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couldn't really think of a more apt way to start this thread... the following words are the creation of Kartikeya Mishra,2004-06 batch... XST: XIM Standard Time _Normal daily routine of a guy at XIMB 8:45 XST: Wake up time...the ala...
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And here is the second one.

Author: Abinash Sahoo ( @abinash.87 )

Riveting young minds yet again: Shashi Tharoor visits XIMB campus

3rd October 2013, Bhubaneswar, Odisha

“Be bold, take risks and think out of the box” said Mr. Tharoor while addressing young students and faculty at The Xavier Institute of Management Bhubhaneswar in an event organised by Illuminatix, The Media and PR Cell of XIMB, in collaboration with the New Indian Express. The Minister of State for Human Resource Department and Member of Parliament, he needs no introduction. Politician, writer, orator, philanthropist and a leader, Mr. Tharoor is an achiever in the true sense. In an enlightening session today, he shared his valuable comments about India and its future.

Overwhelmed by the welcome, Mr. Tharoor started the session with a funny anecdote and set the pitch for the event. A rather friendly an interactive session pursued, as the house was opened for discussion. He expressed his dynamic ideas about the transformation, the Indian education system needs to undergo. He said, that “Today we just don't need to answer the questions but, begin to question the answers”. He also advocates envision of minds, who have the ability to simplify ideas and have a streak of creativity.

Stressing upon the quality of education imparted, Mr. Tharoor asserted on the 4E's we as a country need to concentrate upon. Expansion, Equity, Excellence and Employment are the four major areas which if given due time and effort can propel our education system towards success. He also said that “In India, irons of success float in the sea of mediocracy”, implying that the value of excellence is not duly recognized and millions is spent every year trying to polish the existing talent pool of India.

As an answer to a question posed by a student, he said that the greatest threat India faces today is the incompetence and rampant illiteracy among youth. He feels, India can become 'the Workhouse of the World' if only, these young minds are well educated, trained and directed towards a larger goal. Being extremely inclined towards social media, he insisted upon the fact that social media was a huge asset for human achievement and should be wielded properly for bringing out sensitive issues to light.

In the end, Mr. Tharoor on a closing note emphasized on the fact that, India is a land of original thinkers and we need to buck up and make it big.


lluminatiX, the Media and PR cell of XIMB, is instrumental in maintaining the media & public relations of XIMB, documentation support, designing and actively covering the activities of all the other student committees. They work in close sync with the administration of XIMB to provide a smooth flow of information within the institute as well as handle the external linkages, which includes maintaining cordial relations with other premier B-Schools, the media and the corporate. IlluminatiX also handles the press coverage for all events that take place at XIMB.


The Xavier Institute of Management, Bhubaneswar (XIMB) is a premier B-School in India. Since its inception in 1987, XIMB has quickly risen up the ranks to establish itself as one of the leading B- schools of the country. The institute believes in imparting quality management education with a human face. The institute offers three flagship courses in PGDM, PGDMHRM and PGDMRM.

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Business Management 2013-15 | Shadow Member | IlluminatiX | Media & PR Cell, XIMB

Experience of two students from PGDM Batch of 2015 on the recent visit of Dr. Shashi Tharoor on campus. Here goes the first one. The second one to follow in the next post.

Author: Aditi Mohanty ( @Aditi_0210 )

XIMB hosts Dr. Shashi Tharoor in Campus

“The true hallmark of being educated is not answering questions in the examination but getting prepared to answer the question concerning the biggest exam, i.e. Life” said Dr. Shashi Tharoor in reply to a poser by a student of Xavier Institute of Management, Bhubaneswar. He added that “Our nation needs well-formed minds and not only well-filled minds, which can create, synthesise and communicate new and innovative ideas”. Dr. Tharoor was addressing a gathering of more than 500 people, which included both students and faculties of the institute, received a huge round of applause and a standing ovation for the awe-inspiring answer.

Currently the Minister of State for Human Resource Development, Dr. Tharoor is also an United Nations peace keeper, human rights activist, refuge worker, award winning author of thirteen books, as well as hundreds of articles, op-eds and book reviews, expanding his realm of experience into umpteen fields. Dr. Tharoor has completed his high school in St. Xavier's Collegiate School, Kolkata which is also under Jesuit Universities, as is XIMB. The colleges and institutes under Jesuit, he said, are renowned for their rigorous, but outstanding curriculum.

To another question raised by a student regarding education in India, he replied “The motive behind RTE act is to increase the Gross Enrolment Ratio in schools and colleges, which normally decreases as students ascend from schools to colleges. The focus lies on 4 E's which are Expansion, Equality, Excellence and Employability, i.e. improving the quality of graduates of the country.”

He was also praised the enthusiasm shown by the girls of the Institute and was appreciative of the good representation of girls in the Q n A session. To a question raised by one of girls about the quota system, Dr. Tharoor replied “Quota or Reservation is an entrenched acquired right. The unanimity amongst all the political parties makes it a battle not worth fighting for”. But he also said that the backward communities in our society need to be given proper incentives for development”. Having been awarded the Digital Person of the Year by IDMA, Dr. Tharoor is one an avid user of Twitter and stated that social media is a huge asset for human activists and its potential in serving humanity has not yet been utilized to the fullest. Talking about the his recent proposal of creating a high court bench in Trivandrum, the 2nd in Kerala he said, was important as there were increasing number of cases that remained pending and got delayed which has led to frustration among the people. He believes that being a Member of Parliament from Trivandrum, it was his duty to take this forward and address it swiftly.

Dr. Tharoor was pleased that he could spare some time out to interact with the young minds of XIMB, which he feels are the biggest strength of India. XIMB was established in 1987 and has been imparting niche education in management and carved out some of the best business leaders in the nation.

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Business Management 2013-15 | Shadow Member | IlluminatiX | Media & PR Cell, XIMB
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Holidays from tomorrow..

At XIMB where terms like 'work' 'pressure' 'busyness' get re-defined, the holidays are a welcome change. But strangely, it comes with an emotional pinch. A gap of an entire week where : you don't see your friends, no knocking at your door for the early morning classes,

no guest lectures, no having lunch together, no fighting for fruit salad in the evening, no nerve-wracking assignments, no sudden mails for a batch-meet, no quizzes, no late-night committee work, no two a.m. maggi, , no four a.m. walks.... However hard it seems, Life @ XIM, Bhubaneswar is epic. One can never get enough of this life..

Happy Holidays!!

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In lines of the concluding Gramotsava '13 - The rural marketing fair of XIMB, here's an article on 'Use of Big Data in Rural Marketing' by one of our students at XIMB.


Big data includes data sets that can go beyond the ability of commonly used software tools to capture, curate, manage and process data. In simple words, big data is the huge amounts of information that needs to be collected, analyzed and then processed. However, traditional computer programs cannot accommodate such large data. As of 2012, a few dozen terabytes to a many petabytes is considered as big data although the big data size statistic is constantly moving and is not constant.

Big data can be of strategic importance in the rural sector. Two decades ago Wal-Mart decided to increase its market size by penetrating the rural communities located in the smaller towns and villages of the United States so that their services are available to everyone and thereby maximized their profitability. Wal-Mart used the data collected by their previous ventures to understand the consumption needs of these rural households and also selecting appropriate locations to open their stores. Thus, Wal-Mart are known as the “merchandising pioneers in big data” as its analysts deciphered the data collected from millions of customers to tap into the needs of rural America. Online retailers like Amazon and e-bay soon followed suit.

The use of big data has helped the producers and retailers to better understand the need of the rural population. One of the ways in which it has helped retailers and manufacturers is in optimally pricing their goods. They could now understand competitor pricing, consumer behavior and inventory analysis that would help them to price a particular good at the optimum price. This has enabled both on-site and online retailers to price their goods at a price that replicates the market demand and the market supply in the rural sector which ultimately also benefits the rural customer. An example of this is how FedEx used big data and understood that customers are willing to pay a bit more if FedEx can deliver their shipments at their home on a Sunday.

In addition to this, marketing campaigns can be tailor-made to suit the perception of the rural customer. This could be done by analyzing the time spent by a customer perusing an inventory on an e-commerce site, pay-per-click data, online coupons or printed and televised advertisements. To add to the mix, big data also facilitates improvised store operations, better staffing policies and helps to provide more accurate decision support.

When we speak of the big data analysis by large firms in rural regions, we find that only the retail sector has been successful in this regard. The results of the use of big data by firms belonging to another sector in the rural regions are still unknown. In addition to this, big data collection, analysis and processing are neither easy nor cheap tasks. Also, what works in the rural regions of one country may not necessarily work in the rural regions of another country. For example: It is easier to collect data from rural communities in America than it is to collect data from rural communities in countries like India. This is due to the educational threshold, technology acceptability and the cultural differences between the people living in the rural regions of both the countries.

To conclude, firms should not merely rely on just big data analytics as a magic spell to increase their market size by tapping into the rural market. Big data analytics should be employed after a careful SWOT analysis of the business plan.

- Kartik Chopra ( @kartik_barca ) | PGDM BM 2013-15 | Xavier Institute of Management

Neerav Saluja | PGDM BM 2013-15 | Coordinator | IlluminatiX - Media & PR Cell, XIMB

For those of you interested, a short film by the students of XIMB inside the campus. Realise the Gandhi within..

Neerav Saluja | PGDM BM 2013-15 | Coordinator | IlluminatiX - Media & PR Cell, XIMB

The rural marketing fair of XIMB - Gramotsava '13 has officially kicked off today with the launch in the auditorium. The fair starts tomorrow..

Neerav Saluja | PGDM BM 2013-15 | Coordinator | IlluminatiX - Media & PR Cell, XIMB

A brilliant session by Mr. Shashi Tharoor at the XIMB campus today. Some moments from the event..

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Neerav Saluja | PGDM BM 2013-15 | Coordinator | IlluminatiX - Media & PR Cell, XIMB

The #XIMB Community is all set to host Mr @ShashiTharoor . Looking forward to an insightful session.

Business Management 2013-15 | Shadow Member | IlluminatiX | Media & PR Cell, XIMB

The #XIMB Community is all set to host Mr @ShashiTharoor . Looking forward to an insightful session.

Business Management 2013-15 | Shadow Member | IlluminatiX | Media & PR Cell, XIMB

RMAX (The Rural Management Association of XIMB), in association with Mahindra 2 Wheelers present Gramotsava '13 - The Rural Marketing Fair of XIMB !

Fair Days: 5-6 Oct, 2013.

Neerav Saluja | PGDM BM 2013-15 | Coordinator | IlluminatiX - Media & PR Cell, XIMB

Happy Gandhi Jayanti. #BizTalkatXIMB presents the management Fundas from Gandhiji. Article Courtsey: @htTweets

Business Management 2013-15 | Shadow Member | IlluminatiX | Media & PR Cell, XIMB

ATHLOS 5.0 is here \m/

3 months in XIMB and what a ride it's proving to be.

Hectic schedule? That's an understatement.
Fun? Beyond imaginations!
Learning? At every step.

XIMB_ Detailed accounts.... Coming soon!

Few more posts here XIMBians....!! Please.. Kinda Addicted splat

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