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Hey Gimians .. This is the thread which I always wanted *Edited by Oxymoron: To maintain consistency in thread titles for "Life@Bschool " series *
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quizzes , midterms, Brainvista, RAzzie BAck to school event, Infoquest, Assignments and Projects..............followed by end-terms....not enough rite!!!

Yes my friends this is what each student at GIM has been subjected in the past few weeks. This can be evident from the status messages of various students on gtalk

Pratik:Maar k ting!!!

Aditya AVK: ADIDAS: ADI Dreading About Stats

Deepak Singhal <: .="" aa="" assignments="" batlata="" beech="" bhej="" chodo="" darta="" dikhlata="" end="" exams="" fail="" grades="" ho="" hoon="" jaoon="" kabhi="" kahin="" karta="" ke="" ki="" maa="" maa.="" maa.....="" main="" mein="" mujhe="" mujhko="" na="" nahi="" paoon="" par="" parwah="" phir="" se="" terms="" to="" tu.="" waapas="" yun="">

donica4u: No Sleep 4 next two days....-- "jaagte Raho"

Mallya Niranjan: Managers - Your Discision making, planning, focus, execution and patience is going to be tested in next 12 days.
Rucha Nagarsenkar: Sleepless nights at a stretch.. n no its not due to love!!!

Srikanth Bala! On Pension!: considering "organisational learning" and"legal risk" in "fixed assets" "scheduling" for segmenting,targeting and positioning.......This is wat happens if u have a different submission each day

Akshay(Me):If there was one person in life that I would appreciate most would be Amartya Sen.....not becos he got the nobel prize.................. but becos he has the patience to do economics all his life!!! :)

To sum it all up it has been a mad rush last few weeks with team meetings and pagin for lost team members, buying time off from one group to attend another team meeting for another subject happening at another end of the campus, and wat not. But yes,One thing to take away from here is that no one would deny the time management skills that each one of us has learned in the past few months here.

Amidst all this we had a very unique and beautiful theme event organised by our Culture club "Razzmatazz" --BACK TO SCHOOL. Wondering wat this is, we too were not sure but thought wat better way to forget all the tensions and worries than to be kids again. What we saw in the Quad was a sight in itself, all our batchmates dressed as school kids and behaving like them as well !!!!
We had games like hide and seek, lemon spoon, three legged race, pick ur shoe out that we forgot long ago ....An amazing experience for all of us :)

Now we are awaiting for this one week to pass by and leave for our homes when term ends.....but am sure after a day or 2 of visit to our hometowns our hearts will still pull us back to the place that never lets us sleep

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First of all thanks to Akshay for making my job easy by posting about V P Malik visit !
It was indeed a very successful season for RT ... by season I mean the term.
We had speakers from varied background Mr Govind Rao, Ex Economic Advisor to PM; Mr Hiru Bijali, who spoke on happiness; Dr Arun Jaura, CTO M&M; and finally General Malik....

Before PGP2 go for a break a AD Guru who has directed a bollywood movie is expected.

In next term, host of eminent personalities are lined up, prominent among them is a world renowned management guru, who opened our eyes to fortune at a place which we normally ignored .... (* I wont disclose the names but I think the hints sufficient enough to guess )


akkinaya Says
One very important event that took place GIM ROCKS!!

akkinaya Says
One very important event that took place GIM ROCKS!!

One very important event that took place recently in Goa Institute of Management was the coming of Chief of Army staff General(retd.) V.P. Malik this monday. He delivered a talk on leadership amongst todays youth which was a very inspiring talk coming from an army veteran. We were glued to our seats listening aptly to General Malik share his experiences. Then he shared his experiences regarding the Kargil war which was very touching and at the same time filled our hearts with pride. He showed to us a 2 letters written by 2 soldiers to their families moments before they were killed in combat. I bet there was anyone in the room who was not moved to tears after this. Overall it was an enriching experience for all the Students of GIM. A big thanks to Ribandar Talks and Mandar aka M@K for being persistent in calling General Malik to the campus despite his busy schedule.

Some details regarding General V.P. Malik:
General Ved Prakash Malik assumed charge of the Indian Army, as the 19th Chief of Army Staff, on 30 September 1997. Born on 01 November 1939 at Dera Ismail Khan (present-day Pakistan), he was commissioned into the Sikh Light Infantry on 07 June 1959. He saw action in the 1962 Indo-China border conflict in the Ladakh sector. He commanded the 10th Sikh LI on the Indo-China border and played an active role in counter-insurgency operations in Nagaland from 1974 to 1977.
His other assignments include Instructor in the Senior Command Wing at the College of Combat from 1977-78, Joint Planning Staff in the Military Wing of the Cabinet Secretariat from 1979-80, Deputy Brigade Commander of an Infantry Brigade from 1980-82, Colonel of an Infantry Division from 1982-83 and Commander of the 162nd Infantry Brigade in Jammu & Kashmir from April 1983 to December 1985, where he earned the Ati Vishist Seva Medal (AVSM).
In 1986 he attended the National Defence College (NDC) in New Delhi. He served as Deputy Director General of Military Operations from 1987 to 1990 during which he dealt with operational plans for the defence of northern borders as also two international operations - IPKF (Indian Peace Keeping Force) operations in Sri Lanka and Operation Cactus in Maldives. In mid-1989, he was appointed GOC-in-C of the 8th Mountain Division which was initially deployed in counter-insurgency operations in NEFA (North East Frontier Agency). He saw service in J&K; again to conduct COIN operations in the Kashmir Valley from December 1989 till May 1991.
He also held the office of Additional Director General of Operational Logistics, at Army HQ from 1991 to mid-1992. Along with operational responsibility of the Indo-Pak border, he commanded XI Corps in Punjab from August 1992 till March 1994 during which he over saw anti-militant operations. A graduate of DSSC, General Malik was posted to Military Ops. Directorate at Army HQ in the section dealing with COIN operations. He attended the Higher Command Course at the College of Combat, Mhow and was posted as an instructor in the Tactical Wing at the Infantry School, also in Mhow. As Commandant of the Defence Services Staff College (DSSC) in Wellington, from April 1994 to July 1995, he was instrumental in updating the syllabus and computerisation of staff work. In July 1995, he was appointed GOC-in-C Southern Command before being shifted to Army HQ in New Delhi as the Vice-Chief of Army Staff (VCOAS) in August 1996. He was decorated with the Param Vishist Seva Medal (PVSM) by the President of India, in the 1996 Republic Day Parade.
General Malik assumed the charge of Indian Army on 30 September 1997 and concurrently with the appointment, he took over as Chairman of the Chiefs of Staff Committee with effect from 01 January 1999. He coordinated and oversaw the planning & execution of Operation Vijay to successfully defeat Pakistan's attempted intrusion in the Kargil sector during May to July 1999. He was felicitated with the Excellence in Leadership award by the Atur Foundation of Pune and also the Distinguished Fellowship of the Institute of Directors, New Delhi in 1999. The Doon Citizens' Council gave him the Pride of the Nation award in July 2000. He was Colonel of the Sikh LI from 1990 to 1998 and continues to be Honorary Colonel of the regiment for life. He retired on 30 September 2000, after completing more than 41 years of distinguished military service. During his tenure he was the Colonel of the Sikh Light Infantry.
General has settled in Panchkula, near Chandigarh and since retirement, keeps himself engaged spreading awareness and sharing his views on India's national security challenges and international relations, in India and abroad. He was a member of the National Security Advisory Board (NSAB) for two years. Currently, he is an independent director on the board of some well-known private sector companies and advisor to various foundations and trusts. He has authored and edited various defence related books and has written chapters and articles for several other security-related books.

Hi PGiites am back after long, and there is lots to share with ull about the life at GIM. Things have been pretty hectic the past 2-3 weeks with lots happening at campus. Lot of events and get-togethers and in midst of them the pressure of submissions and late-nights working on group projects. But in between all this we took out time for something that was a phenomenal success for GIM as an institute and the students as well. On this 15th August Goa Institute of Management organized Walk for India.
61 years ago a nation celebrated its independence from centuries of oppression. A nation declared that it was ready to take on all the challenges of a liberated country. In the years that have passed India has attained many milestones and reached many heights. There have been some failings but many more successes. This Independence Day the students of Goa Institute of Management (GIM) participated in a Walk for India a celebration of the 61 years that have gone by and of the many triumphs that have been a part of these years.
The walk began from Miramar Circle at around 11am, after the State flag hoisting ceremony was completed. The walk concluded near the Secretariat House, Panjim. The national flag was held high as the students walked along singing patriotic songs. The walk was a small yet purposeful attempt to revisit the pride that being an Indian inspires in each one of us. The walk also addressed one of the most challenging concerns facing our nation the need for the preservation of environment. Students carried banner and placards with an aim to encourage environmentally responsible living.
Goa Institute of Management (GIM) has always believed in green living and has strived to inspire this in their students. The college undertakes several measures towards this goal using environmental friendly CFL tube lights, employing solar water heaters and utilizing rainwater harvesting.
We followed up this event with Samriddhi 2008 that was a huge success as well. Shall write more in detail about the same in my next post.
Hi Guys,

So you can notice the amount for time that has passed between this post and the last one......

The dust kicked up by the alumni meet, which concluded with the most rocking party that I had ever been to, at the La Calypso Disc where we dance our lives away till the wee hours of the morning, has now settled.

But after all the revelry, we all realised how much work remained to be done. Add to that the work for MECCA, the grand marketing event and the result is that I have had just 5 hours of sleep in the last 40 hours. And still there are presenations,quizzes, submissions and not to mention the lectures that put demands on your body!!!

I simply cannot believe body is still functioning well.....god knows how it will continue like this.

But today I have got a few hours of solid sleep and am no longer in any danger of collapsing.

Lalkaar,The MECCA event happens today and I am sure that after the amount of work that has gone into creating it, Lalkaar is gonna be a

Rest is all fine.

Waiting for the XAT and GIM notifications to come out when the traffic will really shoot up .....

We are there for you guys!!!!


Nihit, the corridors of OT are just waiting for U to walk thru them aimlessly again,... ... Everything around is up for grabs to be auctioned .... as for the bucket party, of course as usual its at OTFF corridor, where else ?? This Fri nite ......

nihit.bhansali Says
I am coming for the alumni meet on friday..Just wanted to kno when is the bucket party???

It will be held on Friday nite in OT in all probability.

I am coming for the alumni meet on friday..Just wanted to kno when is the bucket party???

A talk by Mr. Arun Jaura, CTO, Mahindra & Mahindra is scheduled at 4.45 pm Goa institute of Management tomorrow which may be covered by discovery channel.

Dr. Arun Jaura is the Chief Technology Officer of the Mahindra Group and heads the Office of Innovation and Global Advanced Technologies in Mumbai, India.

He was the Senior Vice President R&D; and Global Product Development in the Groups Automotive Sector for close to three years before taking up this role.

As part of his new role, Dr. Jaura formulates and implements technology strategy for the Mahindra Group. This includes work on advanced technology projects (such as propulsion, materials, communication networks, nano-electronics), liaison with Global Technology Centres and Centres of Excellence to initiate and cross pollinate research, CO2 mitigation and Sustainability, among other responsibilities. This role also includes development of hybrid vehicles and hydrogen technology for Mahindra's Auto Sector.

Apart from several successful product launches and initiatives, whilst in the Automotive Sector, Dr. Jaura has enabled the Mahindra Group create a mark in SE Asia in the Green space of Sustainable Mobility Solutions with his work on Hybrids, Hydrogen and Bio Diesel.

Prior to joining M&M;, he worked for 10 years at Ford in Detroit. In his last assignment at Ford, Dr. Jaura was responsible for Vehicle Engineering of the Escape Hybrid Platform in Detroit. Prior to that, he was in DRDO in Chennai for about 10 years, working on battle tank and combat aircraft systems.

Dr Jaura has rich and varied experience of over 25 years in the technology space and product development/R&D; both in India as well as overseas. He has 5 patents registered in the US/Europe and Japan, and has published 37 international and national publications in journals and conferences. He is a subject matter expert in various technology domains and is well recognized across the industry. He is also a Technical Fellow of the SAE International, a distinction bestowed on engineering professionals and a recipient of the prestigious Henry Ford Technology Award in 2004 for the worlds first Hydrogen Engine Propelled Hybrid vehicle. Dr. Jaura is regularly invited for consultations by ASME, IEEE, SAE, industry, governments and academia.

In India, he is a member of NATRIPs Technical Advisory Committee, Chairman of CIIs, Taskforce on Technology, Chairman of SIAMs Frontier Technology Committee on Advanced Propulsion and is the co-chair of the CAR committee on Advanced Propulsion. Most recently, he has been appointed as Chairperson of Indias 350 crore National Hybrid Platform Program that was approved in the 11th Five Year Plan. NHP is a 50-50 cost shared industry-academia-government programme which aims to make Hybrid Electric Vehicle Technology accessible for the Indian consumer.

Dr. Jaura completed his BE from NIT-Srinagar, M.Tech from IIT-Chennai and Ph.D from Concordia University, Montreal. In addition, he is the technical consultant to the USAID/ KEVA alliance on advanced propulsion and sustainable mobility in South East Asia.

We are proud to invite him to GIM and are sure it will be one experience worth having for all of us. He shall be talking on "Trident of Innovation,Technology & Business Practices to enable CO2 mitigation and help with Climate Change"


I think I will put a suggestion to Alumini cell to go ahead and organise a game of Pela Pela in the Quad itself and the winner gets to take the glass itself.

But I feel that Pela Pela will lose its noisy character when played outside closed quarters. So lets ask them to include the entire campus.

I am already inundated with a very sick fantasy...fantasizing about a game of Pela2 on the shiny marble corridors of Admin and Acad block!!!!

Wonder what the SAC will have to say to this proposal

I stay in OT8A and I cant recall who stayed heere before me evn though Allen had told me. They spend 2 years here if I am not mistaken. And not without reason. Its one of the ebst places to stay.

So Super Seniors, Its my request that even though you know only thecurrent PGP2s personally, do give me and my roomie a chance of hospitality and come and stay with us......


Awesome idea man....!! Pela Pela in the Admin block in the middle of the nite!!

But then u c, Pela Pela (and not Pela2) is an exclusive OTFF event it can't get out of OTFF.

It seems that the alumni meet is being taken as a very exciting event!! Feels great man !!

Looking fwd to meet u guys!!


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Am sharing with you some of the snaps of the Friendhsip day as well as the midsummers nite that had happened on campus.


Sorry guys for not posting the past few days ......was pretty tied up with the exams going on last week and other commitments including work for Samriddhi 2008.

Last saturday we had Friendship day(Another one of the occasions given to us by the West) celebrations that was a swell occasion with a superb bonding amongst the PGP1s that was evident from the enthusiasm shown by each of them. This time we broke the tradition of gathering in front of the Quad and landed in front of the OT for a change. People danced and sang and got drenched in the rain. Then all stood in the by now famous "circle of Warmth". People hugged each other and it never for a moment seemed that just 2 months ago we were strangers to this land trying to find our footing. After this ppl took their bikes,cars and went to FIDALGO the famous haunt of GIM'ites in the night.

Today was the launch of the new initiative by the highly talented PGP1 batch ....BRAINVISTA. It got kicked off by our very own Niks aka Nitiksh and Ashwin kak, both highly talented individuals who made it sure that their quizzes had people raking their brains. Brainvista has a unique format,there are daily online quizzes being sent on ip messengers called as RoZz. Everyone can participate on their lappies and send in answers to the organising duo. Googling, phone a friend or whatever kind of help is allowed ,still they ensure that the questions are difficult enough that you still end up cursing google for not throwing up enough information!! Can u imagine!!:new_ukliam2:

This is going to be followed by the grand event in which the daily winners will be invited to participate in the main Quiz called Brainvista that shall be held in a couple of days.

Amidst this people were asking questions about FAM for the mid terms due the next day. Though must say the quiz gave a break to engineers like me from the boredom of accounts.!! :laugh:

Also yesterday was the launch of E-treasure hunt by the IT@GIM club that had all the people running through the web and servers in a frenzied manner searching for clues that may give them the next link. It was a successfully organised event on a large scale that was enjoyed by everyone.:2gunfire:

Then, again this monday too we had the ET Quiz in which the winner was no surprise....MR SAZ the Doctor....and why not when he spends more than 2 hrs in the library with the copy of ET. Guys device various ways ethical and non ethical in trying to beat him in the quiz....but are still to do the same.:argue:

Seniors!! one more good news CASA de CHA has opened yet again,albeit the old proprieter. But still we can assure you that the experience would be same if not better. Do come over and relive your 2 years back in the corridors where academics and fun,energy and enthusiasm, spankings and bakars were a part and parcel of ur lives.Jaggu's paratha's, juice at Kailash and ginger tea at Casa De Cha. And of course our very own Mandovi that casts you in a spell!


Less Than 10 days to go for the alumini meet and the excitement is already palpable.

I am from Mumbai and could very have used the days for an In and Out trip to Mumbai. But I have decided to stay back and enjoy that risky game of pela pela that inevitably is going to take plae when the veterans do come back.

I think I will put a suggestion to Alumini cell to go ahead and organise a game of Pela Pela in the Quad itself and the winner gets to take the glass itself.

But I feel that Pela Pela will lose its noisy character when played outside closed quarters. So lets ask them to include the entire campus.

I am already inundated with a very sick fantasy...fantasizing about a game of Pela2 on the shiny marble corridors of Admin and Acad block!!!!

Wonder what the SAC will have to say to this proposal

I stay in OT8A and I cant recall who stayed heere before me evn though Allen had told me. They spend 2 years here if I am not mistaken. And not without reason. Its one of the ebst places to stay.

So Super Seniors, Its my request that even though you know only thecurrent PGP2s personally, do give me and my roomie a chance of hospitality and come and stay with us......



Having been spared the collateral damage, I came out to investigate.
Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry has Quidditch, Goa Institute of Management has PELA PELA. Before my eyes unfolded the legendary blood-sport of PELA PELA. It is simply football played in a corridor, with the ball replaced by a cantankerous steel glass. The area of play is the entire corridor and whichever room on the corridor is open enough for the ball to enter. Number of players depends on the availability of human resources. You can even have a multigender team and girls fight equally hard. Though the onus of protecting their dignity in this contact sport lies upon the guys. The noise during the game is simply phenomenal and will give top of the line boom boxes a run for their money. There is no time limit for the game. It is played till the will of the other set of gladiators is broken and they no longer can compete...
PELA PELA is not a game.
BUT FOR GLORY....which one side gets when the other simply gives up.
Finally only thing which I am not sure of is that if those glasses belong to the mess...and if they actually do, are they replaced?!!!

Wait for it dude...the veterans are coming to take over the junior batches in this LEGENDARY event....

And it feels great to see the tradition being followed by u guys !!

To know more about how we played Pela Pela, ask your seniors who used to reside in OTFFwhen they were PGP1s....I am sure they would still have those "pleasant" memories to share with u!!


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