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couldn't really think of a more apt way to start this thread... the following words are the creation of Kartikeya Mishra,2004-06 batch... XST: XIM Standard Time _Normal daily routine of a guy at XIMB 8:45 XST: Wake up time...the ala...
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The benchmark index of XIMB equity (read: love for mah College for that matter every other hardcore XIMBian) is trading 100 points higher each day as compared to the previous day after heavy investments in launches, batchmeets and JLT!XIM's stock scored another record high during the Business Conclave. As the Fin junta bets that on Aug 24th it will see frantic and frenzy upward movements because of an event preceding that day.What's that? Trust a marketing-o-phile to spread the word and so here it goes


'Har dil se nikale ye awaaz,Spradha ka hai ye aagaaz' .The gramjyot held high by the fervent enthusiasts made a whirlwind entry in the premises of the gathering infront of GR-1.Followed by a dance performance and the human pyramid-- it was a perfect start to the festivities that lay ahead.

Next came a swarm of warriors chanting 'Once a Kurkite, Always a Kurkite'.A 'K' in ice stood tall in midst of the gathering.Banners Aloft ,the reverberating anthem,torches alight they sure made a 'sight to remember'J.One could literally witness 'Fire and Ice' when 'K' burnt symbolizing the pride it took to have earned the epithet of 'The hardest game to decode' in B-School circles.`The path to glory reeks of blood' ,the question here is 'Is it your's or your Enemy's'.

Trust this group to bring the carnival along with them .The team came with their faces smeared in yellow and black.Who are they—ahh they are the 'Creatively Spoilt' group of XIMB.The imperial Dragon moves and tempo was in sync with the residents(read:members) of the Skill City.`Skillerz the Chillerz' raised a Killerz storm by their theme and infectious zeal. The Confluence of Skills & Strategy waits to be explored!

`Launch in Style'...!Hooded gals standing with candles in hand. Made an impact coz it was a departure from the usual flames that the others had used. Behind them on a table lay empty elegant 'Wine' glasses and of course the bottle which soothes many a souls on this planet. Whispers could be heard 'Which Committee?', 'Which Committee?', no one had the clue. At a distance we could hear bikes at full throttle coming towards us. And yes they came swiftly-The 'Gladiators'!The banner revealed from the parapet of the roof of GR1 and it co-incided with the entry of the 'Gladis'.The 'Nirvana Bottle' uncorked and there were cheers all around.Well-'Whoz ur Daddy???'..i will rhyme it for is 'Gladi Gladi'!!!!

Final one and yes it brought a sense of 'holiness'(read:Heliosness;-P) with it. 'Nothing is bigger than the game' and well justified by the blessings of 'Helios'-The personification of sun in greek Mythology.All the members encircling thy holy in solemn oath promising an interesting battle with twists and turns for the undergraduates.

So here they are –The in-house Game committees of XIMB –'Spradha',`Kurukshetra',`Skill City',`Gladiator' and 'Helios'.The five pyramids of the magnificent event 'Xpressions' and now the question to all of you 'Wasnt I right when i said XIM's equity worth just increases day by day?'

Anushree Paul



Anushree Paul|Shadow member Illuminatix-Media &PR Cell|PGDM-BM[2012-14]

The launch was phenomenol...................

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Back on PG after a long time, this time not as an aspirant, but as a part of the prestigious XIMB, I am amazed at the pace at which two and half months have passed by. With events like Parichay and Sambandh , we got to know our seniors and so did our seniors, about us. Got to be a part of the awesome block parties , my first ever JLT and a mesmerizing launch of Xpressions. Its all happening the build up to the most fascinating extravaganza in the eastern part of the country. The passion, the fever is slowly starting to grip the X-JUNTA....the game committee launches of which not only our seniors , but even the alumni are very sentimental about, have happened. Slogans like "Who is ur daddy, Gladi Gladi" reverberates the walls of the auditorium , signalling how huge the event is actually going to be. I just cant wait to be a part of this mega event. The silver jubilee year of XIMB, adds even more spice to the already rising tempo, as this time the Alcom plans a bigger homecoming. It is going to be few months more , and the wait is killing me.

When the going gets tough, the tough gets going !!

When you think you want to live this moment..XIMB gives you a moment to live.. come of the biggest Fests in India.. we will be flooded with emotions.. moments to cherish..and an unending Nostalgia of not being able to be part of it again..But As we await..the most exciting days of this year..I can still assure.. I will always be on a look out 2 come back and be a part of it.. Year in and Year out!!!

I always thought... Life is just a dream... and now at XIMB.. having experienced the launch of XPressions 2012... I see a shift... I see my dream coming true... Impatient to embrace XPressions, make the biggest fest of eastern India a part of me!!!! Waiting to breathe and live XPressions!!!

It is 11 P.M @XIMB and the evening has just started.

Scene 1-PGP 1 students seated in the auditorium. Reason-Launch of XPRESSIONS 2012.Mind Think-eth-Yet another Fest that more or else everybody has experienced at some stage.PGP-2 students barring a few ,no one is present.

Scene 2-11.01 P.M.Doors of the auditorium are closed.Ofcourse here punctuality is of prime importance. So we wait for the launch. Curious as to what it is, that makes it the biggest fest in eastern India. Why is it so much talked about.

Scene 3-Loud knocks on the closed door. Not 'knocks', that is actually an understatement, they were the knocks which had the power to blow your ears out with the high energy quotient it had. It became louder, they were thumping hard..who? Our beloved seniors.Why? Just wait for it.:-)

Scene 4-The door opens(not magically though, one of us does the honours;-))and 'LO and Behold' The whole senior batch is there. All in a queue they made 'energy trains and zoomed past us in a circular way.Clapping,Applauding,Cheering,Smiling they have come together to celebrate the spirit of XPressions.The incessant pulse of sheer passion for the mega-event was not to be missed. Each one of them possessed a love for the institution, love for the Fest and actually they were so expressive about the 'Xpressions' that we were inspired by the legacy and tradition that we were going to be a part of.

'Aage dekho' -'XIMB,XIMB', 'Peeche Dekho' -'XIMB,XIMB', 'Mud ke dekho' -'XIMB,XIMB', 'Arrey Jahan bhi Dekho' -'XIMB XIMB'

Ohh even while i narrate this i get goosebumps.Yes Yes you have to be a part of this to feel the reverberations of the Spirit of XIMB.

Scene 5- The cheer was just not going to stop. The moment we thought it had subsided a spark again gave rise to the 'Cheer' uprising that we were now witnessing. We were now getting impatient, we also had to see it, feel it. So the time came.The Launch of Xpressions-2012(Teaser).One can see the same at legendary 'Kurukshetra',the skilled 'Skill City', the rage 'Helios',Conclave,Spradha and many more.25 events to mark the silver jubilee of XIMB.

And they say it is just the 'Tip of an Iceberg'! Cannot wait to be a part of the Extravaganza and explore the water beneath. For now this act comes to a close, stay tuned for the new episodes in the coming week

Anushree Paul|Shadow member Illuminatix-Media &PR Cell|PGDM-BM[2012-14]


Nurseries may not be of your choice.but B-schools are your destination, the place you choose, and the land where you wish to set your foot on.
No wonder I was one of thembut with little doubts being a typical fresher. But one glimpse changed it all.
Far from an end I saw the bright blue board XIMB standing tall and giving me a glancing blow of the bright life I here shall begin.
The very feel that I am sure every ximbian has felt for last 25 years and which shall continue to attract many.
The best part about my college is, the road is named after Xaviers, every auto wale Bahia to English speaking innova driver bhaiya knows exactly what it means to study in xaviers and gladly takes you to the beautiful campus n where for the very first time you say new student..!!
At around 8 pm I dawdled into the hostel (where now I skip steps and run to my room) climbed the staircase with all patience (where now the speed is 2 floors in 2 breaths)and paused to rapt in awe as I saw every room opened before my eyes (where now I hardly spend time) like a kid opening her birthday presents with glee..and in no time I already feel grown up.with lots to do, lots to say and lots to explore.
I know there is lots to write but then where is the fun if you read everything in a day..but yes I guess we all have found our homes.. and homes have never ending stories.
BATCH 2012-2014

Hi Everyone

I am joining XIMB 2012-14 Batch. Any idea if there is any facebook group which can be joined to discuss thousands of queries that we all of us have.

The links are

For BM:-

For HRM:-

For RM :-

Please discuss over here:
Inspirational Quotes are Lame :P

Hi Everyone

I am joining XIMB 2012-14 Batch. Any idea if there is any facebook group which can be joined to discuss thousands of queries that we all of us have.

Went through some of the posts in this thread.. Just one word- Wow :grin:
Though I have had loads of fun during my Engineering hostel days, I am amazed to see the positive aura surrounding this college..
Just waiting to start my days here.. 13th June it is

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