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couldn't really think of a more apt way to start this thread... the following words are the creation of Kartikeya Mishra,2004-06 batch... XST: XIM Standard Time _Normal daily routine of a guy at XIMB 8:45 XST: Wake up time...the ala...
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It's been a little more than four months since I joined XIMB. Life at XIMB has been exuberant till now. I am sure of having a great learning experience here with such a competitive yet helpful peer group, excellent professors (most with an extensive industrial experience), several global and national competitions, interactive sessions with the corporate world, live projects and other fun stuffs to do around in XIMB. The best part about XIMB is the honesty and integrity that prevails in the campus with respect to the seniors, professors as well as admission office. I had smooth transition from a corporate working environment into a student life at XIMB, and this could only happen because of the warm welcome you get once you land up in XIMB.

Here's a poem I would like to share that I had written myself after receiving the admission offer letter from XIMB -

- By Archana Dash,

PGDM-BM I (2013-15),

Xavier Institute of Management, Bhubaneswar

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Archana Dash | PGDM BM 2013-15 | Illuminatix | Media and PR Cell, XIMB

Nothing better than this to describe the Life@ XIMB !

Doodle Credits: Tanvi Randhar, PGDM 2013-15, XIMB

Neerav Saluja | PGDM BM 2013-15 | Coordinator | IlluminatiX - Media & PR Cell, XIMB

XOPS, The Operations Committee of XIMB along with the @VectorConsultin Group organized a 1 day workshop on the 'Theory of Constraints' at XIMB. A detailed coverage by the Odisha Dairy:

Neerav Saluja | PGDM BM 2013-15 | Coordinator | IlluminatiX - Media & PR Cell, XIMB

Some moments from the entrepreneurship summit of XIMB! #Ignite13

Neerav Saluja | PGDM BM 2013-15 | Coordinator | IlluminatiX - Media & PR Cell, XIMB

X-SEED, entrepreneurship cell of the Xavier Institute of Management Bhubaneswar (XIMB), hosted its first annual national entrepreneurship summit 'Ignite 2013' on Sunday. The event witnessed enthusiastic participation from students of XIMB and other local institutes as well as entrepreneurs.

Check Details at

  • Also covered in Odisha Diary 21 Oct '13.
Business Management 2013-15 | Shadow Member | IlluminatiX | Media & PR Cell, XIMB

XIMB 0(1) – b Pragyan Ojha

Indeed, an excited audience of cricket enthusiasts at the Xavier Institute of Management was bowled over first glance, as the stylish left arm spinner joined them for a casual interaction over evening tea. Few knew that Pragyan had spent his gully cricket days on the streets of Bhubaneswar as he attended school right next to XIMB in Chandrasekharpur. It was only after high school that he decided to relocate to Hyderabad, as he got serious about his game.

Renowned for his slow left arm spin peppered with vicious flight, that has frightened many an opponent on the ground, Pragyan has quite the princely charm and soothing demeanour off the field. And he did not disappoint the inquisitive crowd by being frank and candid in his responses to all the googlies we had for him!

“My parents thought that I would become a better student if they sent me to Hyderabad, but I had never thought of doing anything else apart from playing cricket”, quipped the southpaw. He was all praise for MS Dhoni, and revealed that Captain Cool had always backed his ability and motivated him to perform well. Pragyan believes that T20 can never be a substitute to Test cricket, as the 5-day format is the real thing, unforgiving and taxing to the limits. He remembered walking out to bat as the last man in the 2010 Mohali Test against Australia, with 18 runs needed for victory and his mentor from Hyderabad, VVS Laxman, at the other end. He recalled how he was down and out with a severe fear and how the coach willed him into going out and finishing the match for the country. He narrated with intense feeling, the emotions going through his head, right up to the point where he could finally carry India to victory by complementing his senior partner at the other end. In response to a question on which series of his career would he wish to replay with a different approach, he was quick to point to India's disastrous tournament against England at home in 2012. “Such was the pressure, we were asked not to watch the news or read the newspaper”, he revealed.

When asked about how he dealt with the paparazzi and the intrusive following, he remarked on how ironically it was he who kept following his wife rather than people following him! He was also full of advice for the cricket enthusiasts and shared some of the secrets that helped him reach the grand stage such as about learning most from the batsmen he bowled to. He concluded the talk by reminding all present that Cricket was no longer being played at a level where players could be one-dimensional and that it was essential for all players to go beyond their comfort zones.

The event was specially arranged and coordinated by IlluminatiX, the Media & PR Cell of XIMB, which presented Pragyan with a traditional painting as a souvenir.

Anubhav Srivastava

IlluminatiX - Media & PR Cell, XIMB

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Anubhav Srivastava | Core Member, IlluminatiX - Media & PR Cell of XIMB | Co-ordinator, XQuizzite - Quizzing Association of XIMB | Core Member, SPICMACAY XIMB

You don't need rocket science to know how awesome this is gonna be! Stay tuned...

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"Future is not some place that we're going to, its a place that we're creating." - Dr. Preetha Reddy, Managing Director, Apollo Hospitals for the Foundation Day lecture at the XIMB campus. An honour to have you mam !

Neerav Saluja | PGDM BM 2013-15 | Coordinator | IlluminatiX - Media & PR Cell, XIMB

Hello! I post to share some gyaan on a phenomenon we've been hearing about a lot in recent times. The depreciation of the Rupee has sparked a national debate on its long term repercussions on growth and inflation. I've tried to keep it really simple, do let us know if you like it.

Rupee goes sky diving!

Over the past few months, we have seen the rupee become a senior citizen and it continues to age faster than everything else except the price of onions. Let us examine the immediate reasons that caused this sudden fall in exchange rates vis-à-vis the US Dollar. At the outset, we must remember that currency exchange rates are relative to a strong and stable currency, like the US Dollar, and hence any 'rise' or 'fall' is always relative.

On June 19, 2013 the outgoing Chairman of the US Federal Reserve (The central bank of the US), Ben Bernanke, announced a gradual tapering of the Quantitative Easing policy that had been in place since the great recession of 2008. Under this extraordinary monetary policy, the US Fed stimulated the national economy by buying up mortgage-backed securities and assets from commercial banks and other private institutions to artificially inject more money into the economy to keep the interest rates low. However, having completely recovered by now from the crisis, the Fed decided to announce the tapering. As a result of this announcement, the faith of the investors was reinforced in the US dollar and there was great demand to withdraw US dollars invested around the world, so they could be invested back in the US economy. This resulted in a huge demand for the US dollar; the supply was simply not adequate. By the simple law of demand and supply, the price of the dollar touched the sky. Hence, in relative terms, most currencies, especially in the developing world, took a big blow and depreciated by vast amounts against the dollar. The biggest loser was the Brazilian Real which has depreciated close to 20% in recent times, followed by the Indian Rupee at 15%.

The Indian economy, with its huge current account and fiscal deficits, and a large dependence on costly yet vital imports like petroleum has been hit hard, as it directly translated to increased costs of imports. Only a few export-oriented sectors like IT and Pharma have gained as they have been able to earn more riding on the increased value of the Dollar payments they receive from foreign clients (TCS & Cognizant have recently posted impressive quarterly results). The Reserve Bank of India has done a commendable job, given the limited resources at its disposal, in checking the fall of the rupee to whatever extent it could. It has been forced to take extreme measures like capital curbs (reminding us of the 90's), which limits the amount of money that can be invested by Indian corporations abroad and also limits remittances. This means that India Inc. will now be forced to slow down on the acquisition spree it has been on, in recent times. Foreign Institutional Investor (FII) confidence in the Indian economy has plummeted to an all-time low, and there is huge outflow of the dollar depleting the capital available. The crisis in the Euro Zone has further strengthened the dollar (and hence weakened the Rupee) as panicky investors sell more and more Euros to buy dollars.

The Indian Economy needs to deeply restructure and reform its strategy to attract investors on a political level and take drastic measures to improve the quality and quantity of Indian exports to address the huge gap between imports and exports.

Here's hoping Ex-IMF Chief Economist and newly appointed RBI governor Raghuram Rajan can provide the Midas touch as he takes charge to fight an ever expanding current account deficit, and very realistic threats of low GDP growth and high inflation. We wish him all the best!

Anubhav Srivastava

IlluminatiX – Media & PR Cell, XIMB

Anubhav Srivastava | Core Member, IlluminatiX - Media & PR Cell of XIMB | Co-ordinator, XQuizzite - Quizzing Association of XIMB | Core Member, SPICMACAY XIMB

The First Train Ride Alone

On 25th July, 2013 I boarded a train alone for the first time, at the ripe old age of twenty-four! I was going home from XIMB, to spend the weekend after the mid-semester examinations. Yes, my stay at XIMB is the first time I am away from home, ever! All my life, my schooling, my engineering under-graduation, my job, everything was based in my home city, Kolkata. On 9th June 2013, I boarded a train, not alone, to come to XIMB, which is my home now and will be for the better part of the next two years. So needless to say, this is the longest I've stayed away from home. So when the time came to go home after six weeks here, it was new experience for me. I told myself, “How hard can it be?”, and plunged into it without hesitation.

On reaching the station, I realized just how uninformed I was about travelling in trains. I did not know previously that train coach numbers came up on electronic boards on the platform. I had asked at least five different people how I would know where the compartment was where I had to get on. The waiting time was just five minutes in Bhubaneswar, so I was worried about missing the train (your regular 'Jab We Met' moment).

After getting on the train itself, there was another surprise waiting for me. The train was the Puri-Howrah express. So, it had already travelled one and half hours before it reached Bhubaneswar. The time when I boarded the train was just before twelve o'clock. What greeted me in the compartment was darkness! Everyone had already made their beds and fallen asleep! I don't think I have to point out that life is in full flow at any B-School at Midnight. So, in six weeks here at XIMB, I had gotten used to that lifestyle as well. Unfortunately, I had no option but to tie up my suitcase, make my bed and pretend to fall asleep. Sometime later, a serious looking Ticket Checker turned on an overhead light and asked for my ticket. On being satisfied by what I produced, he left, leaving me, again, alone in the darkness. I knew there was no way I would fall asleep that early. So I decided to spend some time playing Blobby Volleyball on my cell phone. Eventually, the phone started making noises indicating low battery, so I had to give on that avenue as well. I resorted to looking out the window. It was raining. I could make out that there was a strong wind blowing from the way the trees were moving. I saw some headlights but couldn't make out if they were from a car or a tractor. Eventually, I grew tired of looking out into the darkness and decided to call it a night. The time was almost 2 a.m.

When I woke up the next morning, I had almost reached Kolkata. The weekend which followed was refreshing. I caught a train the night of 28th July for Bhubaneswar, my second train journey alone…

Author : Abhishek Sinha

XIMB 2013-2015 batch

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Abhishek Sinha || Shadow Member, IlluminatiX - Media and PR cell || Xavier Institute of Management, Bhubaneswar

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