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I didn't write for long, never had the time really through that rollercoaster of a 2nd year & neither the energy nor the mood to do anything for a while afterwards. A corporate career will start soon and the disbelief that it is all over will soon sink in. Eat-sleep-drink is the mantra of life, that hasn't changed; just the ways of doing them have, in the post GIM life or whatever they call it.

I would no longer grab a coffee from Jaggu and crash in the ATM like it's my living room. The coffee from the office vending machines is nowhere close to Starjuggs' neither in taste nor in value. The interaction with guys from other B-Schools only increases my love and respect for the life in GIM.

Overheard a guy cribbing about the rains and all I could think of was the most amazing clouds I have seen that shower the purest nectar from the heavens. They come back each year and welcome the PGP1s with thunders, and of course cleanse the PGP2s off the corporate dust gathered over the 2 months of summer internship.

To all the PGP1s, do enjoy every single moment in GIM, for it is the best campus life anyone could hope for (And one that we can surely brag about ). To the PGP2s, you already know how to enjoy! No need to worry about placements and packages as of now, just spread happiness around you and share it like we usually do mg.

Things I observed in the last 5 days

1. Some Guys from the same college not hanging out with each other, not even conversing at times (that will never happen for us)

2. Guys cribbing about their college and say they would never go back (U mad bro!)

We might crib about the offer we got, or some faculty or the management, but we will never ever crib about our life in GIM. Our togetherness is our DNA, and that is the most beautiful thing. From each birthday being celebrated like it's our best friends' to all the festival celebration, those numerous events and obviously the Razzie parties. Enjoy each one of it & be a part of it.

Few years down the line, on a fine evening while returning back from office, you will not think about your targets, you would wish you were breaking a dahi-handi in front of H1 instead .

All the best

  • THANK U AND WISH U THE SAME :smiley: NICE ONE !!. 09 Jun '14.

Hey...any idea when the results of interviews be declared ?

  • Wrong thread buddy. This is the Life@GIM thread.. 18 Mar '14.
  • @raghav.grover14 By end of March. 10 Mar '14.
Tanmoy Chakravarty @tanmoych 335
Wrong thread buddy. This is the Life@GIM thread.

Hi.. I have my GIM GDPI on 11th Match.. how has been the process till now.. what all should I prepare for? Also, howz the overall GIM experience..seniors pls comment..

  • GIM GD- PI Experiences 2014-16 under Forums ->XAT,SNAP,II.... 05 Mar '14.
  • Hi There... This is not the right thread for asking any k.... 05 Mar '14.
Mayur Nayak @mayurnayak84 1,676
GIM GD- PI Experiences 2014-16 under Forums ->XAT,SNAP,IIFT,MAT,CMAT..
Mayur Nayak @mayurnayak84 1,676
Hi There... This is not the right thread for asking any kind of questions pertaining to the Selection Process,admission queries etc. This page is mainly for all of us to read & post about the Life & Experiences at GIM.

For GD-PI experiences you can refer the below page.

@severus_snape Its been long we heard from you. Kuch Likhiye Sir. Ye forum forum soona soona sa lag raha.

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Goa Institute of Management||2011-13 
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@tanmoych : @severus_snape Aajkal kahi pe HR ke gyaan bat rahe honge :D.. Jha saab time to post something on this forum nw !

Sitting in the office, in front of my laptop, I was immersed in a zillion excel sheets when suddenly boss appeared and reminded my team about the fact that the project is getting delayed and we need to buck up. “Yes Sir, we will” is what we said, almost in unison p. I gazed towards my laptop and thought of “bucking” myself up. But as a result, the only thing I ended up doing is picking up the cell phone and checking for any Facebook updates . The first update, as is often the case nowadays was about a grad school friend who just got married. I clicked like on the update, thought about the popular Barney Stinson quote but quickly realized that neither I nor anyone around was getting awesome, and hence moved further on my Facebook timeline.

The next update though is from one of the juniors in GIM about the annual musical event; Inception. I check out the update and also end up browsing through some beach party pictures on his timeline. All this manages to make me fairly nostalgic and takes me 600 odd days back and also some 600 kilometers south of my current location, Mumbai, to a place where I spent 2 precious and memorable years of my life. Goa .

Coincidentally, Some 2 years ago, around this time of the year I had put up my last article on this forum. It was about Inception and how Geno Banks and his troupe had mesmerized us. “It must have been rocking this time too” I thought . The pictures on my juniors Facebook timeline too suggested something similar.

This is the third term for the PGP 1s and the sixth or the last term for the PGP 2s and that is reason enough for the PGP 2s to enjoy these 3 months to the fullest . Other reasons being the placement season is over by now and also the courses are lighter. Plans are chalked out during the Christmas holidays itself. These not only include preparing a check list for all the 25 odd popular beaches in Goa that need a visit but also trying to make the most of out of events like 'Inception' and 'Sangamam'. One gets to see some awesome performances in these events. Stage fright keeps some talented people away from the stage for 2 years . In this term though, some of them too, do muster courage and perform in these events, perhaps thinking this to be the last time they get to do anything on stage as students in their life . This term is also the one for parties. The beach party which happens sometime in Feb was my favorite and was so for many others.

With so much happening around people often do not realize how quickly time passes away, giving us so many sweet memories to cherish for life . As they say GIM is a way of life.

And just as my thoughts meandered into those serene beaches lookround, I heard “lunch karle bhai..kitna kaam karega??”. It was my colleague who thought I was engrossed in those stupid excel sheets . It was lunch time and I was getting late. Cursing him and my boss and life in general I saved my spreadsheets, put the laptop screen down and moved out for lunch.

Goa Institute of Management||2011-13 
Manisha Nair||Goa Institute of Management 2013-15||

Samarthan, a student initiative at GIM under the centre for social sensitivity and action recently conducted a conference on Solid waste management. The event saw active participation from students, faculty and renowned personalities alike.

hello all,

one of my friend scored 78.05 percentile in CAT.He is willing to fill the form of BIMTECH, noida. Hw is the college....should he fill or not..please reply....because today is the last date to fill the form...


  • @yashMBA This is not the correct forum for your query.. 26 Jan '14.
Rajat Bhat @rajatbhat 52
@yashMBA This is not the correct forum for your query.

hello @avinashkrjha , im a 22 years old commerce graduate with two years work ex in Marketing. can u shed some light on PGDM in healthcare management?? tapmi n GIM provide it..

  • PGDM HCM is no way specific to medical stream and in this.... 27 Jan '14.
  • @Ramneek1234 @rohanrulez. 26 Jan '14.
adwait patra @rohanrulez 18
PGDM HCM is no way specific to medical stream and in this regard u have sufficient opportunity to explore & make a career out of it. Background of medical science will only help you understand it probably better than few others . Course offered by GIM is more on the management side of the sectors like public health , hospital administration , insurance & etc .

Each sunset is different at GIM !

  • This picture is mind blowing @rajatbhat. 21 Jan '14.

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