbai..dats sounds COOL!!!

Thanks Allan!!

now 2 things here which i HAVE to mention:
1) OTFF still rocks
2) u mentioned everything but missed out Pela Pela....the following few lines dedicate to that great game which differentiates OTFF and OTGF in BIG way:

Pela Pela is an indoor game and hence is played only in corridors....and what is that we play? FOOTBALL with an empty glass...

The noise it creates is a big pain to many...but then, who cares!!

OTFF is gonna be what it is famous for....LOUD!!!

I might put up at Saakshi's lets c....A PR always goes to a PR man....can't help it!!

As far as marketing cases are concerned, take them seriously man...wud help u later in the placement process!!:smile:

and we are doing a mass a bus is turning out to be very expensive man...!



Well after 3 days of less sleep and after MLR exam i am able to browse thru Pagalguy.....we had Ribander talks in which speaker was Mr Hiru Bijlani...It was a good session and very well organised by our Rahul and Raghav........Also in blitzkrieg it was a very well conducted business quiz by Hriday team...We reached the final round but couldnt win...Tough Luck I must say......Mr Snape(Jha Saheb) and Ms pooja won with a consistent performance..Next target is ET quiz on Monday....And now i m going back to the Eco case study....

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Hey Tapan
DK said that our room was already booked by Ralph and also by Aris...As for the remaining rooms, well M sure that all the current Pgp 2's and for that matter , even the 1's will more than gladly welcome GIM's pride and HUL's lucky acquisition.... :)
Several rooms upstairs...All of the rooms on the right except Chinz's rooms are occupied by 2's....
But of course, u forget.....OT-GF is much much more happening this year...The action has shifted the cricket in the corridors, loud music and bakar sessions all happening downstairs....
Bucket Party as usual happening from 222 and Majumdar's old room....and this time some rock also please..??
College has been really hectic so far....Us poor mktg majors are getting sozzled in cases....we average a case per day for sure...The chilly has lined up 16 cases for us this term...!!! But he rules as usual...!
Planning the alumni party....please drop in suggestions as to locations.....
Heard u Guys planning to hire an entire bus and come from Mumbai..dats sounds COOL!!!


This week has been quiet happening for the Marketing guys of our batch... 2 cases per day on an average to solve.. some 3-4 reading materials.. Some CONB exercise to be done by visiting various stores in Panjim (It was raining quiet heavily on that day).. and if it was CONB, MI and Retail next day.. there definately were some outliers in the upper side of the data.. which caused the mean deviate and the curve became highly skewed...

Sorry for the use of Statistics language.. but cant help as I already had a DA test and tried to prepare well for it.. And these are the after-effects of the preparation...

Well the events by various clubs have picked up pace now.. HRiday yesterday hosted the business quiz and our Snape did well to get the 1st prize along with his mate......

SOFIA is organising ET Quiz everyday for all ET addicts to earn some good bucks... SOFIA is also organizing FAM classes for the Juniors to get there basics on Accounting firm...

Ribandar Talks today is hosting Mr. Hiru Bijlani for the talk... The PR cell of GIM also hosted a event "Brand Ambassdor" for the PGP1s..

PGP1s along with not only attending these events but also winning most of them did give a MLR test.. submitted a MLR assignment and are preparing for ECO test scheduled next week...

So it was hectic week for juniors also... Its not the end here.. The club recruitments have started..

And already we have our JPRs (Junior Placement Reps) in place.. Today the PR cell and the Alumni Committee is holding its interviews of the post of JCCs..


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